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Villa conex in Kish Island

Villa conex in Kish Island

With the ever-increasing progress of technology and development in every field, manufacturers have entered the market to compete and each of them is somehow trying to improve and improve the quality of the product. The Internet is a suitable space for advertising in any field. Everyone can promote their brand to the hearing and opinion of customers. deliver Buying products like condos that are not consumable and we are not able to replace them all the time. Therefore, this purchase should be taken seriously. Therefore, the buyer’s information can have a significant impact on choosing the type of product.

In this article, we intend to provide you with brief information about Conex.

کانکس اداری ساده در شیراز

Conex in Kish Island

Most of the people know that the conex is a prefabricated room that has prefabricated material in all its dimensions. The most important feature of this product is portability. In hard-to-reach areas and environments where construction is difficult, using a conex is a good option. If you do research in this field, you will realize that prefabricated structures are widely used in the construction industry.


The conex is made of prefabricated material that provides the ability to produce in various dimensions. Considering the facilities of the structure, the existence of sanitary facilities, bathroom and kitchen can be done easily. It can be said that a safe house will be at your disposal. One of the advantages of this structure is a very high variety for construction, that’s why it is used in many industries. is also used.

If you, dear viewer, are looking to buy a condo in Kish Island, it is better to pay attention to the important points before buying the structure.

کانکس استاندارد

Types of conex in Kish Island

The most important challenge in choosing to buy a conex is to get information that will help you make an easy and comfortable purchase. Today, with the help of the Internet, this is important. This product is dependent on certain factors, such as dimensions, material, shape…. In this opportunity, we will examine some of these factors so that your view of buying a conex will be broader.

These factors include the following:


Usage: The usage component means the type of structure chosen, because it has a great impact on both the price and the quality of the body. Among the types of usage, we can mention security, standard, sanitary, villa, and office conex. It should be determined at first that What is the desired user?


In most cases, the use of a villa is the most demanding, and for this reason, more focus has been placed on the construction of this item and it is named as a villa conex. The sandwich panel material, which is used in all dimensions of the structure, is a good insulator against cold, heat, and sound. and humidity and has facilities such as bathroom, shower, and kitchen. Of course, it should be acknowledged that there is no need to have these equipments in the type of office conex, and they only need to install the necessary equipment for the office department.


If we want to examine the type of store, there is a need for equipment such as shelving that creates a space for providing services, and most importantly, maintaining the security of assets is a priority. Therefore, the body of the structure must have a strong material. Choosing large dimensions improves the quality and services more, which is noticed by customers. The job requirement is designed and produced in the form of a cold storage conex, which is prepared depending on the buyer’s needs. The portability of the structure has made it valuable.

Dimensions: After choosing the type of use of the structure, another option that is of interest is the dimensions of the structure, which must be decided. Choose yourself.

کانکس اداری

Material: The most important part of a building is the type of structure used in the walls and roof, it should be selected from the material that is suitable for any type of climatic conditions. The sandwich panel structure fulfills this need. Of course, the type of flooring, chassis and window is also a priority, and you, the dear user, should examine all the parts of the conex before buying and get the necessary information in this field. To buy a conex in Kish, you need a product suitable for the weather. Choose hot and cold.

کانکس در شیراز

The shape of the structure: you have definitely seen the structure of the conex and realized what shape each of them is, and they are made in the form of a square cube, rectangle, or cone. They are often produced in the form of a residential conex, where the roof is very important and has a great impact. It has a structure throughout its life.

کانکس نگهبانی

Plan or map: One of the most important factors for the construction of a conex in Kish is the plan or the location of the conex, which must be designed and selected by expert designers and specified with all the details. In this map, the height of the structure, the location of the door and window, and their length and width are determined.

کانکس استاندارد

Important tips for buying a villa conex in Kish

At first, we examined the choice of the type of conex, now we want to examine the important factors for buying a conex. Knowing these tips will help you get a price inquiry from a reliable place and evaluate the quality of different brands. Dear viewer, the price of the conex in Kish varies and you may even see the lowest price, but don’t rush and check important factors before buying.



Some manufacturing companies use profile box chassis to lower the cost, but it is better to have 14, 16 and 18 size beams. The thickness of the iron profile has a great effect on the strength of the structure and of course it increases the price of the conex. You can use a material such as board, chipboard, or ceramic to insert the floor of the structure. Therefore, after choosing the type of use of the structure, you can choose the type of floor material and this option affects the price.


If the conex chosen is a residential type, it is better to use PVC for the beauty of the inner coating. Of course, the guard type kennel does not need an internal coating, so it affects the price. . For the construction of the conex, in addition to the mentioned items, the type of door, window, insulation of the walls, wiring and hooks and conex are the things that affect the final price.


Today, the construction of prefabricated houses has increased day by day, especially in some climatic conditions, it is not possible to build a house, but the need for accommodation is felt. Therefore, the garage is a suitable option to meet this need. Kimia Panel Company is a leader in the production of ceiling and wall sandwich panels, providing all kinds of office, security, standard, villa conex, and with the benefit of high-quality raw materials and the use of expert staff, it is ready to serve you, dear buyer.

کانکس مدیریتی

Frequently Asked Questions

Dear viewer, due to market fluctuations, it is not possible to determine the price on the site, and you can contact the sales department for inquiries.

Kimia panel company is ready to provide services in Shiraz and Fars cities and neighboring provinces.

Dear customer, you can choose the desired color for the conex from the sample of the company’s selected ral colors.

The price of the conex is determined based on the dimensions, meters and other characteristics of the conex and is calculated and announced after the order.

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