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Sandwich panel installer in Bandar Abbas

Sandwich panel installer in Bandar Abbas

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Installer of all kinds of sandwich panels in Bandar Abbas

The sandwich panel consists of a three-layer combination that is limited to the sheet from the sides and light materials are placed in the middle core, which has caused the weight of the final panel to decrease drastically and reach about 8 to 10 kg/m3. The sandwich panel of three interconnected layers with galvanized sheet around and polyurethane material in the middle section with very light weight has made it 50 times lighter than cement brick blades.

This feature is very important in lightening the foundation and structure, as well as dealing with earthquakes and reducing infrastructure costs. Despite the super light weight of the sandwich panel in Bandar Abbas, this material has a very high resistance to all kinds of shear and impact pressures. Sandwich panels absorb incoming forces well and show more strength than wood. This issue is very important in the construction of walls and roofs, and it can withstand a load of 180 kilos per square meter.

Selling and installing sandwich panels in Bandar Abbas

Polyurethane sandwich panels, unlike concrete and cement walls, do not get damaged or corroded against humidity caused by air and corrosive atmospheric and environmental conditions such as salt and Sharjai islands. Therefore, less money is spent on maintenance. It should be acknowledged that the panels are significantly more durable in terms of lifespan than wooden partitions in completely humid environments. Features such as no rotting, corrosion, health issues are very reliable and do not leave any cause for concern due to the accumulation of microbes in the building.



The light weight of the structure is one of the factors of ease of transportation and high speed in the installation of sandwich panels in Bandar Abbas, and it makes the material resistant to high altitudes, shear forces caused by earthquakes, as well as heat, humidity, and sound insulation.



Due to the appropriate thickness of the sandwich panel, it saves the cost of the foundation of the structure and the skeleton of tall buildings, and due to the light weight of the roof and wall of the sandwich panel, it saves the cost of cooling and heating the structure and prevents the exchange of heat and cold energy and thus waste Less energy, beautiful product decor and high color variety, ease of cleaning and maintenance, non-flammable, compatible with the environment without the need for molding and compatible with all weather conditions (nature-friendly), washable, removing plaster and soil. Increasing the creation of useful infrastructure and reducing the execution time by 50%, which has made the sandwich panel superior to other traditional materials.

Sandwich panel in Bandar Abbas

The desired thickness for making Bandar Abbas sandwich panel is about 4 to 25 cm, and the desired length is produced according to the order of the applicant. This feature causes not to throw away and reduce the amount of material and as a result reduce the cost of transportation and installation of the structure. Sandwich panels are completely composed of five layers, inner and outer protective layers, which are made of galvanized, aluzinc, aluminum sheets, and two layers of special internal glue are used to connect the polyurethane insulation. Polyurethane insulation foam, the middle core of the sandwich panel, often has weight. It is equivalent to 30 to 40 kg/m3.


The construction and production of sandwich panels and the selection of sandwich panels with the desired thickness for installation is one of the principles that must be considered, and after that, the most important issue is the installation of sandwich panels. One of the installation problems is bending, breaking, inappropriate cuts in the corners of the panels that may happen as a result of unconventional installation. Unprincipled sandwich panel installation occurs when the sandwich panel installer does not have enough experience and skills and claims to install panels only for unemployment or similar jobs.



The installation of sandwich panel should be done by an experienced and expert installer with enough skills to have the necessary expertise and expertise to prevent distractions and financial losses.

To get a list of professional installers with successful and large examples of work, you can contact us using the numbers listed at the bottom of the page or the contact page. Choosing an unconventional installation team will cause a lot of financial and life losses for you, the customers, but the introduced installers will guarantee you that the sandwich panel and structure will not be damaged with complete sealing and excellent quality.

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