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Sandwich panel in Bandar Abbas

Sandwich panel in Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas Sandwich Panel, Kimia Panel

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What is a sandwich panel? Bandar Abbas sandwich panel

Sandwich panel is a coherent combination of two layers of steel sheet covered with aluminum and zinc, which is very durable due to the steel’s resistance to corrosion and rotting, and the zinc part is covered with a special primer layer of 25 micron polyester color and in The central core is a hard polyurethane insulation layer with a closed cell structure. Polyurethane foam is among the best thermal, cold and sound insulation. In the era of technology, when the whole world is rapidly moving towards the desired and superior quality in the construction industry, the use of this product is very common and popular.“


Thickness and type of sandwich panel sheet in Bandar Abbas

The amount of thickness defined for making sandwich panels is different in different applications. In sandwich wall panels, the range of thickness is between 4 and 15 cm, and for ceiling panels, about 4 and 10 cm are produced. The thickest type of sandwich panel is the cold room sandwich panel, which has a suitable thickness between 8 and 15 cm due to the need to maintain the internal temperature and avoid wasting cold.

ساختار ساندویچ پانل

Types of insulation foam in Bandar Abbas sandwich panels

The best and most common insulating foam in the central core of the sandwich panel is polyurethane with a density of 40 kg/m3. It is worth mentioning that it is also possible to make sandwich panels with polystyrene foam, XPS and rock wool.

فوم پلی اورتان

Roof sandwich panel in Bandar Abbas

The most important part of a structure is the roof, which should be taken into account when choosing its cover. Roof sandwich panel is very suitable and efficient for this purpose. In order to create dignity on the roof, trapezoidal steps have been created, which makes it impossible for water to penetrate into the structure by creating an overlap.

The ceiling panel with a long length (above 13 meters) can also be overlapped. The roof sandwich panel with trapezoid shadowline design can be made and this design can be displayed on the sandwich panel and it is only for the beauty of the roof in a sloping state, which is usually in the form of clay designs and with the construction of wooden and iron trusses, the beautiful view of the roof is created


Sandwich wall panel in Bandar Abbas

The wall sandwich panel is suitable for walling all kinds of industrial and non-industrial sheds, warehouses, office and residential structures. This product is suitable for the implementation of all kinds of prefabricated structures, industrial cold storages, walls of kennels, internal partitions in different projects with a thickness of 4 to 12 cm.“

کیمیا پانل در شیراز

Cold room sandwich panel in Bandar Abbas

”The thickness of sandwich panels for cold storage is between 8 and 15 cm. Due to the thickness and overlap of the panels, it is not possible to transfer heat and cold. It is the best option for wall covering in cold storages. They are often grooved or smooth. Cold storage panels are used to cover the walls and ceilings of the cold storage. One of the important features of cold storage sandwich panels is resistance to moisture transfer, resistance to heat transfer, resistance to cold transfer, resistance to sound transfer, it has a very affordable price and has a variety of colors and beauty and the ability to disinfect, hygiene and ease of use. Shipping and installation.“

سردخانه با سازه ساندویچ پانل

Sandwich panel clean room in Bandar Abbas

Clean room refers to a room or place suitable for scientific, industrial and laboratory research. This environment has very low environmental pollutants compared to a normal environment. Common pollutants include dust particles suspended in space and environmental liquids. The clean room or clean room, more precisely, is equipped with controlled suspended particles, which contain certain particles in each cubic meter. Clean room panels in the form of two smooth sheets with a middle polyurethane core, which is the best type of sandwich panel, are suitable for clean room implementation.“

نمای داخلی کلین روم

Sandwich panel, one sheet, one foil, in Bandar Abbas

Single sheet sandwich panel is another type of polyurethane sandwich panel which is limited to sheet on one side and aluminum foil or kraft paper on the other side. This type of panel is suitable in places that need a false ceiling after installation and is often used in warehouse halls.

ساندویچ پانل یکرو ورق یکرو فویل

Installation of sandwich panels in Bandar Abbas

Sandwich panel installation is the most important part in the field of assembling the wall and roof of the structure and is very important. Inexperienced people such as non-specialist contractors cause a lot of damage to this field due to the lack of sufficient and necessary experience. An experienced and professional installer can easily install sandwich panel ceiling-sandwich panel wall-refrigerator with equipment such as flushing. The installation of sandwich panel is done by the installer, which is for covering the walls and ceilings of production halls, chicken and mushroom breeding sheds, all kinds of sheds, cold storage and clean room. The topic of sealing, air sealing and quality assurance is very important.

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