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Selling sandwich panels in Bushehr

Selling sandwich panels in Bushehr

Bushehr port is one of the southern ports of Iran. Due to its strategic coast, Bushehr province has various industries, which requires many industrial towns. Half of the industrial towns located in the port are among the strong consumers of sandwich panels. The use of prefabricated sandwich panel material in Bushehr port has led to economic growth in industrial centers and cost savings.

Kimia panel company is one of the manufacturers of wall and ceiling sandwich panels, cold storage and all kinds of villa, office, guardhouses in Shiraz, which provides all kinds of sandwich panels to neighboring provinces and suburbs of Shiraz such as Bushehr.

Sandwich panel is a prefabricated product consisting of 3 composite layers. The upper and lower layers are limited to galvanized, aluzinc or aluminum sheets. The middle core is made of polyurethane material. These three layers are connected by insulating adhesives and has created a light and coherent structure. The presence of polyurethane materials has added special features to this product.

The middle core can have a different composition and polyurethane, polystyrene, xps and stone wool and each has a different use. The soft and light structure of the structure has made it a suitable alternative for brick and cement blades and other traditional materials.

ساندویچ پانل در بوشهر

Bushehr sandwich panel application

Bushehr sandwich panel can be used in various industries, it has various applications, including the construction of cold storages, workshop offices, field clinics, sanitary facilities, security, management, mobile repair stations, one-story and two-story villas, relief units for earthquake victims, roof exhibition halls, production halls, office buildings, and sandwich panel containers, interior lining of storage sheds, meat, citrus, date cold storage, mobile homes, covered swimming pools and sports halls, fixed and mobile canopies, clean rooms and chambers A mobile laboratory is used.

انواع ساندویچ پانل

Roof sandwich panel in Bushehr

Bushehr ceiling sandwich panel is produced using the best raw materials for construction and the latest modern technology and with the use of expert and experienced personnel with a thickness of 4 to 20 cm and with hard polyurethane injection foam and a density of 40+_2 kg. . Due to their characteristics, the produced panels are resistant to the growth of all kinds of fungi, molds and the nesting of harmful insects.

Polyurethane has a low conductivity, that’s why it is the best type of insulation used in ceiling sandwich panels. The roll forming of the roof sandwich panel has steps that create beauty in the work surface and because of its reputation, it is a path for the passage of rain and snow. The overlaps are placed on each other at the end of the work, which makes the work beautiful.

Bushehr sandwich panel thickness

Bushehr panels have a variety of thicknesses from 4 to 20 cm, which can be ordered and produced depending on the type of use and customer order. The density of materials can be defined as 40+_2. Panel production gives the customer the possibility that it can be produced in different sizes in order to reduce cost and volume.

Bushehr sandwich panel color

The color range of sandwich panel is in various types that can be produced in 12 color ranges. Blue, white, red, cream, green, jade, yellow, purple, gray, silver. The color of the inner and outer sheet of the sandwich panel can be chosen depending on the choice and taste of the applicant. But most of the orders are used in cream and white colors which are bright.

ساندویچ پانل دیواری

The price of the sandwich panel depends on the type of insulation, the sheet and the density and the size of the sandwich panel.

It has three general types of polyurethane, polystyrene, stone wool, and each has a different thickness.


Advantages of Bushehr sandwich panel

1) suitable insulation for thermal energy, cold, sound, humidity

2) Light weight and thus ease of transportation

3) Resistance to atmospheric factors such as storms, strong winds, earthquake cuts

4) Strength against heavy rains

Polyurethane materials are the most used compared to other insulation materials. Polyurethane foam has anti-fire properties, and in other words, it is self-extinguishing or slow-burning, and in case of ignition, it goes through a slow process and does not burn easily. The whole is effective.

ساندویچ پانل پلی اورتان دیواری

All kinds of Bushehr sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are generally divided into two categories: wall and ceiling sandwich panels. The type of sheet used on the sides of the sandwich panel is divided into three categories. Sandwich panel with galvanized sheet, aluzinc and aluminum and according to the central core is divided into four categories of polyurethane, polystyrene, xps and stone wool.

In terms of appearance, sandwich panel can be produced as double-sided sheet, single-sided sheet, single-sided sheet, single-sided foil, single-sided sheet, single-sided paper. It should be noted that if the sandwich panel is in the form of two sheets, it will definitely have a longer life and the quality of the product will be higher.

انواع ساندویچ پانل در بوشهر

Sandwich wall panel in Bushehr

Wall sandwich panel with a composite structure of three upper, middle and lower core layers is completely strong and coherent. The defined thickness for wall sandwich panel is between 4 and 20 cm. In terms of appearance, sandwich panel can be produced as double-sided sheet, single-sided sheet, single-sided sheet, single-sided foil, single-sided sheet, single-sided paper. It should be noted that if the sandwich panel is in the form of two sheets, it will definitely have a longer lifespan and the quality of the product will be higher.

Bushehr sandwich panel installer

Bushehr province has a different climate and weather than other cities in the south of the country. Due to the harsh weather and high humidity, the only prefabricated product that is responsive to this climate is the sandwich panel. If you use beginners and non-professional people with no work experience to install the sandwich panel, it is possible to cause financial damage to a large extent. Therefore, the installation of sandwich panels should be entrusted to experienced and specialized people of the company. Therefore, it removes stress from you and has a high guarantee.

It should be noted that if for any reason you do not agree with the proposal of Kimia Panel for the installation of sandwich panels and have a different opinion, the company does not accept responsibility in this matter, so for determination and certainty, it is preferable to entrust the installation to the company’s expert installers after purchase. To make sure of the work guarantee.

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