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Buying a standard conex in Iran

What is a standard conex?

The purpose of writing this article is to review the features of the standard conex. It is hoped that this content will be useful.

A standard conex is a type of prefabricated structure that all factors such as dimensions and quality comply with the standard principles determined by the World Transportation Organization.

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Dimensions of the standard conex

considered for the standard conex  should be such that it can be moved easily. These dimensions are 12 meters long and 2.4 meters wide and its height from the substructure is 2.6 meters. The standard of the structure does not cause any problems for moving and loading.

It is possible to produce a structure with smaller dimensions according to the customer’s order, but if the size is larger than the standard size, a traffic permit must be obtained from the traffic police for transportation. It is also called traffic load.

Standard conex structure

Prefabricated structures can be produced by different methods and with various materials, but the dimensions and quality of materials play an important role in the production of these structures. The standard conex is a prefabricated structure that has parameters such as light weight, strength, and good insulation against the cold. And it is heat.

At Kimia Panel factory in Shiraz, standard connexions can be connected to each other in large spaces. And also they can be created in various dimensions. Even if there is a need for internal partitioning or special design, it is done according to the customer’s request.

A standard conex should be produced according to the mentioned factors. First, the standard dimensions should be taken into account for construction. Second, the safety of the structure should be provided in all connections. Connections and welds are among the most fundamental things that must be observed and not produced by non-standard and ineffective methods.

If this structure is used according to non-technical principles such as non-standard welding, weak joints, lack of proper sealing and non-standard sealing, lack of anti-rust implementation and use of light material in the load-bearing column and sensitive parts of the structure that bear a lot of pressure, and Also, installing doors and windows in an inappropriate position will cause these structures to be rejected from a technical point of view and not approved. Therefore, in order to produce a strong and efficient structure, apart from the dimensions, other important factors such as the ones mentioned above are necessary and necessary for the construction of the compound.

Technical Specifications

As mentioned before, this prefabricated structure has various uses. This structure is produced for the creation of office space, security, management, villa, sanitary, residential and workshop space in various dimensions and sizes. Compliance with technical and standard principles is one of the important and It is necessary.

In the structure of these structures, it is very useful to use polyurethane sandwich panels in the walls and ceilings, or aluzinc double sheet sandwich panels in the roof, or a single sheet of wood with a PVC layer in the floor of the building.

The doors and windows can be double-walled, and finally it gives us a product that is completely insulated against cold and heat. The all-metal skeleton and structure and the resistant welding connections of the conex create a strong skeleton and the ability It provides multiple relocations of the conex.

The customer’s customized equipment requires that a series of facilities be added to the manufactured structure, depending on the work he does and the request he has. These facilities include

1.Toilet made of fiberglass or panel

2.water heater

3.Inner door made of hdf material

4.Cooler valve

5.Additional single-paned or double-paned window

6.Kitchen cabinet



کانکس استاندارد

The price of a conex

The price of a conex depends on many factors, the dimensions and size are according to the customer’s opinion. If it is large, it will have a much higher price. Apart from the dimensions, other options are also involved. The quality of the materials used in the construction of the conex definitely affects the price.

If the conex has different parts, including kitchen, bathroom and shower partition, the price can increase. If we want to check further, the conex do not have astronomical prices and if bought from the factory, it will have a reasonable price.

Buying a standard conex

If you are planning to buy a standard enclosure, it is recommended that you visit the products section of the Kimia Panel factory website. We have prepared conditions on the website so that the customer can see his request easily and order under ideal conditions.

Buying through the website will bring you exceptional services. For the purchase, you are assured that the quality of the product will be guaranteed to you, and there is no need to worry about buying from our website, because the prices of the standard booths are very reasonable and cause You may be able to save money and thus buy a standard conex with a reasonable price and the best quality.

Dear customer, you can contact our consultants for more information about Kimia Panel Shiraz products.

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