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Effective color sandwich panel in the facade of the structure
ساختمان با نمای ساندویچ پانل

Effective color sandwich panel in the facade of the structure

The sandwich panel can be produced and supplied with various color resin. Definitely, the use of sandwich panel color resin can have a different effect on the appearance of the structure. Choosing the right color for the sandwich panel facade depends on factors such as the use of the structure, geographical location and customer taste. The colors that are most used in this field; It is white, gray and blue.

ساندویچ پانل دیواری

From a long time until now, mankind has been trying to replace old and traditional materials with high-quality materials. Each of the materials used in the construction of structures today has its own characteristics. The physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of each material. It has an effective role in the performance of the structure. In addition to the appearance characteristics which are very important, the role of the material of the structure depends on the location and creates sensitive characteristics.


Sandwich panel, prefabricated material, is one of the most popular building materials that has a variety of color resin. Buyers can create a suitable harmony by choosing the sandwich panel color resin and implementing it in the wall and roof of the structure. In the literal sense, RAL is the spectrum or color code of a sandwich panel. The color used on the sandwich panel sheet does not have any effect on the quality of the foam and other things. But it can have a positive effect on some other appearance characteristics. In some materials, the color does not affect the performance of the material. But in some, the color has no effect. The items are effective on the behavior of the material and the performance indicators. For example, the color of the brick that is used in the Chinese wall does not affect its performance, but the color of the brick is a very important factor in this case.


Kimia sandwich panel is a coherent composition with three layers which are limited to the sheet on the sides and the middle layer which is covered by polyurethane foam. Colored sandwich panels are produced with various designs and different uses according to the customers’ taste. These colored sheets with code and price list are provided to customers by manufacturing companies. Using this type of sheet has a great impact on the facade of the building. In the following, we are going to introduce you to more details about the effect of sandwich panel color on the facade of the structure.

”The lower cost of repairs, resistance to corrosion and decay, lack of mechanical damage are among the advantages of using colored sheets.“

قیمت ساندویچ پانل در-شیراز

There is a high color variation with sandwich panel color resin

One of the important factors of sandwich panel is its color variety and unique beauty. The codes determining the color of the sandwich panel, both wall and ceiling, show the type of color and gloss in the form of a label. Things like dullness or gloss and other properties of the color are also mentioned. Considering this issue, you, dear customer, can choose the desired color by looking at the sandwich panel color roll and buy the panel according to your needs and taste.

Colored sandwich panels make the desired building or place more attractive and beautiful. Companies producing sandwich panels use color ral. Color ral is a standard for distinguishing and identifying colors from each other. Sandwich panel producing companies have the ability to paint all types of galvanized rolls. They have aluzinc and aluminum in various and different colors with advanced equipment. Metals are coated with static or furnace paint, and then colored sheets are covered with polyester layers to protect the bottom layers against atmospheric changes, especially the climate of Sharjah.

Sandwich panels are produced and supplied in various dimensions and with different colors. Commonly used colors for sandwich panels are often orange, white, orange, brown, yellow, blue, pink, purple, silver, gray, jade green and red. is.

Investigating the advantages of sandwich panel color resin

The use of sandwich panel paint ral for customers will enhance the interior and exterior of the building and create visual beauty, and it will be done according to the customer’s taste. Therefore, various colors for sandwich panel structures in different uses and paying attention to the local style and the type of weather in consideration Taken. Several factors influence the choice of panel color resin, such as the use of the structure, geographical location, location and customer taste, the type of panel.

The effect of color on the thermal performance of walls and ceilings

Different colors can show different performance if placed in the vicinity of sunlight. The light-absorbing colors completely receive the light from the sun and turn it into heat, causing the temperature to rise in the wall and ceiling covering. In this case, the weather and atmospheric conditions are an important indicator affecting the color of the sandwich panel. It can be clearly seen He stated that in hot, moderate and cold regions, each has a different thermal requirement. Panels with dark colors absorb a lot of light, and if they are placed near the sun, it increases the temperature in the structure, and definitely a panel with a light color absorbs less light.

