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All kinds of glass condos (luxury) in Shiraz

All kinds of glass conex (luxury) in Shiraz

A prefabricated structure with glass walls is called a glass conex. This structure is used to establish offices, stores, libraries, and coffee shops. The use of glass in the facade of the structure depends on the needs of the users and their tastes. It is possible to install glass on two or four sides of the structure.

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The glass conex is used as security and protection, waiting rooms, coffee shop, administration and management offices, greenhouse conex.

Glass conexxes are the best option for building a greenhouse due to the proper lighting from the surrounding glass facade.

Conex with a glass wall that is built in one or two sides of glass. All glass conex that is built in all the dimensions of the glass structure.

Beautiful and stylish appearance, easy to move, recyclable material, quick and easy construction, customization of the structure

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Conexxes are prefabricated structures that are used for different purposes according to the material and type of use. With the increasing progress of architecture and the new method in the construction of structures, the needs of users in the construction of conex with different designs have increased. One of the most beautiful conex, which is popular among the public due to its visual beauty and structural features, is the glass conex.

In this article, we are going to provide useful information about checking the details of the glass conex. Join us.


What is a glass conex?

One of the most beautiful conex structures is the glass type that creates a miniature space and has many fans. As the name suggests, the glass conex is a structure that is made of transparent glass and is installed in such a way that it has very high light absorption properties. Or in some cases the glasses are smoked. It is usually used on one side or on all sides of the glass. The reason for this is to create a suitable view for maximum absorption of sunlight.

Of course, sometimes they use double-glazed windows to prevent direct sunlight. The glass inserted in the dimensions of the conex is very thick and anti-breakage. Such people can use and enjoy without any mental worries. This point should not be forgotten to be done carefully when moving and transporting the glass conex because they are highly sensitive.

The glass used on the side of the structure is of the toughened type. Glass conex are produced with different models and the ability to use special materials is easily possible. This example of a conex is used as administrative offices, store offices and coffee shops. Of course, there are people who prefer glass conex to manage projects in the desired location among the types of conex produced.

Due to their high quality and high resistance, these structures create ideal conditions for complete monitoring for project management and are often used by project managers in different environments.

All kinds of glass conex

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the conex is a prefabricated structure. Glass walls are used in some sides. Glass walls are very resistant and are produced in various designs and sizes.


  • One-sided glass facade: glass is used only in one dimension of the structure to make this example of a conex.
  • Double-sided glass facade: this example of a conex is limited to glass on two sides, and on the other sides, the material used is composite, sandwich panel, or other metals.
  • Triangular glass facade: In this structure, glass is used on three sides and it is closed only on one side.
  • Quadrilateral glass facade: all four dimensions of the glass structure are applied and only sandwich panels or customized materials are used in the floor and roof of the structure.

For the partitioning of the conex, you can use prefabricated structures, or depending on the taste of the applicant, you can use glass. Of course, everyone uses one of the types of models according to their needs. It is very important to mention that the glasses used in these products are sound and energy insulating, and there is no possibility of sound transmission to the outside environment or energy wastage, and it gives a beautiful appearance to the structure.

The feature of the glass conex

Due to the modern appearance of the manufactured glass conex, they can be produced in a very wide variety and there are no restrictions regarding the production of the product. Today, there are many architects and engineers who have produced various types of glass conex at a reasonable price. have provided

One of the important features of this structure is that it is equipped with a frame of wood with a resistant skeleton, which makes it easy to use the structure in all weather conditions without causing any problems.

Glass conexxes often have rail doors that open and close without creating extra space. The type of glass used in the structure of this example of the conex is very special and resistant, and the most important characteristic of the glass is that it guarantees the safety of people.

Application of glass conex

Creating a beautiful design and a wonderful view in the construction of the structure has a great impact on the reception of the structure. Having a stylish and modern view is not accidental, it requires expertise, skill and advanced equipment. Specialists and designers implement the best designs on the structure to In addition to the beautiful view, it should attract the satisfaction of the consumer. High speed and accuracy are very important in the design of the connexion.

The glass conex has many uses, some of which we will mention.

  1. Using the glass conex in the exhibition
  2. Use of the office conex
  3. Production as a conex greenhouse
  4. The waiting hall
  5. Library conex
  6. A space for reception in a restaurant or coffee shop
  7. Gazebo in the restaurant
  8. Security kiosks
  9. Control rooms
  10. Plant breeding greenhouse
  11. Flower shop (among all uses, the flower shop booth is the most used)

The security of the glass conex

An important issue that is of great concern to buyers is the security of the structure, which is safe from theft. Maybe people want to put important documents in it. Due to the glass walls, it may be easily stolen. Therefore, measures They have thought that the structure will be placed in the vicinity of the security forces and under the supervision of guards during the day and night. or be monitored with the help of closed circuit cameras. The construction of glass conex inside hospitals, company premises, universities, amusement parks and the like are protected with the help of CCTV cameras. The use of glass conex without protection in the open space and without a guard increases the possibility of theft. Placing the guard around the structure distorts the beauty of the conex and reduces its appearance. The suggested solution in this case is to install an electric shutter, although it increases the construction costs, but it guarantees security.

What are the advantages of using a glass conex?

The glass conex has many advantages that have made this type of structure popular.

  • Ease of movement: One of the prominent features of this structure is the ability to move and transport, which distinguishes this structure from other cases. Due to this feature, the structure can be moved to different places.
  • Reusability: One of the features of this structure is its reusability, which allows it to be used in other uses. As an example, you have used a conex with office use, later for other reasons, it can be used as a booth or a place to present products in the exhibition.
  • Security of the structure: The distinctive feature of this structure is security. The choice of the type of glass used is according to the customer’s taste, but the foundation of the conex is that the glass is strong and durable, and the better the quality, the longer the durability and life of the structure.
  • Recyclability: The material used in the construction of the conex is in such a way that it can be recycled in case of destruction or breakage.
  • Speed of action in construction: due to the material used, the conex allow for construction in a limited time and save time compared to concrete structures.
  • Stylish and modern appearance: The miniature and modern appearance of this type of structure has turned it into a luxury conex.
    Customization capability: glass conex can be produced and prepared according to the customer’s needs and tastes.

The price of the glass conex

Today, many factories have started to produce all kinds of prefabricated structures, one of the largest manufacturers of conex is Kimia Panel, which with several years of brilliant history is the leader in the production of all kinds of prefabricated conex using the best raw materials and expert forces ready to serve the buyers. is. All the people who intend to buy different types of glass conex should prepare their structure according to the required model and type of use. In order to get complete information about the structure and its features, you can consult with the sales experts. Order the right structure and the quality is guaranteed. And buy the right price.

In the end, it should be noted that the glass conex provides special features and facilities for temporary users. It is hoped that these contents have been of interest to you.

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