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Buying sandwich panels in Isfahan province

Isfahan sandwich panel is a new and prefabricated product that has attracted the attention of structural engineers and architects since its entry into the construction market. The sandwich structure of this product is the reason for its name.

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Sandwich panel structure of Isfahan province

Isfahan sandwich panel is a new product that can be a good substitute for brick, cement, and construction materials. The sandwich panel consists of a total of three compound and interconnected layers, which are limited to the sheet from the top and bottom layers, and the middle layer is covered with polyurethane insulation foam. The upper and lower layers are covered with galvanized sheet, aluzinc and aluminum, and the middle layer is injected with polyurethane, polystyrene, xps and rock wool materials.

In Isfahan sandwich panel, the upper and lower layers are made of sheet material. The variety of sheets leads to the construction of various sandwich panels. For example, Alozinc sandwich panel is a combination of zinc and aluminum alloy. The material of the sheet can be galvanized or aluminum. This sheet protects the product from corrosion due to having large amounts of zinc alloy with cathodic protection.

The top sheet can be covered with aluminum. This material can be used alone. Aluminum sheet has useful features and light texture that can produce a panel with light weight and very high resistance. This product is very light and flexible. The presence of polyurethane materials in the middle layer has added unique features to the prefabricated material, which has led to the light weight of the structure and ease of transportation.

Polyurethane sandwich panels are generally divided into two general categories.

Wall and ceiling sandwich panels

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1) Wall sandwich panel

One of Isfahan’s sandwich panel products is the wall sandwich panel, which is used to cover the walls of structures, and the range of application of this panel is very wide. Due to its reasonable price, its use in heavy projects is quite affordable. The use of wall sandwich panels in the construction of structures increases the speed of operation. The wall panel encourages architects to use this material more because of its advantages. If we want to consider a thickness for a wall sandwich panel, it starts from a thickness of 4 cm and is produced depending on its type and application. The presence of polyurethane materials in the middle core of the panel prevents liquid absorption and is durable and light.


In addition to its beauty and durability, Isfahan sandwich panel is compatible with any kind of weather conditions and can maintain its original quality. This product has very good physical characteristics and makes it possible to use this product in the construction of different structures. The presence of polyurethane materials in wall panels acts as insulation and prevents the waste of thermal and cooling energy. Isfahan wall sandwich panels are completely safe against fire due to their fireproof insulation and have a wide range of use.


In some foreign countries, insurance for prefabricated buildings gives many discounts for sandwich panels. The presence of stone wool insulation in the middle core of the wall sandwich panel is suitable for sound insulation and can be used in sound


recording studios. This product is very useful for building facades, which we discussed in previous articles. There are different types of wall sandwich panels and they are divided into three main categories in terms of fire resistance. Fireproof, slow-burning and flammable wall sandwich panels.

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The advantages of Isfahan wall sandwich panel are:

  1. Construction of mobile and field military centers
  2. Covering the walls of prefabricated structures
  3. Types of sheds, sheds and industrial sheds
  4. Sports halls and mushroom growing warehouses

2) Isfahan roof sandwich panel

Isfahan roof sandwich panel is used to cover the roof of structures. The most important part of a structure is the roof, which can play an important role in the strength and durability of the structure, and special care should be taken in choosing the material. In addition to beauty, this product can affect the durability and strength of the structure. It is compatible with all climatic conditions and can show good characteristics. Due to the presence of polyurethane materials, the ceiling sandwich panel is completely insulated against liquids and water and is highly durable. Roof sandwich panel because it is exposed to rain and snow in all seasons, especially cold. It is completely resistant. Durability and strength of the structure requires a structure with a strong roof covering.


The ceiling sandwich panel has many uses, which we will briefly mention here;


  1. Roofing of schools and hospitals
  2. Construction of mobile clinics
    Construction of public and private places
  3. Construction of mobile and fixed cold storages
  4. Roofing of covered and false places
  5. All kinds of sheds and prefabricated buildings and clean room


What are the advantages of sandwich panels?

  1. Light weight, high resistance and good flexibility
  2. Suitable insulation for sound, heat and cold, humidity
  3. Ability to wash and disinfect
  4. Cost reduction and affordable
  5. High quality and long life
  6. Resistance to any mold, corrosion and decay caused by moisture


Kimia panel factory in Shiraz, with several years of brilliant and useful history, leading in the production of polyurethane sandwich panels, using high-quality raw materials, expert and efficient forces and an experienced sales team, produces wall and ceiling sandwich panels, fixed sheds. And mobile and above-zero and below-zero cold storage is ready to serve the neighboring cities of Shiraz and Fars suburbs. Isfahan sandwich panel with three composite layers and light but resistant due to the middle core which is covered with polyurethane materials. It has created unique features. The thickness of the middle layer depends on the type of use and the density required for the middle core is about 40 kg/m3. To view the products, you can refer to the image gallery page. You can see the samples of our shipments through the video gallery and Aparat channel.

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