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Introduction to fireproof sandwich panel in Iran

What is fireproof sandwich panel?

In this period, one of the most important and widely used construction principles is the use of fire-resistant materials, which is a very important issue. Considering that it includes all buildings, but buildings such as hospitals, industrial sheds and factories and warehouses are of special importance.

The construction of completely fireproof structures is a bit expensive, but it is possible to use these materials with high fire resistance and reduce costs. In fact, the word “refractory” does not mean that it is fireproof, but it postpones the time of burning and destruction, and the destruction takes place in a later period of time.

The topic that is considered here is the construction of structures with high resistance against fire and reducing costs.

The sandwich panels that are produced according to these cases are called fireproof sandwich panels.

The fireproof sandwich panel is one of the types of sandwich panels, which consists of three layers, and in the middle core part, rock wool foam is embedded, rock wool is a natural mineral fiber, which is like white cotton material.

Among all the

Sandwich panel classes

Firepoofing sandwich panel classification

Sandwich panel B1: The sandwich panel is fireproof or in other words self-extinguishing, which is lit by a flame, but extinguishes when the fire goes away. In fact, it is slow-burning.


Sandwich panel B2: This sandwich panel model has high fire resistance and does not spread easily. This foam is difficult to produce because it is obtained from petroleum materials. It is not available in Iran.

Sandwich panel with class A1: the structure of this type of material is such that it does not burn and the heat must be at a level to melt it.


PIR sandwich panel: This type is the most common type of polyurethane sandwich panel with B1 and B2 standards, which has the characteristic feature of not emitting flames in case of fire.

انواع پشم سنگ

insulations that have been produced in the industry so far, rock wool is the safest and is very compatible with the environment.

These panels are used for domestic industrial purposes such as hot houses above 70 degrees and baking ovens.

This type of sandwich panel can withstand high temperatures up to 2000 degrees Celsius, and in addition to being a thermal insulator, it prevents the transmission of sound pollution and noise.

Due to its high resistance, this type of structure does not need a heavy foundation and can be used to build stylish villas that are resistant to earthquakes and fires.

Application of fireproof sandwich panel

Usually, this type of sandwich panels is used in special cases:


  • Metal instruments
  • Spatial structures
  • Cold house and refrigeration industries
  • Prayer hall and educational environment
  • One-story and two-story villas
  • Construction of all kinds of sheds
  • Covering sheds
  • Roofs of houses and villas
  • Sandwich panel in shed covering industries

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