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Buy sandwich panel office camp in Shiraz

Buy a sandwich panel office camp in Shiraz

Prefab sandwich panel camps are large buildings or structures that are built as one floor with a sloping roof, for the location of large offices and projects.

Prefab sandwich panel camps are large buildings or structures that are built as one floor with a sloping roof, for the location of large offices and projects.

In simple language, administrative camp refers to a structure that is made of sandwich panels and consists of various departments and administrative units. The department or units are actually an administrative compound, and an administrative camp is created by connecting them.


Administrative camps, as the name suggests, are specific to office spaces, large places to accommodate managers and personnel of the administrative department. Camps have large dimensions and care must be taken in their design and construction. The materials used in the implementation of camps are iron profiles and sandwich panels, which are placed in their cross section with a certain thickness.


Camp production and implementation plays a very important role in optimizing the construction stages as well as its strength and life. The design of the office camp must be done in accordance with the principles of engineering standards so that it can be guaranteed against all kinds of shearing forces on the structure. In the following, we intend to provide you with useful information about the details of the camp.


Table of Contents

Implementation of sandwich panel camp

At the beginning of the work to set up the camp, basic information is needed, which includes the following factors; The location, the number of people, the type of weather conditions… are things that must be checked before implementation, and according to these factors, the amount of thickness and type of structure is determined. If we want to consider a region with a cold climate as an example; The thickness of the panels should be at least 5 to 6 cm, and of course, in temperate climates, the thickness is 4 cm, which is suitable for any climate. Each system or set has different initial stages and priorities for setting up. Here, the method of implementing and producing Kimia sandwich panel camps is presented to you, dear viewers.



These cases are a common procedure in most projects;



Gathering basic information such as dimensions, type of use, place of execution, type of climate, delivery time
Designing the structure and determining the general and partial specifications and drawing the executive plan
Preparation and leveling of the execution site and foundation construction, which is created with a height of about 50 to 60 cm, and the faces of the columns are laid according to the execution plans. Installations such as digging a sewage well under the structure are done at this stage, and it is the employer’s responsibility to create a suitable bed for the foundation, and Kimia Panel Industrial Group acts as a consultant in this field.
Preparation of materials and tools needed to transfer to the camp site
The construction phase of the structure and the use of iron profiles in the skeletonization of the structure, making the structure resistant to moisture by using stainless steel
Installing sandwich panels by adding relevant partitions and installing door and window profiles
Implementation of facilities and details of the structure such as piping and installation of valves and electrical cabling, installation of heating and cooling system and other details are determined in the technical plan.
Completion and delivery of the work and ready for operation of the structure

Features of using sandwich panel camp

This prefabricated structure has unique features that include the following materials.


  1. It has insulation with proper strength and very high resistance against cold, heat, sound, moisture
  2. Cheap and reasonable price and cost optimization compared to traditional materials
  3. Very light weight of the structure and ease of transportation to hard-to-reach places
  4. High speed in installing and assembling the structure and quick operation
  5. The biggest advantage of pre-made sandwich panel material is free from any kind of waste and dirt
  6. Ability to change the map in the internal section
  7. The ability to install the structure in any weather conditions
  8. The ability to disinfect and wash the structure without any damage to the structure

Application of camp sandwich panel

Sandwich panel camps have different applications due to the wonderful features of sandwich

panels, which include


  1. Extensive administrative camps that include managers, personnel, employees, a section for holding meetings, a VIP section for guests, a waiting room section, in some cases, it may also include a logistics section, kitchen, and bathroom.
  2. Buildings with workshop equipment
  3. Construction of structures for temporary settlements
  4. Military camps
  5. Using camps during natural crises
  6. Construction and road camps for welfare and road aid bases
  7. Prefab camps to accommodate schools, health and telecommunication centers in villages

The price of sandwich panel camps

The price of sandwich panel camps depends on various factors as follows;

The costs of building the foundation, digging a sewage well, and implementing the structure determine the cost of the sandwich panel camp. Of course, it should be noted the type of panel, the thickness of the panel, the time and place of implementation, and the technical specifications and type of iron that the structural engineer has considered. Due to market fluctuations, a single price for each square meter of sandwich panel cannot be considered and it is constantly changing. Therefore, after the initial checks, the cost estimate is made, and you can contact the experts at the numbers listed at the bottom of the page for a free consultation.

How to move sandwich panel camps

Sometimes it is necessary to move the structure for some reason and we want to move it from one city to another city. If the floor of the structure is connected to the ground through cement mortar or sand, it has its own problems. And it should be done differently. Therefore, in order to move, the structure must be dismantled and the camp converted into smaller parts, or sometimes it is converted into primary panels; The entire installation is completely opened, and thus it can be moved from hard-to-reach areas and its components can be reassembled.

Assembling sandwich panel camps

After the completion of the project or sometimes when the camp is no longer needed, the sandwich panel structure must be completely dismantled. The assembly of prefabricated camps is done by Kimia Panel technicians. This action is similar to the disassembly of the structure, where all the members of the structure are completely separated from the joints of screws, rivets and welds, and the parts are placed next to each other.

After collecting the structure, the obtained materials can be stored completely in the warehouse to rebuild the structure when necessary and sell it as a second-hand structure at a reasonable price.

Adding other uses to prefabricated camps

Sometimes the uses of the camps may not be administrative and may be for other uses such as residential, dormitory, workshop, or a combination of different uses, which leads to the construction of prefabricated structures in terms of size and having special facilities and subsequently various units and departments. be Although each of the mentioned items can be considered a prefabricated camp independently (residential camp, dormitory camp), but a combination of each of them leads to the development and production of a new building. For example, residential administrative camps are a type of prefabricated camps that, in addition to administrative facilities, have additional equipment and facilities such as dormitories, accommodation, and life for administrative personnel.

Facilities and departments of an administrative camp

An administrative camp is comprehensively composed of several departments or units of the administrative compound. This type of user is designed in such a way that all units can be accessed easily. All units have access to the management room through a corridor, or in some cases, a certain number of personnel have access to the management room or meetings in terms of location. All units of the administrative department are designed in such a way that access to the bathroom is possible.



If the camp is to be built with two floors or more, the communication between the floors will be possible through an elevator or stairs. The presence of facilities and equipment in an office camp is definitely effective in sales and orders. The necessary facilities and equipment of an office camp with a sandwich The panel includes sanitary units, internal and external heating and cooling systems, lighting and beautiful decoration, security system, equipment and connections to internal networks and the Internet, all of which are useful during the construction stages of the complex and project in large dimensions.



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