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Introducing villa conex in Iran, its advantages and disadvantages

Introducing a villa conex in iran, its advantages and disadvantages

As its name suggests, the villa conex is designed like villa and residential suites, which includes all the amenities of a construction villa. They include a kitchen, bathroom, toilet, bedroom, reception hall, and even a balcony in some cases. These conex are larger in terms of size than standard conex.

Maybe this question arises in your mind, what is a villa conex? And how is it different from other conex? What is the material used in this type of conex? And what are its advantages and disadvantages. In the following, we intend to provide you with useful information and pictures about villa conex.

Conex villas are a type of conex which is produced from pre-made material of sandwich panel. This structure has been given much attention by architects and engineers due to its important and distinct feature and is seen in abundance today.

Due to the existence of sandwich panel material, this conex model has special characteristics that make it superior to other nostalgic structures.

The villa conex has all the amenities like a residential villa.

Villa conxes have many similarities and differences with residential villas, and they look like institutional houses in residential settlements and institutional houses. And it may be seen a lot in suburban cities.

But it also has some differences, these structures have their own advantages and disadvantages, however, they have all the comforts of a residential villa.

All kinds of villa conex are designed and built by Kimia Panel Factory in Shiraz.

The price of the villa conex depends on many factors. As the cost of materials for the construction of a residential villa is very high, the villa conex is a suitable option for construction.

Based on the region they are considering, our consultants and specialists can introduce you to the types of connection villas. Save money or produce massive projects. Our suggestion is to include a villa conex in your purchase.

شهرک ویلایی

Types of villa conex

As mentioned in the previous material, the material used in the connection villa is polyurethane sandwich panel. Villa conex are divided into ready and semi-ready categories.

In the first type, the structures are produced in the factory and after being transported and placed in the desired location, they begin to be installed, and there is no need for separate construction equipment or supplies.

One of the most important features of the ready-made garage is that all the equipment is complete and immediately after being placed in the place, the installation process is easily done in the shortest possible time. All parts are placed next to each other and are easily assembled. One of the disadvantages of this method is the limitation of dimensions and size in transportation.

The dimensions of these connexions are 40 square meters, and they are even produced as twins or triplets, and then they are connected to each other at the desired location.

The second type of conex is semi-ready. The necessary structures and equipment are produced in the factory, all the components of the structure are sent to the place where the villa is installed, and the process is carried out step by step in the same place. The production process of this method takes one to two months.

This model is produced in conditions where there is no possibility of trolley traffic and the implementation of the plan is carried out with a larger area, or it is suitable as a special plan or a duplex or two-story conex equipped with a terrace.

کانکس در شیراز

Advantages of the villa conex

The most important advantages of the villa conex are:


  1. Speeding up the implementation of the structure will reduce the cost.
  2. Due to the material used in the construction of the conex, it has a high resistance against earthquakes.
  3. Easy to move
  4. Minimizing energy dissipation and non-penetration of cold and heat
  5. High altitude production and reconstruction
  6. The possibility of installation in hard-to-reach areas
  7. The possibility of installation in all seasons of the year
  8. Diversity in design, plan, color, interior and exterior facades

What are the materials used in the villa conex

Another important issue that can be mentioned.

It is a material that is used in the construction of a mobile villa. Polyurethane sandwich panel is a suitable option for production. These structures are made of galvanized sheet. Despite their light weight, they are durable and resistant, and at the same time, they are rustproof.

Due to its characteristics, galvanized steel can be resistant to natural events and upcoming events. It is possible to use iron profiles and PVC coating in the construction of villas, but in interior and exterior facades, wooden flooring and composite materials are used. .

This material is very light and is invulnerable to harmful insects and mold.

Sometimes materials such as plaster or ceiling or floor decorations are used to make the facade and structure more beautiful.

Kimia Panel, a company that produces a variety of polyurethane sandwich panels, has prepared various models of villa conex to provide according to customer needs.

It has produced standard conex, toilet conex, office conex….

There is a room for bathroom and toilet service. There is also a reception hall and a bedroom. If necessary, the villa conex can be ordered in several pieces and create a place for a guest room or a game room.

نمای داخلی کانکس ویلایی

Duplex villa conex

Sometimes there is not enough space to place the conex, one of the parts of the plan may not be included in the specified area. There is a useful solution to solve this problem, the use of duplex villa connexion solves this need.

In addition to this, it creates a special appearance and creates a good view of the surroundings. Having a terrace or balcony is a suitable environment for spending time with friends and acquaintances. To access the second floor, a staircase is installed, which It can be placed inside and outside so that there is access to all points. The only disadvantage of the villa conex is the lack of movement and high cost compared to the one-story conex.

Due to the two floors, a stronger structure and material should be used.

کانکس ویلایی دوبلکس-

final word

Nowadays, construction has been growing a lot and prefabricated villa houses have become very common in the world and even in Iran. Prefab villas provide a good opportunity for smart, talented and motivated people to start various projects in the climate areas.

As an example, it is possible to build a 150-meter villa in a green area with a villa conex. The body can be built with polyurethane sandwich panels with different thicknesses, which provide transitory advantages for optimizing the structure.

As it was presented in the previous content, the villa conex is one of the new achievements of the day in the construction industry. Villas have become common in new villa settlements. Buying a villa conex has its advantages and disadvantages. The dimensions and sizes of the villas are different, and depending on the type of project and the design of the structure plan, one of these items can be ordered.

The most important feature of the shed is durability and effective resistance, ease of transportation and easy installation in the desired location.

If you have a project in hand or you intend to build a villa, you can benefit from the villa conex for optimization. It is very suitable for tourist accommodations, recreational places in villa towns, with beautiful designs and colors, the best possible quality of construction. There are villas.

Kimia Panel, the provider of all kinds of conex, allows you to order your desired shed with the design and color you want with the best prefabricated materials and at the lowest cost. You can even buy your conex second-hand and in good condition.

Get the possibility of building a flat, duplex, or triplex villa, storage, and game room easily with the best quality. If you need advice to buy a conex, you can contact our experts.

Dear customer, you can contact our consultants for more information about Kimia Panel Shiraz products.

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