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Introduction to duct panel in Iran

What is a duct?

Duct is actually a channel or path for the passage of air. An air conditioner is suitable for removing polluted air and bringing healthy air into the compartment.


Ventilation is not always for the entry and exit of air, but also for balancing the conditioned air. This air flow is possible in this way. Let the air come in or out.

This ventilation system is done in a channeled way.

Duct panel structure

The duct panel, like the sandwich panel, consists of three parts, the upper and lower layers are made of aluminum sheet and the middle core is polyurethane foam or isocyanurate foam. It is also a good insulator for thermal energy (the overall structure of the sandwich panel is).

تهویه هوا کانال

Advantages of using duct panels

1) It provides air conditioning in the ventilation channels and prevents the wastage of energy.


2) It has easy and fast installation, which should be done by experienced and specialized people.


3) It is a good thermal insulation for ventilation systems even with high pressure and is a good response.


4) Polyurethane foam is an efficient sound insulation due to its special mechanism.


5) One of the advantages of sandwich panel is light weight, which is one of the prominent characteristics of this material.


6) Fire resistance of this material


7) It prevents the penetration of moisture and this waterproof property makes it widely used in many places such as egg farming and mushroom farming sheds and many structures where the lack of moisture plays an important role.


8) Because the inner surface of the ducts is smooth and polished, it allows the accumulation of bacteria to be zero.

داکت پانل

What is duct panel?

As we mentioned earlier, a duct is a channel or passageway for air that may be directed only to the inside or outside. A ventilation system that moves the air flow and is often channeled. Material Used is galvanized sheet, which is a suitable and standard element for this work.

Due to the fact that this element is a suitable option for conducting heat and heat, therefore the inner part of this material is covered with insulation, which causes the heat exchange to be minimized, and duct insulation fulfills these needs. There have been many insulations from the past until now, but the duct panel has more advantages than the nostalgic models.


Polyurethane foam is not similar to the previous ones and is completely different. It is a very good insulator for thermal energy and moisture. Due to its unique features, the duct panel has brought about a great transformation in ventilation systems. Kimia Panel Company with the benefit of modern The most and most equipped industrial machines have produced such products and meet the needs of customers.

Application of duct panel

According to the previous material mentioned about the sandwich panel, the duct panel is also very efficient in the ventilation system, it has been a good insulator for noise pollution and prevents energy loss. Due to its structure, it has a very light weight and a cheap price. Ventilation systems are widely used, for example, in mushroom cultivation sheds where fresh air is needed, it is a very suitable option in terms of efficiency and cost. Every ventilation system is easy to install. And the goal is to reduce energy loss. Duct panel has a suitable application.

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