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Acquaintance with Alozinc sheet in Iran

What is Alozinc sheet?

The sheet is one of the widely used parts that is produced in various forms in construction, industry and civil engineering, one of these steel sheets is called Aluzinc or Gavalum. This sheet is introduced under the brand names of Calvalum, Aluzinc and Lincalume.

Alozinc is a galvanized metal that is a combination of 55% aluminum alloys, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon, which is used in sandwich panels, wall sandwich panels and ceiling sandwich panels.

What is the similarity between galvanized sheet and aluzinc sheet?

Both sheets are based on steel, the thickness and width of both are the same. These sheets are resistant to oxidation and rusting in wet places prone to rain.

What is the difference between galvanized sheet and aluzinc sheet?

As stated before, the difference between these two sheets is only in their coating, which is a galvanized sheet made of pure zinc alloy or a combination of iron and zinc alloy, but aluzinc is a combination of aluminum and zinc alloy. Allozinc sheet is widely used in acidic environments and conditions, harsh air, humid environment, industrial spaces.

Basically, these sheets are sold in the market of steel products with a thickness of half a centimeter.

What are the characteristics of Alozinc sheet?

This sheet has a useful life and has great resistance to erosion, flexibility, suitable weight, and long life are its prominent features. The design of this type of sheets is such that it shows a lot of resistance against moisture, if its production is not done correctly, it will get rusted if it is scratched.

Aluzinc sheets are used in the sandwich panel structure of roof, wall, cold storage and also flushing.

The use of these sheets makes the life of this type of sandwich longer than the galvanized sheet, and the way it is painted is similar to the color of a car, and in this way, the penetration of moisture and the possibility of oxidation are low.

ورق آلوزینک
رول آلوزینک

last word

Alozinc sheet or gavalum is a type of iron sheet that is used in sandwich panels in environmental conditions with high acidity and dense industrial spaces. These types of sheets are durable and highly resistant to corrosion and rust, gavalum in various colors and coated with 25 micron thick polyester on the outside and 7 micron primer color on the inside at the joint of the sheet. It is better with foam for adhesion.

This type of sheet is flexible and light and is very suitable in acidic and alkaline environments, hence it has a higher price than galvanized sheet.

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