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Sandwich panel price in Isfahan province

Sandwich panel price in Isfahan province

Isfahan sandwich panel is a new prefabricated product, consisting of three composite layers, the upper and lower layers are made of thin but strong galvanized sheets, aluminum, aluzinc, and the middle core is made of thick and very light materials. The middle core can be made with polyurethane materials, Polystyrene, xps and stone wool covered. This insulation is very soft and flexible and has lightened the weight of the structure.

Sandwich panels are composite materials that consist of three interconnected layers. The upper and lower layers are thin but strong, and the middle layer or brain nucleus is thick but light and flexible.


Isfahan province, with the center of Isfahan city, is the sixth largest province and the third most populous province of Iran. Isfahan province has the most neighboring provinces around its suburbs. It is limited to Yazd and South Khorasan provinces from the east, Semnan, Qom and Markazi provinces from the north, Lorestan province and four Bakhtiari districts from the west, and Kohgiluyeh, Boyer Ahmad and Fars from the south of the country.


In terms of industry, Isfahan is considered the center of iron and steel production. This province has large industries; Such as iron smelting, Mobarake steel complex, refinery, numerous ceramic and tile factories, stone quarries and stone cutting that can be mentioned. Despite the high industrial production, Isfahan province has many industrial towns, it is probable that the use of sheds in this province is large. The construction of the shed is done with sandwich panel prefabricated material, which is very low cost and durable and affordable.

نصب ساندویچ پانل اصفهان

Isfahan sandwich panel

Isfahan sandwich panel is one of the prefabricated and new materials, which has become very impressive due to its unique features and has attracted the attention of structural engineers and architects. The material of the upper and lower layer is galvanized or aluminum or aluzinc sheet, and the middle core is Covered with polyurethane foam, polystyrene or xps and stone wool. Sandwich panels are produced as double sheets, single sheet, foil, single sheet, nylon, single sheet, paper. Panels are produced in a variety of ways. But it should be considered that the existence of the sheet has a great impact on the quality, durability and life of the sandwich panel. The material of the outer layer of the panel can be considered a sheet, which makes the structure stronger and stronger.



The steel sheet covered with a layer of zinc and aluminum, which is called Alozinc, shows a very high resistance to corrosion and moisture, which is covered with a layer of primer and polyester paint. Another sheet that is used in making sandwich panel is galvanized sheet, which protects the product from corrosion and decay due to the protective layer of the cathode caused by the metal.


Aluminum sheet can also be used alone to make the upper and lower layers of the panel. This metal has good features, such as its light weight and flexibility. Each of these sheets has characteristics and improvements that cause variety in panel production. The color variety of the sheets increases the power of selection in all kinds of sandwich panels and is considered one of the advantages of this product. Panels can be produced and supplied in red, blue, milky, cream, yellow, green, white, etc. colors.



The middle core can be covered with polyurethane, polystyrene, xps and rock wool materials, each of which adds many features to the panel. Polyurethane insulation or polyurethane foam is very light and waterproof and prevents the absorption of any liquid. It is very durable. Because the construction materials are often exposed to rain and snow, it is very important that the materials are durable and resistant.

نصب ساندویچ پانل در اصفهان

Sandwich panels are generally divided into wall and ceiling types.

Roof sandwich panel in Isfahan

The most important components of a building is the roof, which should be made of durable materials for the construction of the structure. From the point of view of architecture, sufficient accuracy is needed in every direction. In addition to its unique beauty, Isfahan sandwich panel has the ability to adapt to any weather conditions. It gives very good physical properties to the structure. Waterproof, fireproof, good sound insulation are among the advantages of this structure.

Application of Isfahan ceiling sandwich panel

  1. Roofing of sports halls and industrial structures
  2. Construction of industrial sheds such as mushroom cultivation
  3. Mobile hospitals and mobile blood transfusion centers
  4. Types of fixed and mobile cold storages
  5. Types of false ceilings and covered places
  6. Public and private places

Sandwich wall panel in Isfahan

The sandwich panel structure is used for wall covering, which can be produced in different types. Its scope of application is very wide and can be used in most civil and construction projects. For this reason, it has an optimal and affordable price. This product is a good alternative to traditional and old materials. Due to their characteristics, heavy materials and bricks gave way to the new sandwich panel product. Due to their structure, the panels have less ups and downs and have a smooth surface.


The middle foam of the wall sandwich panel is made of polyurethane, polystyrene, xps and rock wool. Wall sandwich panel can be used for building construction in the field of kennel production. kennels are produced in various types of office, villa, administrative, security, sanitary, standard. Among other structures that can be produced with wall panels are cargo rooms, which this product is used in the road transportation industry.


The sandwich wall panel evokes a beautiful appearance due to the design of the recesses and protrusions it has for overlapping and assembly. The price of each square meter of this new structure is much lower than other old materials. Therefore, for the construction of heavy projects, it is a great help to reduce the cost.

Application of wall sandwich panel in Isfahan

  1. Construction of containers and sheds
  2. Sports halls and all kinds of warehouses
  3. Canopies and sheds
  4. pre made houses
  5. Field military centers

What are the characteristics of a sandwich panel?

  1. Adaptable to any weather conditions
  2. High strength and resistance with a lifespan of more than 50 years
  3. Resistant to cold energy, heat, sound and fire
  4. Resistant to decay and corrosion caused by moisture
  5. Resistant to earthquake cuts
  6. No nesting of insects and rodents and preventing the growth of fungi and microbes
  7. Reasonable and affordable price
  8. Light weight and easy to transport
  9. Easy and fast installation
  10. High safety against fire

Sandwich panel price in Isfahan

The characteristics of sandwich panels depend on the type of sheet, the amount of thickness, the amount of density and the type of ceiling or wall. The price of the sandwich panel is estimated per square meter, and the specifications of the panel can affect the price. The price of sandwich panel is determined based on several factors such as material type, sheet, foam, panel type and economic fluctuations. The price of double sheet sandwich panel and single sheet is different. Choosing single sheet sandwich panels can help reduce the price.


Kimia Panel Company produces all kinds of polyurethane sandwich panels and with several years of brilliant history, it is a leader in the production of all kinds of ceiling and wall sandwich panels, all kinds of fixed and mobile sheds and clean rooms, all kinds of fixed and mobile cold storage with the benefit of the latest knowledge and the use of raw materials. High quality and professional sales experts are at the service of dear customers in Shiraz and Homeh city and the neighboring provinces of Fars.

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