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Buying roof sandwich panels in Bushehr province

Buying roof sandwich panels in Bushehr province

Bushehr province is located in the south of Iran and is one of the prosperous and industrial ports in the south. Its strategic coast has various industries. Therefore, it has many industrial towns. Therefore, many Conex with sandwich panel material are very visible. Definitely, these structures benefit from roof sandwich panels for roofing.

ساندویچ پانل بوشهر

What is a sandwich panel?

Sandwich panel is a new and fresh product that has a compound structure and consists of three coherent layers. The structure of this product is limited by the upper and lower layers with galvanized, aluzinc or aluminum sheets. The middle core can be covered by injecting polyurethane or polystyrene materials or rock wool. This product is generally divided into wall and ceiling sandwich panels.


One of the important parts of the structure is the roof. The resistance of a roofed building is measured by the roof covering, how resistant this material can be to weather factors such as rainwater, sunlight, and storms. They have been benefiting from brick, cement and other traditional materials since long ago. But today, with the advancement of technology, structural engineers have proposed a new product that can have a longer life and make the structure more durable. The roof sandwich panel can meet this need and today it is one of the most used and durable materials for the roof sandwich panel.

ساندویچ پانل سقفی

What is Bushehr ceiling sandwich panel?

Roof sandwich panel is used to cover the roof of most structures or prefabricated buildings or sheds and other workshop industries. Due to its appearance, this product can withstand weather factors such as rain and snow. A ceiling panel is somewhat different from a wall panel. It has steps and ridges, which increase the resistance of the panel. Each panel sheet has a useful width of 102 and a total width of 110, which is about 7.5 overlap values.

All kinds of Bushehr roof sandwich panel designs

Roof panel sheets are produced with various designs such as sinusoidal, shutter, trapezoidal, etc. These designs can affect the price and naturally increase the resistance of the structure against atmospheric factors. Roof sandwich panel sheets can be made of galvanized, aluzinc, aluminum and as a single sheet of foil.

Bushehr roof sandwich panel thickness

The defined thickness for the design and production of ceiling sandwich panels is between 4 and 8 cm. The thickness of the panel affects two important factors. The amount of price and resistance of the structure that can change by changing the thickness of these two values. Certainly, the thickness of the structure can be considered an advantage in the resistance of the building against atmospheric factors.

The roof sandwich panel has a special appearance that makes it stronger, and this is due to the overlap that prevents water from entering the structure. This strength is the result of bending strength and steps or crescent or trapezoidal protrusion.

The outer layers of the ceiling sandwich panel are usually galvanized, aluzinc or aluminum. The middle layer is produced in different types depending on the type of user. The middle layer is made of polyurethane, polystyrene, xps and stone wool, and each of them has special features that are used in various cases.

Types of Bushehr sandwich panels in terms of appearance

Roof sandwich panels are sold in different types, including aluzinc roof sandwich panel, galvanized roof sandwich panel, and aluminum roof sandwich panel. As we said, the ceiling sandwich panel has various designs; Simple, shadowline, clay design, trapezoid.

Advantages of Bushehr ceiling sandwich panel

Due to its improvements, this new material is more cost-effective than traditional materials and reduces additional costs. These panels have the following advantages:

1) Resistant to rust, corrosion and decay

2) Washable and disinfectable

3) adaptation to all types of weather

4) anti-fungus and mold and non-nesting of insects

5) Ease of transportation and easy installation

6) Long life and high durability

Application of Bushehr ceiling sandwich panel

This new product is used to cover the roof of the structure. It has many features that have made it widely used. In the following, we will mention some examples of these cases.

1) Covering industrial sheds

2) The roof of sports sheds

3) Mobile and fixed connexions

4) Mushroom cultivation shed

5) Covering container roofs

6) Covering warehouses and silos

Bushehr roof sandwich panel installation

Most of the business owners are concerned about the installation after buying the sandwich panel. Many people who make sandwich panels think that it is easy to install. If this is not the case, it should be done by experienced and expert people. Because it can cause many financial and life losses with wrong installation. Sealing and sealing sandwich panel is as important as the material of the structure. Therefore, it is better to use a professional team for installation and commissioning and increase the efficiency and performance of the structure during the period of time.

Installation of ceiling sandwich panels is done with the help of self-tapping screws with washers. which connects the roof to the frame and uses a plastic washer for strength. And in this way they prevent the penetration of rain. Creating a suitable slope in the roof helps the easy exit of rain water and it easily goes to the gutter.

Price of ceiling sandwich panel in Bushehr

The price of roof sandwich panel depends on various factors, which include the type of sheet used, the middle layer used between the sheets, the size, the thickness and the density of the middle core, which affects the price of the sandwich panel. The insulation used in the construction of roof sandwich panels can be produced in various types of polyurethane, polystyrene, xps and rock wool, and it shows good performance against energy exchange. It is obvious that using a roof sandwich panel with high-quality material can create higher durability.

Kimia Panel, a producer of polyurethane sandwich panels in Shiraz, provides roof, wall, and cold storage sandwich panels, as well as all kinds of Conex and clean rooms, serving provinces such as Bushehr and the neighboring cities of Fars.

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