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Buying a group conex in iran

Buying a group conex in Shiraz

The conex is a prefabricated structure that uses polyurethane sandwich panels on all its sides. The sandwich panel is a prefabricated material that consists of a combination of 3 coherent layers. The first layer is made of galvanized sheet or aluzinc. The second layer is usually a sheet, or in other cases it is a foil, or a sheet or kraft paper. Both galvanized and aluzinc sheets are found in Iran.

Both of them are used in the construction of sandwich panels and have sufficient resistance. The middle layer is polyurethane foam, which acts like insulation and adds unique features to the structure, and it has attracted the attention of architects and structural engineers. and this structure is used to build different structures.

One of these structures is a conex, a conex is a room in which polyurethane sandwich panels are used on all sides. Ceiling and wall sandwich panels are an example of these products that are used in the construction of the walls and floors of conex.


Sandwich panel has special features, one of these features of the prefabricated structure is a suitable insulation for cold and heat. These structures are completely resistant to fire and fire, and are completely waterproof and soundproof, and against verminous insects. It is resistant to fungus, mold and corrosion.

It is completely recyclable and can be changed to another use if it is produced. Another advantage of this prefabricated structure is that it is light in weight and can be easily transported and installed.

The most important factor that makes prefabricated structures more attractive than residential structures is the price of the structure, which is very different from the construction structures. This price has caused many people to use conex for construction.


There are different types of conex, such as standard conex, administrative conex, management conex, restrooms, etc., each of which can be used for different purposes. One of these cases is a group conex. A bigger one is produced, it is mostly produced for large organs. Usually, there are about 20 units that are placed on top of each other in two floors, and it is actually a combination of a standard conex and a management conex.

The standard conexes is explained in detail in previous articles. It is mentioned in this article. This type of conex is the simplest type of conex with specific dimensions of 12 meters in length and 2.4 meters in width.

Due to its standard size, this model of the conex is completely in accordance with the World Transportation Organization in terms of dimensions and quality. Connections and welding points make the structure more robust. If the connections and weldings are non-standard and weak, it causes that the manufactured conex does not have the required quality.

The management conex is one of the types of conex. Due to its structure, this conex is specially designed for project managers or meeting rooms or CEOs.

This conex is designed in a way that suits the project manager.

In a group conex, you can use a common partition, this will reduce the cost. To create more strength, you can install an integrated skeleton and optimize the cost and time.

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