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The price of a garden conex in Shiraz
معماری کانکس-باغی-در-شیراز

The price of a garden conex in Shiraz

The garden conex is a fixed or mobile structure made of Kimia Panel polyurethane sandwich panel and is used in open space and can be used for temporary accommodation with kitchen, bathroom, restaurant, and office facilities.

معماری کانکس-باغی-در-شیراز

As you know, due to the growth and increase of the population, the need of people regarding accommodation has increased, so the use of materials for the construction of structures has been on the rise. Over time, structures with different facilities, fixed and mobile, entered the market, and with the progress of the industry, they underwent changes and transformations to meet the needs of the public. One of the structures that can be seen in different spaces today is the conex. Conexes are buildings that have all the parts of a building, including bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, cabinets, washrooms, electrical wiring, lighting systems, sewage pipes and faucets, installation of wall-mounted water heaters, burglar alarms, and security doors. Theft and finally, if necessary, the terrace. Conex is produced in such a way that it can create a safe accommodation in all seasons and people with desired conditions can use it as a personal property.

What is a garden conex?

A garden conex is a portable or mobile building that uses sandwich panels in all its dimensions. The conex is a collapsible structure and can be easily dismantled and assembled and moved with the help of heavy vehicles.

In the past, the garden conex was produced with a simple appearance for the use of gardeners, but nowadays it is designed with a luxurious and modern appearance. The garden conex has a special effect and beauty in terms of appearance, which is similar to a hut. For more beauty in the exterior of the sandwich panel They are used with wood designs to create a beautiful appearance with the natural atmosphere of the garden, or Termwood structures are used in the exterior of sandwich panels.

The garden conex can be designed and implemented as a single or twin, and due to the light weight of the structure, it reaches the stage of operation in the shortest possible time. , kitchen, bathroom, living room.

All kinds of garden conex in Shiraz

Garden conex are designed and produced in two types: villas and guard conexes. In this article, we are going to present the garden conex with the details of your service. If you need to get more information in this field, come with us.

Residential conex (villa):

Residential conex are very similar to villa conex. Garden conex are often used to accommodate gardeners or caretakers or people living in the garden. Sometimes, due to reasons such as not having a permit in many properties or gardens, it is not possible to build a structure for housing, or the gardener is not able to build a building with the traditional method, and the relevant structures may have a strong interaction with them, and the conex is like other traditional buildings for Construction does not require a permit and the property owner can easily build in the desired location.

To spend their free time, gardeners definitely need a structure that provides all their comforts. For this reason, they have designed and built prefabricated structures. This material has many advantages; Construction and production in a short period of time with all the comforts of a residential house is very impressive, and a conex with all these features is called a residential conex. The garden conex has a beautiful appearance, and the exterior is covered with sandwich panels and is made with Termwood to create a more beautiful space in the garden.

Guard or janitor's conex:

The janitor’s conex is completely different from the garden conex and is used only for the maintenance of the garden and the place of rest and life of the guard or janitor. The security conex is simpler than the villa or residential conex. Production and implementation of this example of a conex for large properties and gardens that are only used by property owners for leisure and spending time for a long time. This structure is a safe place for the gardener to live. The janitor’s conex consisting of polyurethane sandwich panels is very strong and safe and can withstand atmospheric factors and other weather conditions. To prevent the waste of cold and heat energy, you can use double-glazed windows or a barrier for the entry of hot and cold air.

Types of garden conex in terms of criteria:

The design and dimensions of the conex depend on the user’s needs, and there are no restrictions for the design of the conex, and you can safely order the desired dimensions.

15-meter conex: 15-meter conex covered with sandwich panels is one of the types of conex. This example is built in the form of a large room and has facilities such as air conditioner, heating system, electricity, air conditioning system. The price of a 15-meter garden conex depends on various factors, such as the type of material, the quality of construction materials, the type of internal equipment and the type of construction system, the method of installation, transportation, and the rate of labor and materials.

24 meter conex: The size of this conex model is 24 meters. The price of the conex depends on many factors, including material, quality, side features. In addition to the mentioned items, they have to bear the cost of transportation and installation of the structure.

20-meter conex: The price of this 20-meter conex sample increases significantly if it has polymer structures. In case of moving and shipping, it affects the final price.

Construction of a garden conex in Shiraz

Before proceeding to build a garden conex, a map or plan of the place of insertion and accommodation of the structure must be provided to the sales experts so that the prefabricated house can be produced with the knowledge obtained. The dimensions of the map are made by referring and visiting the installation site. After checking, it is sent to the experts of the company’s design group and two-dimensional or three-dimensional maps of the structure are designed.

Installation and execution of a garden conex in Shiraz

It is possible to transfer the conex to the place in two ways, which is installation and execution on site or assembly of the conex in the factory and then transfer to the desired place.

Sometimes, it is not possible to transport the conex with a trolley due to hard-to-reach areas or unfavorable weather conditions or restrictions in the area, because the width of the street is small. For this reason, to prevent such events, the structure is assembled in the desired location.

The tools and equipment needed for installation must be moved to the desired location. This method of assembling is not significantly different from the ready-made structure due to the cost. The structure installed on the site is similar to the factory structure and only electricity, telephone, gas branches should be connected to the structure. Sometimes the conex is produced semi-finished in the factory and then transported to the site by a crane. Then, the relevant technicians perform the rest of the assembly steps, and each of the items does not cause a defect in the quality of the final structure.

Advantages and disadvantages of garden conex in Shiraz

The garden conex has many advantages and disadvantages.

Ease of transportation: The garden conex can be easily assembled and disassembled due to its advanced material and can be transported to the destination by means of transportation.
This structure is equipped with all the amenities that can be adjusted and changed, and the user can make a lot of changes according to his needs.
Lower cost: Definitely, the construction of garden conex is less expensive than a permanent building because of its unique features.
Due to having different tools for interior and exterior view, the garden conex has a limited interior space and is not suitable for places that need a large space.

What are the characteristics of the garden conex compared to other similar structures?

  1. They are fire resistant.
  2. They have a long life and are durable.
  3. Good insulation against cold and heat
  4. It can be installed in any weather conditions
  5. The possibility of ordering in different dimensions and models
  6. Earthquake resistant
  7. Reducing the weight of the structure and ease of transportation
  8. Ability to sell the conex after use

Frequently Asked Questions

If the construction is not possible due to the high cost of additional materials or the lack of a permit, you can benefit from a garden conex at a low cost without obtaining a permit.

It is possible to design the sewage system of the condo as an absorption and septic well.

Yes, it can be produced with sandwich panels. In very hot and cold places, it makes it possible to create uniform air with the sandwich panel, thus preventing energy loss.

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