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Sandwich panel in Bushehr province
ساندویچ پانل بوشهر

Sandwich panel in Bushehr province

Is Bushehr sandwich panel an alternative to prefabricated tools?

Bushehr province is one of the southern provinces of the country and it is the 17th largest province in terms of size. This warm and dry province is located on the edge of the Persian Gulf, and therefore it is called the capital of Bandar Bushehr province. Bushehr is located on the coastal strip of Manjar Island. It has created humid air, and because the humidity in the air is very high, it has caused the phenomenon of suffocation, which is one of the prominent features of this island.

ساندویچ پانل در بوشهر

This province is known as the third largest economy of the country. This port has vast and diverse economies, including oil, gas, petrochemical, nuclear power plants, marine industries, and therefore it is called the heart of Iran’s energy.

As we know, with the passage of time and the advancement of technology, everything is changing. Therefore, civil structures are also changing. Building materials that are used in construction have progressed a lot in today’s world. The best efficiency of building materials is that it requires less energy and cost for implementation. The result is impressive when it reduces energy and cost.

In this way, industrial and semi-industrial systems have been used and produced prefabricated structures. These structures have been seen in the construction of various towns and areas of the city. The reason for this is the speed of construction and low cost, which makes it ready faster. As an example, you can build a normal project in one month. prepared

These prefabricated structures reduce financial costs, project duration, labor and materials. Thus, they are important. These structures are called sandwich panels.

Bushehr sandwich panel is a prefabricated material that has a composite structure and is limited to galvanized, aluminum, aluzinc sheets on both sides, and the middle layer is covered by foam with a special feature. The middle layer can be made of polyurethane, polystyrene Choose stone wool or glass wool.

Bushehr province is very prosperous due to its neighborhood with Arab countries. The economy of Bushehr province relies on agriculture, trade, animal husbandry and fisheries sectors. According to the above, the share of this province in the use of prefabricated structures such as sandwich panels is much higher. The use of this structure is in the construction of shed walls, roofs, canopies and other metal structures. Kimia Panel, a polyurethane sandwich panel production factory, provides all kinds of sandwich panels in the neighboring cities of Fars province.

All kinds of sandwich panels in Bushehr port

Sandwich panel in Bushehr province is divided into four sections: wall, ceiling, cold room, cold room, and clean room. It is a suitable alternative for brick and cement walls and panels. This advanced material has a flexible texture due to its unique features. Acceptable and physical properties and very light weight.

1) Roof sandwich panel in Bushehr port

2) Wall sandwich panel in Bushehr port

3) Cold storage sandwich panel in Bushehr port

4) sandwich panel clean room in Bandar Bushehr

Roof sandwich panel in Bushehr port

These panels consist of the best raw materials with a thickness of 4 to 20 cm of hard polyurethane, and the higher the thickness, the lower the thermal conductivity.


Sandwich wall panel in Bushehr port

The wall sandwich panel is a three-layer coherent panel that covers the middle layer of polyurethane insulation foam and makes it completely connected and is a suitable covering for the walls of industrial spaces, cold storage, canopies and prefabricated buildings. The thickness is between 4 and 20 cm. Is.


Cold room sandwich panel in Bushehr port

The cold room sandwich panel is composed of three layers with a polyurethane core, and the thickness of these panels is between 15 and 20 cm and is intended to cover the wall of the cold room.


Clean room sandwich panel in Bushehr port

The clean room sandwich panel consists of three layers, which are embedded on the sides of the sheet, and the middle core is covered with polyurethane foam. The defined thickness for making these panels is about six centimeters.

Application of sandwich panel in Bushehr

This new product is widely used because of its features. In the construction of cold storage, refrigeration industries, workshop offices, field clinics, sanitary facilities, prayer rooms, educational environment, mobile repair shops, one-story and two-story villas, livestock units in earthquake-affected areas, covering the roof and walls of production halls, building all kinds of sheds. , office buildings and hotels, container sheds and covering sheds and warehouses and sandwich panels covering clubs

Features of Bandar Bushehr polyurethane sandwich panel

This material has special features, including

Light weight compared to other construction materials, reasonable price compared to traditional materials, good insulation against cold, heat, humidity, and sound, which can be useful in the construction of many structures. Washable and easy to install and implement, which makes it easy to carry out becomes a project This new product has a variety of colors and can be used in different structures. The ability to disassemble and reuse is another prominent feature of this new product and it can be produced in any climate.

All kinds of sandwich panels of Bandar Bushehr

Polyurethane sandwich panel in Bushehr port: In polyurethane sandwich panel, the middle core is covered with polyurethane materials. These materials are produced in two types. The first type is PIR, which is produced from the combination of polyol and isocyanurate. The second type is PUR. It is composed of polyol and isocyanate.

In both models, they benefited from a catalyst to speed up the process. To create the desired density, BH1 gas is used. The difference between these materials is their fire resistance. The PIR type has fire resistance and this makes it add to the advantages of sandwich panels.

Polystyrene sandwich panel in Bushehr port

The middle core of this panel is made of polystyrene or Unolite, which is lower than polyurethane in terms of thermal and sound insulation. But it has a light structure and the price is very affordable.

Stone wool sandwich panel in Bushehr port

  This type of sandwich panel, due to the middle core made of stone wool fibers, has been completely fireproof and is a very suitable sound insulation and can be used in recording studios. It is very light weight and can be easily transported. The fire resistance of this insulation is much higher than the PIR model.

Bushehr sandwich panel covering types are as follows: double sheet, single sheet, single sheet, single foil, single sheet, single nylon, single sheet, single paper, double nylon, double paper, and double foil.

Technical specifications of Bandar Bushehr sandwich panel

The sheets embedded in the sandwich panel structure are in three types: galvanized, aluminum and aluzinc. These sheets are pre-painted and produced with a thickness of 0.5 to 0.7 mm. And in different colors, it is made of super polyester with a thickness of 25 microns in the outer part and 7 microns in the inner part at the place of connection to the foam.

The price of Bandar Bushehr sandwich panel

Sandwich panels are produced in various thicknesses, and the panel thickness ranges from 4 to 20 cm and is considered dependent on the customer’s needs and demands. The volume of foam used is in the middle core of the panel, which has a density of about 40 kg/m3.

Bandar Bushehr sandwich panel color

The color of sandwich panels can be produced in 12 different shades, which are white, blue, red, gray, silver, cream, green, jade, yellow and purple.

Installation of sandwich panels in Bushehr port

Polyurethane sandwich panel is very widely used because of its positive features. Light weight and ease of transportation is one of the important indicators of this material, which has made many structural engineers turn to this prefabricated material. Thermal and cold insulation, moisture and sound resistance are other features of this new product. Sandwich panel installation is easy and does not require complicated tools, but to avoid waste of time and energy, it is recommended to use expert installers. benefited.

Important points in installing sandwich panels in Bushehr port

1) To connect the sandwich panel to the building and all the connection points of the panel to each other, it is done by flushing with a thickness of 1 to 2 mm.

2) Sealing the gaps between panels with polyurethane glue is the best option.

3) The installation of panels is done with the help of screws with washers, and the pitch and height of the screws must be checked. In order to provide advice and services necessary for ordering, dear customers, you can contact us with the numbers listed at the bottom of the page or the contact page. You can refer to the image gallery to view the products.

Dear customer, you can contact our consultants for more information about Kimia Panel Shiraz products.

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