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Sandwich panel price in Hormozgan

Sandwich panel price in Hormozgan

Sandwich panel in Hormozgan|Sandwich panel in Bandar Abbas|Kimia Panel producer of sandwich panel|Kimia Panel producer of ceiling and wall sandwich panel

Hormozgan (Bandar Abbas) sandwich panel is one of the advanced and new materials named as sandwich panel or sandwich panel. The sandwich panel is a prefabricated material that has been highly regarded by engineers and architects today. The three-layer sandwich panel structure is a coherent combination of two layers of sheets located on the sides of the central core.

The central core in the middle layer section covered with polyurethane material. Because the middle core is surrounded by resistant sheets, it has created a light, strong and flexible structure. The side sheets are made of aluzinc, aluminum and galvanized. Each has special characteristics depending on the material used. The central core can be covered with polyurethane, polystyrene, stone wool materials and adds advantages to the panel.


Bandar Abbas sandwich panel

Bandar Abbas panel with the best quality and the most reasonable price is produced by Kimia Panel Company. The metal sheets embedded in the sandwich panel structure have increased the product’s resistance. Other examples of Kimia sandwich panels in other provinces around Fars and neighboring cities include the best types of manufactured products.

For example, Shiraz sandwich panel is considered one of the most effective products in this industry. Sandwich panel, this new material is very useful for building all kinds of sheds and conex, prefabricated villas. As presented in previous articles. The central core of the panel is made of polyurethane foam. The improved product of this foam is polyisocyanate. But polyurethane is considered a very light and powerful insulator. The main difference between this product and polyisocyanate is the level of fire resistance. The question may arise in your mind, what is a sandwich panel? And how can it be used in our daily life?

Bandar Abbas Kimia panel sandwich panel

Bandar Abbas (Hormozgan) sandwich panel produced by Kimia Panel is considered one of the best sandwich panel products. Kimia Panel Company is one of the pioneers of sandwich panel production with mass production. Today, the use of sandwich panels for the construction of various structures and industries is very popular and is increasing day by day. Due to its flexible structure and light weight, it produces light structures. Sandwich panels are used in the construction of many types of kennels. For example, standard kennels, villa kennels, security kennels, office kennels and restrooms are used.

Sandwich panel has many advantages that we will discuss briefly here.

  1. Light weight of the structure and ease of transportation and installation of the structure
  2. Resistance to shear forces caused by earthquakes
  3. Insulation suitable for cold, heat, humidity and sound
  4. Good insulation against fire
  5. Compatible with the environment and all climatic conditions
  6. Variation in color
  7. Resistant to the nesting of insects and rodents
  8. Ability to wash and disinfect
  9. Durability and long life

Bandar Abbas sandwich panel is produced in two types, ceiling and wall. Because Alchemy sandwich panels are lighter than traditional and concrete materials, the structures made with these materials are lightweight and can be moved. In addition to this, projects that use sandwich panel materials. The final price is reduced and they weigh less.

Bandar Abbas sandwich panel installation

Bandar Abbas sandwich panel installation is done using bolts and nuts and finally it is connected. The way to connect the panel is very simple and can be done in a short time, which of course should be done by skilled and expert installers. The existence of insulation between sandwich panel layers is an important factor against the passage of sound and heat and cold energy. Due to its high resistance, it plays a significant role in preventing energy loss.

Here is a brief description of the sandwich panel, you can refer to other articles for further reading. Variety in the design and color of the sandwich panel increases the power of choice. To get the price and to know the daily price of sandwich panel, please refer to our contact page or contact the experts through the numbers listed at the bottom of the page.

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