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What is a ceiling sandwich panel?

Getting to know ceiling sandwich panels… Kimia Panel, a producer of polyurethane sandwich panels in Shiraz, is proud to serve you with many years of brilliant experience.

What is a ceiling sandwich panel?

Sandwich roof panel is a prefabricated structure that is used to cover the roof of sheds, repair shops and industrial and residential buildings. Sandwich panels in building materials are known to the public as a suitable insulation against various temperatures and sounds.

The top features of these panels are:

Today, people are looking for the use of light materials with high resistance instead of heavy and traditional materials in construction. The selection of dimensions and sizes of these types of products depends on the type of application sheet and the location conditions used. These structures with a thickness of 2 centimeters have been able to gain a very good position among customers.


Another prominent feature of this product is helping to reduce operational costs, including time spent during work. The buyer has the right to choose the color when ordering these types of panels. This feature can be a positive point for the product manufacturer. The appearance of these panels is trapezoidal. Since sandwich ceiling panels do not have a specific price.


Nevertheless, the professional and capable team of Kimia Panel factory provides its products to our dear customers in the shortest possible time with high quality and more cost-effective than anywhere else. The price per square meter of the panels depends on the type of sheet and raw materials used. As a rule, during the construction of these structures, the stronger the sheet and the higher quality raw materials are used, the price will increase accordingly. And vice versa, the weaker the sheet and poor quality raw materials used, the lower the price.


Also, thickness and color will not affect the price of sandwich panels. Perhaps, the customer wants to use a custom color. Custom colors take a lot of time and work, so the price will definitely increase. The sandwich panel ceiling is a modern structure that has replaced the traditional structure today.

It should be mentioned that you should have enough information about sandwich panels to make the right choice when buying. Also, buying from well-known companies can be a reassurance for your choice.

The mentioned features are the factors that encourage people to buy these types of products.

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