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The structure of the guard conex

The structure of the guard conex

If we want to briefly explain about the term guarding compound, it is a prefabricated structure that comes up with different titles. In this article, we are going to provide information about this. In the design of this model of conex compared to other manufactured items such as factory conex, the workshop is produced in smaller dimensions.

These cabins are usually known as guard rooms. If we want to consider the normal size for this conex, it is 2*2. If more people are to be settled, it is necessary to make changes in length and width. If you want to buy a guard conex, be sure to read this content.

What is a guard conex?

The definition that can be made of the security conex is that it is for protection, controlling the entry and exit of people and cars in a public and private place. For example, from guard rooms in residential complexes, commercial complexes, hospitals, universities, parking lots and protected areas, factories and many organizations that have colored kiosks in various designs. There is.

These conexes have large doors and windows that are completely surrounded by the surroundings and due to the control tools they have, they have complete control over the outside environment. According to people’s requests, windows are installed on three sides of the building for guarding and protection, and the entrance door is placed on the last side.

If we want to express the kiosk in different definitions, it includes guard conex, sentry conex, security conex, security booth, protection conex, guard conex.

The design of the cabin is done by structural engineers with defined dimensions of 1 meter – 4 meters – 6 meters, the area of ​​these rooms depends on the type of use and the number of people settled and it is implemented for various purposes. Security conexes are often produced to protect special environments.

The production and implementation of this prefabricated structure is not limited to factories and offices, but can be used in most public and private places, such as complexes, banks, hospitals, parking lots, exhibition entrances, villas, suites. It can be mentioned that a large number of these conexes can be seen in the city or town or the surrounding areas and are very useful.

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What are the characteristics of the guard conex?

At the beginning of the article, explanations were given about the guard conex, we intend to provide this information in detail to you dear ones. Obviously, you should know that with the progress that has been made in the construction industry, with the lowest price and the least possible time, he implemented conex for large spaces such as residential complexes, hospitals, offices, parks, and other public or private places. which needs to control the entry and exit of people or vehicles.

It should be acknowledged that the construction and production of this type of modern structure has created a special position compared to nostalgic structures. In the continuation of these explanations, we would like to discuss the characteristics of building a conex and provide you with valuable information.

These features include the following. Creating a better view, building a facade, determining the location, security measures, resistant to earthquakes, convenient transportation, reasonable cost, materials, heating and cooling facilities, matching with the guard place, amenities, doors and windows.

Creating a better view

One of the prominent features of the concourse design is the creation of windows on most sides. Apart from the fact that the goal is to completely surround the environment, they should also have complete supervision over the movement of the vehicle.

Facade design: If you decide to order a security guard conex, you should keep in mind that the appearance of the guard conex is different in every location and use. For example, if this guard conex is to be located at the entrance of a residential or commercial complex, it should have a more beautiful appearance.

If you have an order regarding a guard conex, refer to companies such as Kimia Panel and get the necessary advice from our experts. Generally, like construction projects, they use a simple view.

Determining the location

after the production and implementation of the conex, the structure must be installed in the desired location, this is very important, which, along with other matters, determining the location is very important because people have been selected for guarding in addition to the nobles. should not disturb the surrounding environment or the passage of vehicles.

Security measures

 After placing the cabin in the desired location, you should think about security measures in this way that the cabin needs equipment such as CCTV, alarm and other security items that accelerate the protection process.

Earthquake resistance

The guard conex is very resistant to earthquakes due to the fact that it is made of pre-made sandwich panel material and the materials that are in its structure.

This material is produced according to construction standards and under the supervision of experienced engineers. Therefore, these structures show the necessary resistance against natural factors such as earthquakes.

Easy transportation

The guard conex is one of the products of sandwich panels in the modern construction industry. The materials used in the construction of these chambers consist of three coherent layers, which are limited to galvanized sheets from the surrounding, and the middle layer is made of polyurethane insulating foam, that is why it is light weight and does not affect the weight of the final product. It has made implementation and installation easy and does not create any problems for transportation.

Reasonable cost

 According to the previous information, it is worth mentioning that the materials of this structure are low-cost, as a result, the construction of the final structure is produced at the lowest price. Previously, they used to pay for the creation of a roofed room, but now with the production of this structure Modern, there is no need to pay extra.

Materials and construction materials

structural engineers and experienced staff try to produce a connection that is affordable and durable in every way.

The basis of the material used in the guard room is polyurethane sandwich panel, which includes galvanized sheets with polyurethane insulation. This material is highly durable and completely insulated against vermin, all kinds of molds, and the accumulation of microbes.

These useful features make the panels last longer. And as a result, for higher durability and more beauty, composite can be used for the facade.

Heating and cooling facilities

 in the construction of this model, the conex benefit from sandwich panels. The design and implementation of this structure is such that natural factors such as cold and heat do not penetrate and it is a suitable insulation for high and low temperatures.

Therefore, these temperature changes can cause problems in guarding. For better performance, it is necessary to equip the security room with comfort facilities such as heaters and air conditioners, because the important task of security must be done correctly at any time and place.

Therefore, in the implementation of the guard room, the previous deficiencies should be resolved and a safe, comfortable and favorable environment should be created.

Compliance with the guard place

 the design and implementation of the guard conex should be compatible with the environmental conditions. Designing a security kiosk for a space like a park is completely different from a security booth like a city space, depending on the conditions.

Comfort equipment

It is possible that people are going to be in the guard room for a long time. For this purpose, the design of the kiosk should be such that it meets most of the needs of the person. These needs are limited to placing a space for a simple kitchen, a bathroom and a space for rest so that people don’t have problems during this 24-hour period and have peace of mind.

Door and window

 because the guard must have complete respect for the surroundings. In most of the sides of the room, a window (it is a prefabricated sandwich panel structure) is placed so that it can properly control the entry and exit of people and cars.

After running the windows, it is necessary to create protection on them so that nothing gets out of control.

Types of guard conex

The purpose of producing guard booths is a room to control the entry and exit of people and vehicles, and these tasks are performed by a guard or guard. The security conex may be moved from one place to another. Therefore, it is produced in two types, fixed and movable, which makes it easier for people, and the movable type has been widely accepted.

After running the windows, it is necessary to create protection on them so that nothing gets out of control.

These prefabricated structures are offered in different types, such as light, heavy, conex, sandwich panel, composite, siding, curved, fantasy, decorative. In the construction of conex, they use prefabricated sandwich panel structures. Hope this content is useful. The experienced and expert staff of Kimia Panel can advise you and provide you with detailed information regarding the order and production of conex.

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