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What is xps foam?

What is xps foam?

This foam stands for Extrude Polydtyrene, which is actually a rigid thermoplastic material.


The production process of this foam is that after it is melted, it is placed in the extrusion machine, and with the help of lubricants, dyes, polymer slips inside the machine, foam softener before forming, antibacterial and… and compressed foam is created in the device. It is one of the most widely used foams used in wall sandwich panels.


This foam is a suitable thermal insulation and is usually in different colors. A blowing agent is added to it, which makes the product expand after this process.

The structure of this foam is nested and compact, and due to high compression, it is less flexible and cannot be used in some parts, but due to its light weight, it has a special place in the eyes of architects.

What are the characteristics of xps foam?

Due to its completely closed and compact cells, this foam has high strength, therefore, it is a good insulator against natural factors such as earthquakes and the penetration of heat and cold, and it prevents moisture, noise pollution, mold and even the penetration of vermin and mice. slow


This foam is available in the market in colored or white form. In the production process of this foam, because polystyrene resin seeds or granules are used, the texture of this foam is such that it is void of space and compressed. It is very good insulation for moisture, sound and heat transfer.

What are the uses of xps foam?

This foam is widely used in construction, construction of structures such as residential, commercial, office, industrial (cold storage) is used as an active thermal insulation layer. This insulation foam is used in the following two ways like other materials.


(In the construction of prefabricated materials: such as types of sandwich panels).


2) directly in the implementation of different parts of the structure:


  Floor insulation

  • Insulation of all types of swimming pools

 Insulation of different surfaces such as streets

 Insulation of building walls, brick and stone

  • As a block in block beam ceilings
  • In metal structures
  • Insulation of the foundation and foundations of structures
  • Insulation work on the facade of structures and buildings

 Insulation of basements

 Insulation of internal and external walls

 Roof insulation:

   1) Roof and flat roofs

  2) Insulation of false ceilings

In the following, you can watch the videos through the YouTube channel.

فوم xps
فوم xps

What are the advantages of FoamXPS?

  • Low thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity between 0.035 and 0.045 W/m) Kelvin shows that it is a very suitable insulation
  • Good flame resistance
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Preventing the production of polluting gases
  • The same density throughout the volume
  • High resistance against pressure shock
  • Due to its light weight, little pressure is applied to the building and it is safe  
  • against earthquakes
  • Because it absorbs water, it does not reduce its resistance.
  • Because it has regular dimensions, it is easily cut.
  • Compared to other products, it has little waste.
  • Ability to recycle xps foam
  • Sandwich panels with xps foam are easy to move and install.
  • Due to its unique feature, it costs less than other materials
  • It has the ability to keep the temperature constant, that’s why it is also used in the cold room.

What are the disadvantages of xps foam?

Every product that is produced definitely has some advantages and disadvantages


1) If its temperature exceeds 250 degrees Fahrenheit, the foam will melt.


2) It is free of any polluting gases and is compatible with the environment and does not harm the ozone layer.


3) Direct sunlight melts it.


4) Because of its porous texture and it is very compact, it has little flexibility.


5) In some countries, due to wrong arrangements, CFC is used to produce this foam and it destroys the ozone layer.

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