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In May 1400, Kimia Panel Company started its activity in the field of producing all kinds of ceiling and wall sandwich panels, relying on 20 years of experience in producing all kinds of refrigerators and freezers and industrial kitchen equipment in the form of refrigeration industries in Shiraz. Shiraz started.

With God’s help, Kimia Panel has modern knowledge and experienced and capable personnel with up-to-date technology, with the aim of developing the industry and creating employment by employing skilled and hardworking managers in order to develop the company’s activities in compliance with the world’s valid rules and standards and according to the principles Modern engineering and adhering to the principles of professional and customer-oriented ethics have been able to gain a worthy position among sandwich panel manufacturers as well as customers and the target market.

With the motto: quality is our agenda, this company has tried to provide the highest quality in the field of producing all kinds of sandwich panels to serve our dear customers.

Advantages of sandwich panels

Among their obvious advantages, the rapid increase in work efficiency, high surface coverage, light weight and at the same time good structural strength, these products have made them an excellent option for building all kinds of buildings and sheds, and perhaps currently in Many businesses such as refrigeration industry sandwich panel refrigerator is one of the most appropriate options in this field.

Today, sandwich panels have many applications, including their use in walls, ceilings, building floors, and foundation systems. It is worth noting that sandwich panels are less expensive than cement, brick, iron and other construction materials that are needed to build a building in terms of economy and time. They are also used much more than traditional materials.

The history of sandwich panels


In 1970 to 1975, sandwich panels were very popular. But the construction theory of compressed sandwich panels and its applications began in 1930. In 1937, a small skin house was built that was highly durable against cold and harsh weather, and years later, sandwich panels were used to build buildings. New University of Pharmacy was used. And with the passage of time, different types of it were made with different materials and structure and durability against cold and…

Sandwich panels today are highly advanced and modern sandwich panels that can be placed on a variety of surfaces in an almost unlimited range of configurations and in a variety of colors, coatings, thicknesses, edge details and profiles according to Performance requirements and their installation location are generated.

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