The effect of the color of the structure in the face of harmful factors

Harmful factors such as humidity, dry air and vermin can attack the wall and roof of the building. The color of the panel is definitely effective in attracting or repelling these pests. If the project under construction is near the target of pest attacks, special attention should be paid to the color of the panel.

The effect of color on the useful life of the structure

Due to having a double protective layer, colored sandwich panels strengthen the underlying layers and protect them from harmful environmental effects. The color coating embedded in the outer surface of the panel prevents the passage and penetration of external factors It should be acknowledged that the type of color chosen and the painting technique have an effect on the durability of the colored sandwich panel.

The effect of panel color on the exterior of the structure

The exterior of the structure is very important because it tells the nature of the building, and in this way, tools such as various materials are at the disposal of engineers. The appearance of the building is influenced by three important factors.

  1. Composition of facade materials
  2. Color of facade material
  3. Material texture


In the construction of most projects, the sandwich panel is the most important material in the construction of the facade, and its color definitely has the greatest impact on the formation of the exterior of the building. When the sandwich panel is used for the exterior, there are three important factors in choosing the color resin, which are:

  1. The color and texture of the materials adjacent to the sandwich panel in the facade of the structure
  2. The climatic conditions of the project site
  3. uses of building

Principles of using dark color in sandwich panel

At the beginning of the article, we explained about sandwich panels with a dark color, but you should know that if they are exposed to heat, they will expand more than the light color panel. The expansion of the structure is a factor that changes the shape of the material, and in other words, it loses its original shape. will say that such cases are the responsibility of the design engineer. Design engineers have thought of measures to solve this problem, which can be mentioned.


  • Determining the method of anchoring the structure by considering the crown distance and load bearing force
  • Reducing the maximum length of the panel
  • Consider the temperature at which the panels will be assembled


The design and construction of sandwich panels with dark color ral should be done according to certain rules and conditions. One of the rules that must be followed is that the maximum length of the panels is 6 meters, and for production, sheets with a thickness of 6 mm should be used.

Advantages of using paint resin in making sandwich panels

  1. Increasing the lifespan of the structure
  2. Durability of structure paint
  3. Double resistance of the structure against erosion and corrosion
  4. Optimal cost for maintenance and repair
  5. The beauty of the structure
  6. The waterproofness of resin colors

The price of sandwich panel color resin

It should be noted that the color of the sandwich panel can definitely affect the price. At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that the colored sandwich panel with color ral is needed with sheets of 0.6 thickness, and the thickness of the sheet definitely affects the price of the panel. You can easily get all kinds of sandwich panels with common colors at an optimal price. But special and fancy colors add to the price of the panel because it is custom.

Contact the experts of the sales department to know about the available colors and prices. The sandwich panel price announcement will be your guide in choosing the right color for the use of the structure, climatic conditions and budget.

The psychological effect of color in buildings

The effect of color on the facade of structures goes beyond creating beauty. Color has a great effect on the soul of people. Each color has a different effect. When choosing the color for covering the roof or wall, the installation location and the use of the building should be taken into account. Places whose walls are covered with blue paint create a feeling of coolness in people. On the other hand, if the walls or ceiling are red, it will cause more energy and excitement. Psychologically, if a person is exposed to red color for a long time, he is under pressure. Each color alone or combined with other colors can have a wide range of effects.

At each stage of building design, the appropriate color should be chosen according to the needs and characteristics of the structure.

Panel color difference in different places

The color of the panels is different in different places. For the construction of hospitals, emergency clinics or blood transfusion centers, it is better to use white color. Preferably, it is better not to use white color for the construction of workshop halls because of the work environment and the type of work. Because of course, white color is sensitive and will lose its beauty against dust and grease. Therefore, it is better to use mild or intense brown color to cover the workshop hall. This kind of effect of sandwich panel can be seen on the facade of the structure. The use of sandwich panel is very common in the construction of cold storage, clean room and heating areas, and it is better to use white color that reflects light for cold storage environments. Mushroom cultivation halls should use dark colors to create a warm environment.

In the end, it is important to mention that the use of wall and ceiling colors with sandwich panels depends on the customer’s taste, but the use of happy colors in the surrounding environment brings life, freshness and a good feeling to people.

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