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What do you know about sandwich wall panel?

What do you know about sandwich wall panels?

Why have they used the word sandwich in these panels?

Sandwich panels are considered prefabricated products in the world of construction and building materials, which have become very popular among customers. Contrary to their name, these sandwich panels are not always wall-mounted, they are also used for floor covering. The structure of these panels is in the form of a sandwich, it has two outer layers and a middle layer, that is why it is named sandwich panel.

In the rest of the article, we will mention the reason for the popularity of this type of product.

 Sandwich wall panels have a three-layer structure, including two layers (outer and bottom) made of aluminum sheet and an insulated core in the middle layer. The material of the sheet used in the outer layers can be of different materials such as aluminum, aluzinc, various foils and steels, depending on the type of consumption and the needs of the customers. Among these items, aluminum is the most used in making these types of products. The core (middle layer) of the wall sandwich panel is made of various refractory materials such as polyurethane, polystyrene and rock wool.

Application of wall sandwich panel

These panels are used to cover the walls of residential buildings, industrial halls, factories, garages and cold storages.

The reason for using this type of product in covering the walls of factories and industrial halls

One of the important features of all types of panels is their fire resistance. The reason for the greater use and importance of this type of product in covering factories and industrial halls compared to residential buildings is related to the safety and security of people and its fireproofness.

Reasons for the popularity of wall sandwich panels

Wall sandwich panels are light and quality products that greatly reduce the time of work, which reduces some costs. Another reason to encourage builders to use these panels is their quick and easy installation. Using this product can prevent energy wastage in the building.

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