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What is a sandwich panel conex?

What is a sandwich panel conex?

A conex is a room or a compartment consisting of four walls, a roof, and a floor that has different uses and is usually suitable for people who are going to be temporarily settled in a certain place and do not have enough funds to rent that place. These conex have a useful use.

A sandwich panel shed is a shed where the roof, walls, and even the floor are made of sandwich panel material. This coating is suitable for insulation against cold, heat, sound, and heat.

It is also implemented in places where compliance with health and safety principles is necessary.

Condos are usually available in two ways

  • Normal garage
  • Sandwich panel conex

The difference between a normal conex and a sandwich panel conex is in their structure. Polyurethane injection insulation is used in the sandwich panel, but polystyrene insulation is embedded in the galvanized conex.


Polyurethane insulation is much more resistant to cold, heat, and moisture than polystyrene. These conex act like a large industrial refrigerator, and from any heat exchange between the interior and exterior, harmful insects enter the conex. prevents

Advantages of sandwich panel conex

The most important and prominent advantages of the sandwich panel conex are:

  • High resistance and durability
  • Light and small weight
  • Reduction of construction costs
  • Earthquake Resistant
  • Suitable for all climates
  • No smell and chemicals
  • Extraordinary beauty and charm

What is the application of the sandwich panel conex?

Ability to disassemble and re-install it without any damage

  • Installation of curtains and guards for doors and windows
  • Implementation of bathroom and toilet inside the condo
  • Using the panel equipment booth
  • Installing a box for air conditioner and spilt inside the structure
  • Cold room
  • Field hospital

A guide to choosing between a sandwich panel and a regular conex

According to the climatic conditions and weather of the four seasons of Iran, for each climate zone, a special sandwich panel should be used

Aluzinc is one of the most widely used and durable sheets used in the production of sandwich panels. It is a mixture of aluminum and zinc alloy, which is very resistant to rotting and corrosion.


One of the metals that has light weight and high resistance is aluminum, and if it is exposed to impact and pressure, it does not get damaged easily, and it is suitable for humid and humid environment and does not have rotting problem.

Sandwich panel

Due to the injection of polyurethane insulation, this conex model prevents the exchange of thermal energy between the interior and exterior spaces, but polystyrene does not have such a function. This sheet is usually reinforced against the cold because it is a combination of polystyrene and foam insulation.


Due to its structure, the panel conex is much more expensive than the sheet type, but the sheet type is not cheap in its own way.


Another problem that exists is the difference between panel and sheet construction. The sheet type has more points due to the presence of columns and its skeleton, but the panel structures are surrounded by sheets on both sides and are surrounded by polyurethane foam, and during assembly, it is closed as a whole coil, and then the panels in They are placed next to each other and it is locked.

Conex weight

In the end, it should be mentioned that the weight of the panel conex is very light and portable, and it is easy to install. However, due to the structures that are used for its installation, the metal conex is so heavy that a large conex is needed, and to move them, since there are no conex in the city, more measures must be taken.

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Types of sandwich panel conex

  • Movable conex: It has wheels and enables easy mobility.
کانکس متحرک

•   Fixed enclosure: it can be placed in a fixed place for a long time.

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