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Buying a management conex in Iran

Buying a management conex in Iran

The purpose of writing this article is to review and evaluate the management conexes. If you want to get useful information in this regard, it is recommended to join us.

Kimia Panel in Shiraz is a manufacturer of all kinds of conex with several years of brilliant experience in providing standard conex, office conex, sanitary conex, etc. at your service, dear customers.

The conex is a prefabricated structure that has special characteristics due to the material used, and this makes it reasonably priced and affordable.

The internal space of the office or standard conex is not equipped with complete comfort facilities, they have started to produce the management conex. The management conex is like the other conex, but it has a different type of use. It is a work set.

The exterior is luxurious and stylish, the interior has a beautiful decoration, that’s why it is different from other conex. The interior space has more facilities such as a secretary’s desk, waiting room, cistern, reception hall, meeting room,… the partitions of this conex It should be designed in a way that meets the needs of people and guests.

کانکس مدیریتی

Specifications of the management conex

To create an office or a space for the project manager, all the facilities and equipment should be taken into account. This collection includes several parts that can be interpreted as follows: secretary space, waiting room for clients, kitchen, lobby, and Finally, the design of a stylish room is for the establishment of management.

These partitions are not necessary, but they can be added or removed. They can be made according to the needs of the collection. For this purpose, Kimia Panel has considered consultants that you can refer to for purchase.

The standard size that is considered is 3 x 4, but it can be produced with larger dimensions. The size of the conex depends on the partitions and rooms that are to be produced.

Types of management conex

Management conex are produced with different designs and views, considering the general format and aspect ratio, they may have different appearances. Therefore, a special budget is considered. Management conex are made in luxury, hut, glass form. It should be produced in a way that suits the project manager.

نمای داخلی کانکس مدیریتی

What kind of space is not suitable for management conex?

Due to its luxurious and beautiful appearance, the administration building has a unique feature because it has more sensitive materials than standard and workshop structures. Due to its elegance, this structure should not be placed directly next to construction projects. Also, activities that lead to the fall of materials or materials. And it reduces the life of the structure and causes destruction.

Designing the management conex

This type of conex has a different decor. Luxury materials are used to design the interior decor of the conex. The floor of the conex is often made of light-colored ceramic so that cleaning can be done easily and less light is absorbed and the floor vibrates when people pass by. The color of the curtains is often darker than the color of the wall.

The height of the ceiling is better to be higher in order to induce a more suitable atmosphere and not create a heavy atmosphere during important meetings. The exterior of the building should be designed in such a way that it has all the necessary features so that it can be recognized from a distance as the management office. and is visible compared to simple materials.

Our suggestion is that the composite material with sandwich panel is practical and doubles the beautiful facade for a better view of the tempered glass. In addition to lighting, creating lighting and anti-theft door adds to the beauty of the structure.

The location of the conex should be a place where the car can easily park and the project manager and his companions do not need to travel a long distance to reach the conex and they can arrive in the shortest possible time.

The price of the administrative building in Kimia Panel is measured based on the square meter. This price is influenced by the design of the structure and the materials used, and it is better to state all the mentioned items during the request.

The design of this conex is between 20 and 30 days. The desired timing is to apply more elegance to the work, quality should not be sacrificed for quantity.

Thank you for joining us. We hope that these contents have been of interest to you dear ones.

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