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Agency for selling office conex in iran

Agency for selling office buildings in iran

According to the previous content, the conex is a prefabricated structure that has various uses. The material used in the construction of the conex is polyurethane sandwich panels. There are different types of conex and they are used in many cases such as standard conex, villas, bathrooms, etc.

In this article, we are going to discuss the features of the office conex. It is hoped that this information will be useful.


کانکس اداری یا دفتری

The office conex is a type of prefabricated structure that uses polyurethane sandwich panels on all its sides, which is used only for the offices of an administrative team or the room of engineers and project managers.

Administrative structures have different plans. Every organ and organization must consider the factors that include the following in order to create an administrative connection.


The number of personnel, the location where the conex is going to be implemented, and the type of service it is going to provide will naturally have a great impact on the construction of the structure and produce a different plan.

Another issue that should be mentioned is that if the conex is built on the roof and is placed as a floor on the building, it will have a completely different structure from the conex that is built inside the area.


Therefore, our proposal for the production of an office conex is to specify the type of use, the type of need, the number of personnel and the desired dimensions and area. If you can choose the sample you want from among the products, otherwise choose the sample according to your needs and order.

Due to its various features, office structures can be used for various purposes, such as sales offices, real estate agencies, meeting rooms, or sometimes special guest rooms, and even in some cases, they can be used for administrative purposes or A workshop will be produced.


Due to the variety in the type of use, the structure and type of use is different and causes variety in construction.

Office buildings are generally divided into two categories, each of which has a special place.

Luxury office conex

These structures are very stylish and modern in terms of structure, and luxury materials are used in their interior and exterior to create a stylish and beautiful atmosphere.

 This structure is used as management offices, important meetings, waiting room for clients or even product exhibition. These structures have a higher price due to their high quality and the use of luxury materials.

کانکس اداری لوکس

Simple office conex

Unlike the previous example, this structure does not need facade and beauty, and its price is lower and affordable, and the most important advantage of this model is that it is more economical.

As mentioned before, all the dimensions of the conex are sandwich panels, the prominent examples of which are workshop conex, siding, two-story and partitioned conex. In this type of structure, the number of people and their type of activity should be specified. There is no size limit for building a simple office structure.

کانکس اداری ساده در شیراز

The interior space of the office conex

 The interior space of the structure should be designed in such a way that the movement of personnel does not disrupt the performance of others. The office department is dependent on each other due to work relationships and should be located in the vicinity of each other, and therefore the structures that partitions They are also separate and should be designed in such a way that they are located next to each other.


Another important point that is very noticeable is the lighting of different sides of the structure, which has an impact on the work process and morale of the personnel and the amount of electricity consumed.

پلان کانکس اداری

Features of the office conex

Unlike other conexs, the office conex has unique features because it must meet the needs of the personnel. The characteristics of this building include, the entrance door must be installed in such a way that the movement of the personnel can be done easily and for The entry and exit of office equipment including tables, chairs, and sofas should be provided, and the location of the entrance door should be a place that creates enough space for clients and their waiting and does not disturb the staff. Our suggestion to you is that Anti-theft doors, sliding doors with tempered glass.

Prefabricated structures are completely guaranteed in terms of strength, but they vibrate during commuting. To prevent this and provide more resistance, it is recommended that the chassis be in the form of a 16 girder, and also in the direction of the central part of the chassis. be used. This structure provides more resistance and prevents floor vibration.

For the floor view, it is better to use parquet design flooring or waterproof boards, ceramic with mortar, in this way cleaning and washing is done easily and it causes less wear and tear.

The height of the walls in the office building from the inside in the case of a sloping roof is 2.2 meters in the lowest case and 2.7 meters in the highest model. If the roof of the structure is false or flat, the best size is about 2.5 to 2.6.

The partitioning of office conex should be done according to the type of use, so that it can meet the needs of the personnel and be placed in a suitable place. The location of the windows and their dimensions should be organized in such a way that they are in a certain place and with the entry and exit of people. do not interfere and provide sufficient lighting.

Preferably, it should be placed next to desks, chairs, and office equipment, and if it is close to the passage of customers, it should not disturb and the window can be opened and closed easily to ventilate the air inside the structure. Sandwich panel structures are completely insulated from cold and heat.

It is preferable to use double-glazed glass in order to prevent the loss of heat and cold energy. In addition to the mentioned items, the interior space needs a room or a partition for other office equipment, such as water closet, bathroom, server room, copy room. , box, etc… which should be included for office space.

نمای داخلی کانکس اداری

The dimensions of the office conex

the dimensions of the office conex have no limits and the measurement is completely free. It can be produced without any restrictions in any size. If the dimensions are standard, it can be easily implemented in the desired place, but if it is beyond the standard size. It is transported in several pieces and assembled at the desired location. Another solution for transporting the office shed is that when the size is larger and the transportation conditions are not possible, in this case, the construction of the conex is done on site.

The standard size is 2.14*12 without any transportation restrictions and the maximum size is 3.5*12 with a traffic permit. In most cases, people’s needs are met with a small size.

The price of an office conex

the price of an office conex depends on several factors. Variation in the type of products for facade construction in the type of structure, dimensions and size of the conex, equipment and construction conditions are the factors that determine the price of the conex. To determine the type of price, it is not possible to determine an amount based on the square meter. For more information, you can contact the numbers Inserted at the bottom of the contact page.

Important points about the office conex

  1. Sometimes the dimensions of the structure are large, for the purpose of moving and assembling, the parts are moved to the place, then the dimensions of the office conex are connected in the desired place.
  2. The components can be transported with the help of a trailer and a crane and assembled in the desired location.
  3. For information, it should be acknowledged that structures such as condos, which are made of sandwich panel material, do not need a permit for construction.
  4. The construction of these structures does not require a foundation, nor is an independent metal structure required.
  5. Due to its special structure, the used material is completely friendly to nature and can be recycled.
  6. You can use any desired color and organizational design to paint and beautify the conex.
  7. If for any reason you do not need a conex after the completion of the work or the end of the project, you can sell or change the use of your structure.
  8. Due to the unfavorable economic conditions, to create a suitable environment for administrative and management affairs, the office conex is the best option for these matters. It does not require much capital for production, and it is very low-cost and affordable compared to traditional structures be.

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