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Buying a toilet conex in Shiraz

What you need to know about toilet conex

One of the most important needs of a human being that he faces daily is the use of sanitary facilities, which is abundantly seen in public places such as workshops, recreational, commercial… and is a necessary and mandatory thing.

In the areas hit by earthquakes and floods, the existence of sanitary conex is a necessary and necessary thing, placing the service in the path of movement of pilgrims and tourists is a necessary action. Some of the prefabricated structures are produced for sanitary purposes, and some have showers for bathing, and some are a combination of both.

Sometimes, there may be a strong need for a toilet, but there are not enough facilities to set it up, so in order to solve this need, they have benefited from creative measures, they have used materials to build these prefabricated structures that can be easily installed. It is moving and transportation, and the bathroom is built with other amenities.

Another achievement of the Shiraz Kimia Panel factory is the production of toilet conex with different types. The most basic category of toilet conex is single-spring and multi-spring models.


Single fountain toilet conex

This model of conex  has small dimensions and as its name suggests, it is a single spring, it has only one spring or bathroom. Sometimes it is a combination of both. Since it is a toilet and a bathroom, it should be larger in size so that it can Support both modes.

This conex model is useful for gardens and places where there is little traffic and is not crowded, and its production cost is very affordable.

This conex is created with small dimensions and in the form of a room, the door of which opens from the outside, and they often have no corridor. Sometimes a shower and a toilet are added to the conex as more amenities, in some cases it is a combination of both.

Larger dimensions are considered for the structure. Due to its small dimensions, small volume and easy portability, as well as low cost, the single spring toilet is very practical and has more sales than other items. Iranian toilet is often included in the single spring model, but in some cases, if needed and according to the customer’s request, a toilet is also used.

The single spring model has many features such as toilet paper holder, toilet faucet, siphon, sink with sink faucet, electricity, indoor and outdoor lighting along with fan and ventilation system and sewage piping.

کانکس سرویس بهداشتی تک چشمه

The structure of the single fountain toilet conex

Due to its light weight and ease of transportation, this model is used more often in gardens, villas, and even the beach. In order to have a more beautiful effect, its exterior is made of wood design or wood design sheets for more attractiveness. And it gives a more beautiful effect to the environment.

کانکس-سرویس بهداشتی-کرم

Multi-spring toilet conex

If there is a lot of demand to use the toilet conex, they will produce multi-spring sanitary conexes, in fact, it is for crowded and high-traffic areas.

Therefore, for the production of such a structure, larger dimensions are considered. This type of construction is placed next to each other due to the presence of several separate springs, and in fact, instead of producing several single-spring conexes, a single conex is produced.

It is cost-effective to build a toilet with larger dimensions in public places, and there is no limit to the use of a large number of fountains, and various numbers can be implemented.

These conexes are produced with 2 fountains, 3 fountains, etc., and if a problem occurs, they can be easily repaired. Toilet conexes with multiple fountains can be produced with or without a corridor.

Toilet conex with corridor

As mentioned earlier, these types of conex are known as toilet conex with corridors, usually the number of fountains starts from 2, and as can be seen in the picture below, the fountains are located next to each other on one side of the conex. The entrance door does not open directly into the services and returns to the corridor.

The fountains are located next to each other on one side and the sink is on the other side, and sometimes it can create a shower, bathroom and toilet together. Even an Iranian or foreign toilet can be placed.

Due to its large size, there is more freedom of action in the hallway conex, and many changes can be made and save money. To create more comfort and cleanliness, one of the rooms can be considered for placing sanitary items. So that cleaning can be done properly and properly.

سرویس بهداشتی راهرو دار

Sanitary conex without corridor

This conex model is without a corridor and it is made for quick access. The entrance door opens directly to the bathroom and does not have a corridor. It is made in different models. In this model, it is possible to put a toilet or a shower in the bathroom.

Laundry service and other amenities are installed separately in each unit. These types include single springs, two springs, three springs, etc.

The material used in the structure of the conex is made of polyurethane sandwich panels, and the walls and roofs of the structure are completely made of polyurethane sandwich panels. And it has fire and is produced in fixed and mobile form.

سرویس بهداشتی بدون راهرو

Mobile toilet sanitary warehousing

Sometimes, for some reasons, it is necessary to have a portable toilet, for example, if people are working on a one-month project in a place where it is not possible to access a toilet, placing a mobile toilet eliminates this need. The mobile toilet makes transportation easy. For this purpose, a water tank and sewage discharge should be used to be done at a certain time and with special vehicles.

کانکس سیار

Technical specifications of the toilet conex

The full features and specifications of the bathroom have been fully explained in this article, and it should be added that after determining the type of conex and its use, the floor of the structure should be made ceramic and this operation should be done with mortar on the structure. The wall and body of the structure is made of sandwich panel, which can be completely cleaned and washed, and even its external body can use various materials and is completely in accordance with the customer’s request.

All structures have a plumbing system, electrical wiring, installation of valves, sink, mirror, toilet, ventilation system, door and window. All units, except for the corridor, have a separate ventilation system that allows air to circulate take easily.

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