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Sandwich panel price in Isfahan province

Sandwich panel price in Isfahan province


Isfahan sandwich panel

Isfahan sandwich panel is a light and composite composition that is limited to steel sheet (alozinc, galvanized, aluminum) from the sides, and the middle part is injected with polyurethane insulation. The structure of the panel is similar to a sandwich, which is covered with bread on both sides. This insulation is very soft and flexible. It has a light weight structure that has resulted in better product quality. Intermediate insulation can be produced with materials such as polyurethane, polystyrene, rock wool or glass wool.

Application of sandwich panel in Isfahan

Due to its structure and useful features, the sandwich panel has received much attention from structural engineers and architects. Therefore, to cover the roof and walls of all kinds of sheds, cold stores, refrigeration industries, mobile sales offices, field clinics, sanitary facilities, prayer houses and bathing services, mobile blood transfusion centers, educational environments and mobile repair shops, guard posts, one-story villas. and two floors, relief units in times of crisis, such as the construction of various sheds and wall coverings and roofing of production halls, office and residential buildings, hotels, sheds, containers, sheds for growing mushrooms and food, guard sheds, villas, toilets, sandwich applications Panels in multi-wall tanks, covering all kinds of storage sheds, roofs of parking lots and villas, indoor swimming pools and sports clubs.

Types of Isfahan sandwich panels

Polyurethane sandwich panel, polystyrene sandwich panel, stone wool sandwich panel

Polyurethane sandwich panel: The structure of this type of panel is placed in the middle core of polyurethane insulation.

ساختار ساندویچ پانل

Polystyrene sandwich panel: the insulation of the middle core of this type of panel is made of Unolite or polystyrene foam. This product is inferior to polyurethane in terms of thermal and sound insulation. But it is lighter in weight and has a reasonable price compared to other items.

ساندویچ پانل پلی لستایرن در بوشهر

Stone wool sandwich panel: one of the prominent features of this product is fire resistance. The fire resistance rate of stone wool panel is much higher than PIR polyurethane sandwich panel. Sandwich panel sale in Isfahan|Sandwich panel price in Isfahan|Sandwich panel installation and commissioning in Isfahan|Sandwich panel price in Isfahan city

ساندویچ پانل ضد صوت در شیراز

Sandwich panels are mainly divided into ceiling and wall categories.

Isfahan ceiling sandwich panel: ceiling sandwich panel is produced with top and bottom galvanized, aluzinc, aluminum sheets, which are produced as two-sided sheet, one-sided sheet, one-foil, one-sided nylon sheet, one-sided paper, and two-sided nylon. But for more durability, it is better to have two sheets. The ceiling panel is used to cover all kinds of sheds, swimming pools and sports halls and the roof of villas.

Isfahan wall sandwich panel: Wall sandwich panel is a new prefabricated product that consists of three composite layers consisting of two layers of sheets and a central core created by injecting polyurethane foam and is used to cover the walls of the structure. That is why it is called sandwich wall panel. This product is effective for covering the walls of industrial spaces and cold stores, all kinds of conex and prefabricated buildings.

Technical specifications of Isfahan sandwich panel

The combination of 5 coherent layers, 2 outer layers of steel sheet with a middle core and 2 layers of glue to connect the foam to the sheets embedded in the panel, the density of which is about 40 kg/m3. The thickness of the used sheets is about 0.5 to 0.7 mm, and various colors are produced from superester furnace type. The density of the middle core of the sandwich panel is about +2-40 kg/m3. The thickness of the middle layer of the sandwich panel is about 4 to 25 cm, which is produced according to the customer’s needs. The color range of sandwich panels includes 12 different colors, including blue, yellow, red, white, white, purple, gray, cream, green, jade, silver, green.

Isfahan sandwich panel installation

Since the structures made with sandwich panels are suitable insulation against heat, cold, humidity, and sound. In order to maintain beauty, it is necessary to be done by experienced and efficient people. Although, assembling the structure does not require complex and special tools. But in order to speed up the work process and prevent waste of consumables, it is recommended to use professional installers. Kimia Panel is a factory for producing all kinds of polyurethane sandwich panels, providing all kinds of sandwich panels for ceiling, wall, cold storage, fixed and mobile conex, subzero and above zero cold storage.

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