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Fantasy conex for sale in Shiraz

Buying a fantasy conex in Shiraz

What is a conex? A square or rectangular conex that uses sandwich panel materials in all its dimensions. This new structure has created a new perspective among architects and structural engineers due to its extraordinary features. Due to its very high resistance and light weight, the structure can be used in Hard-to-reach areas and adverse weather conditions can easily benefit from this structure.

With the increasing progress of technology and the construction of stylish and modern structures, structural engineers have decided to find an alternative for traditional and old materials so that they can produce and supply structures with the most facilities and the shortest time, thus causing a huge transformation in the structure production industry. One of these new constructions can be called a conex. The conex are designed and produced with different dimensions and uses. We see these things that are made and used by professionals today. Conex are produced and supplied in various types and with different uses. In this article, we are going to examine the fantasy conex, explain the details and characteristics in detail and examine its differences with similar conex. Fantasy conex have very attractive and practical features, we will be happy to accompany you to the end of the article. do.

کانکس فانتزی دوبلکس در شیراز

What is a conex?

A square or rectangular conex that uses sandwich panel materials in all its dimensions. This new structure has created a new perspective among architects and structural engineers due to its extraordinary features. Due to its very high resistance and light weight, the structure can be used in Hard-to-reach areas and adverse weather conditions can easily benefit from this structure.

What is a fantasy conex?

A fantasy conex is an example of a normal conex that evokes a stylish and attractive appearance with a special design and quality and beautiful materials, and is often made in the form of wood design and glass facade. This example of shanties is used as wooden huts, functional shanties such as educational studios, administrative offices or a luxury shop.

In the design and construction of fancy and diverse conex, facilities such as ventilation, heating and cooling equipment, audio and video systems, bathroom services and modern kitchens are used. Of course, these modern equipments make the structure look fancy and attractive, and because it is They are custom-made and have a higher price than normal conex. Fancy conex are used in commercial and residential spaces due to their special features.

کانکس با نما در شیراز

The types of fantasy conex are as follows.

Fantasy connexions are produced with different uses and depending on the customer’s needs and user’s taste. These connexions have many differences, and we will discuss some of them here.


  1. Conex with studio use: This example of a conex is used as a training studio, recording studio and content production.
  2. Conex with residential use: This example of conex is used as small and attractive houses in urban and rural environments such as gardens and camping sites.
  3. Conex with commercial use: This example of the connexions is used for small shops, kiosks or store stands.
  4. Conex with office use: This example of connexions is used as temporary administrative offices, workshops, conference halls, exhibition halls and meetings.
  5. Conex with sports equipment: This example of a conex is suitable for sports facilities such as swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi.

Variety in the construction of all kinds of fantasy conex makes it possible for users to achieve their desired results by considering individual needs and tastes.

What factors affect the price of the conex?

Some factors influence the price of the conex, and the finished price of the conex is affected by some factors, which are as follows;

  1. The dimensions of the conex: the size of the conex is one of the factors that affects the price of the structure, and certainly the shed with smaller dimensions has a lower price than the dimensions of Barzeg.
  2. Materials used: The materials and equipment used in the construction of the conex, which make the structure more beautiful, can affect the final price.
  3. Interior design and decoration: If the conex has a special design and modern and beautiful decorations in the interior, it can have a higher price.
  4. Construction site of the conex: If the conex with special features and extraordinary appearance is produced in countries with high labor costs, then the price will be relatively higher.
  5. Transportation: If the manufactured conex has larger dimensions, the transportation cost will be much higher.

The number and variety in the construction of conex affects the final price. But if the orders go higher, it will be reduced to some extent from the total price.

What are the specifications of the fantasy conex?
  • The dimensions and dimensions of the fantasy conex are usually between 6 and 12 square meters, which are designed with a height of 2.5 or 3.5. Of course, the dimensions can be changed according to the customer’s taste and opinion.
  • Fantasy conex are equipped with a cooling and heating system, where heating equipment is provided by gas stoves, underfloor heating, and cooling equipment by air conditioners.
  • According to the dimensions and needs of the user, the electrical systems of the concourse in the form of electrical sockets, lights, USB sockets and lighting switches provide lighting for the structure.
  • For the comfort and health of users in fancy conex, air conditioning systems are used for this purpose, such as air inlet and outlet, air splits or industrial chillers to regulate temperature and humidity.
  • In order to maintain the health and safety of the users, the water and sewage system is designed and built in a modular way.
  • The interior and exterior cover of the fantasy conex is designed according to the customer’s opinion, and of course, quality and resistant materials, which are strong against atmospheric and environmental factors and maintain their quality.
  • The lighting level of the structure should be such that it has enough light in any situation.
  • The windows and doors of the fancy conex should be made of quality materials to be completely safe against weather factors including snow and rain.
  • Because of having special facilities, the fantasy conex must be equipped with safety devices, which include doors and windows equipped with locks and CCTV cameras.
  • The interior of the fantasy conex has comforts such as a kitchen, bedroom, bed, bathroom, table, chair, and laundry service.

It should be noted that all equipment can be changed depending on the type of use and customer needs.

What are the advantages of the fantasy conex?
  1. Fantasy conex are easy to install and move due to modular technology, and ease of transportation is an important feature of this structure.
  2. Fantasy conex is a flexible structure that is compatible with the location depending on the user’s demand.
  3. Fantasy conex are a safe, comfortable and stylish environment for user accommodation due to their modern and beautiful design.
  4. Since the Fantasy conex is made with sandwich panels and replaced the old structures, it is low cost and optimizes and improves energy.
  5. Fantasy conex are very light due to the materials used in the structure and can be easily transported with modern machines and equipment and can be placed in different places.
  6. Fantasy prefabricated structures to optimize the indoor space, provide the user with the possibility to include the most equipment in the limited space, which is considered a great advantage.
  7. Fantasy prefab conex reduce energy consumption and reduce pollution due to the use of quality and environmentally friendly structures and help to improve the preservation of the environment.

Dear viewers, if you intend to buy, you can get a structure with the highest quality and the lowest price and the best raw materials. To know the price, contact the experts in the sales department through the numbers listed at the bottom of the article or the contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions

A type of conex with a glass or thermowood facade, which is made of high-quality materials in the interior and exterior, and is a safe and comfortable structure for accommodation.

Temporary building, sales offices, shops, industrial workshops and control room

The dimensions of 2*6, 6*3, 3*6, 12*3 can be made.

Fantasy conex have a lot of space and are produced in duplex, triplex, etc.

The dimensions of fantasy conex made of sandwich panels, which are good insulation against heat, cold and sound, and can show the best performance against atmospheric factors.

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