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Buying a sandwich panel shed in Iran

What is a sandwich panel?

Sandwich panel is one of the new and advanced materials that is a good alternative to traditional materials. This prefabricated material consists of three layers, the first and third layers are limited to galvanized sheets on the sides, and the middle layer or the second layer of polyurethane insulation. This prefabricated product is very resistant and durable due to its structure and shows a very high resistance to weather changes.


One of the uses of a sandwich panel is a conex, and a conex that is produced with sandwich panel material is called a sandwich conex. The mentioned conex is one of the most popular and widely used types of conexs, and the reason for the popularity of this prefabricated product is due to its structure. Article from Kimia Panel, we are going to describe the sandwich panel connexion and its applications.

What is a sandwich panel conex?

A conex is a small room that has various uses and it can be easily transported. There are different types of conexs and they are produced with different materials. This is called a sandwich panel conex.

The roofs and walls of the conex are made of sandwich panel material, which is very widely used and can be easily transported. The most important feature of sandwich panel conex is proper insulation against atmospheric factors, fire resistance, fire resistance, and ease of movement.

Sandwich panel conexs are produced in various types such as security, administrative, management, sanitary, villa.

Application of sandwich panel conex

The structure of the conex is completely made of polyurethane sandwich panels, which makes the structure extremely strong and resistant. The panels have unique features that determine their type of use. These shelters are used in different climatic conditions such as industrial environments, workshops and military barracks, laboratories, emergency cold storage and deprived areas, guard rooms, toilets and showers, or even in some cases. It is used as a classroom in deprived areas, a field hospital and construction projects.

Advantages of sandwich panel conexs

The use of sandwich panels for the construction of conexs has various advantages.

as follows

1) Optimizing energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions

2) Reducing construction costs

3) Optimizing time in the construction of sandwich panels

4) Low cost maintenance in ideal conditions

5) Proper insulation against cold, heat, sound, corrosion, oxidation and chemicals

6) Compatible with all climatic conditions

7) Resistance to earthquake cuts

8) It has various designs and colors

9) Optimizing energy consumption compared to traditional materials

10) Ability to wash and sterilize


Types of conexs

Sandwich panel conexs are manufactured in two main types. Fixed and mobile conexs (on wheels).

Due to the wheels installed under the structure, mobile conexs are much easier to transport and are faster than fixed conexs. In terms of appearance, sandwich panel conexs are divided into three general categories: simple conexs, decorative conexs, and villa conexs. The price of the carport is determined by its type and use.

The price of the conex

In the previous articles, we have provided you with information about the types of conexs, here we are going to give a brief explanation. Sandwich panels are produced in different types and each can be used for different purposes.

The technical specifications and the method of making sandwich panels as raw materials for construction, the dimensions and type of the building are the factors that influence the price. For the construction of the interior and exterior of sandwich panels, galvanized, aluzinc, and aluminum are used, and sometimes composite facades can be used. or mdf, pvc used for the facade of the interior.

Comparison of normal and sandwich panel conex

If we want to compare both structures, the insulation of sandwich panel conex is polyurethane foam, which is very light and durable, and it is also a good thermal insulation, but in the case of ordinary or container conex, polystyrene insulation is often used and is more common. which is a suitable insulation for moisture.

Galvanized or aluzinc sheets are used in interior and exterior sandwich panel enclosures. But in ordinary conex, the exterior is made of galvanized sheets, and with the difference that the interior needs wall covering, while the sandwich panel conex does not need wall covering in the interior.


In general, it can be acknowledged that the cost of panel conexs is higher than that of a normal conex.


Sandwich panel conexs are the best option for construction in any climate. These conexs have unique characteristics against atmospheric factors. Compared to the normal cabins, it is a suitable insulation for cold, heat, moisture and fire. The speed of construction and cost reduction, the ease of transportation have made this new product impressive and it is a scientific and practical choice.


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