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Sandwich panel price in Kish Island

Sandwich panel price in Kish Island

What is Kish sandwich panel? Kish island sandwich panel is a familiar word that you may have heard many times. Sandwich panel and structure construction, which usually have nothing in common. Kimia sandwich panel is a useful and widely used product in today’s construction world.

If you intend to have a strong and strong structure, but at the same time beautiful, sandwich panel will give you this chance. This new product is named after the appearance of an edible sandwich. This new structure consists of three composite layers. In the hard and thin double layer that is embedded in the outer space and the middle core that is soft and thick and flexible but strong that is placed in between the hard layer. Kimia Panel offers a variety of ceiling and wall sandwich panels.


What is a sandwich panel?

Sandwich panel or sandwich panel is a product used for roofing structures, facades and refrigerated rooms. This new structure is the best alternative to traditional materials and brick blades. A three-layer product with composite panels, which is coated with metal on both sides of the panel, and the middle layer is covered with polyurethane materials. The sheets of the outer layer are mainly made of aluminum, galvanized or aluzinc, each of which has unique characteristics. The sandwich panel is designed in such a way that it has a very high resistance.


The middle layer of the panels is an insulating and lightweight material that can be made of stone wool, polyurethane, polystyrene, glass wool. Each of them has different characteristics that these products are placed between metal plates. Maybe this question arises in your mind, why are these pages called sandwich panels?!

The reason for naming this material is because of the way the middle layer is placed between two layers of metal sheets, which creates a structure similar to a hamburger or sandwich. The very high rigidity and stiffness of the sandwich panel is the result of the interaction between the components of the sandwich panel under the bending loads created in the panels. The very high stiffness and rigidity of the sandwich panel is the result of the interaction between the components of the sandwich panel under the bending loads created in the panels. The intermediate insulation between two sheets is the flexible core that bears the pressure of shear loads.


Application of Kish island sandwich panel

Today, with the introduction of new structures in the field of construction, its importance is not hidden from anyone. The construction of residential structures to large towers, industrial units and all sensitive structures can be covered with sandwich panels. Roofing of all industrial and non-industrial sheds and mobile structures is possible with sandwich panels. The use of innovative, wonderful designs and quality implementation in modern projects is completely optimal and affordable. In the following, we are going to tell you the features and use of this product.

Sandwich panel is mainly divided into two categories, ceiling and wall, each of which is used to cover structures. The dimensions of the sandwich panel are defined based on its type (wall or ceiling), including length, width, thickness, sheet material and the type of middle core.


Types of sandwich panels of Kish island

Types of sandwich panels of Kish Island: According to the type and application of sandwich panels, they are as follows.

  • Wall sandwich panel
  • Roof panel sandwich
  • Cold room sandwich panel
  • Clean room sandwich panel
  • Movable sandwich panels and containers
نمای داخلی کلین روم

Sandwich wall panel in Kish Island

Wall sandwich panel is a term used for Wall sandwich panel. A type of new structure that is mainly used to cover the internal and external walls of buildings. These panels are produced in the form of a metal or aluminum or aluzinc sheet with a certain thickness and with an intermediate covering of heat and sound insulation. The middle layer is usually made of polyurethane foam or polystyrene.

These covering panels are used for the walls of sheds or modern buildings, the interior and exterior of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The reason for the popularity of this material is the high installation speed and light weight.

It should be acknowledged that sandwich wall panels can be used in the construction of small and quick structures such as temporary and mobile buildings, store kiosks, and also in the transportation industry as fireproof and impact resistant walls. The variety that has been done in this product is due to the standard width that allows the employer to easily design and modify the desired environment.

Sandwich wall panels have grooves that should be placed on top of each other for ease of installing the grooves so that the crotch and the tongue (male and female) are in line with each other and are twisted together and the possibility of penetration is eliminated. The structure of wall sandwich panels is designed as a rectangular cube, and the thickness of this product is between 4 and 25 cm and is adjusted according to the request of the employer and the type of design of the customer’s structure.

There are many types of sandwich wall panels, the hidden screw panel is another type that has been unveiled. One of the reasons for the beauty of the facade of buildings is due to the fact that the extra corners of the structure are not displayed, which are camouflaged with the help of hidden screws. And the way to connect the sheets to each other is in a way that surprises others.

پیچ مخفی

Advantages of Kish island wall sandwich panel

  1. In addition to important factors such as the safety of the structure, the speed of construction is considered to be one of the important factors, which is of great importance compared to other transportation materials. It can be done in time and has high economic efficiency.
  2. Considering indicators such as installation speed, efficiency, energy optimization, maintenance and recycling, the use of sandwich wall panels is much cheaper than other materials.
  3. In ancient times, energy sources were widespread and cheap. Today, it is a valuable material that has low energy consumption and is optimal. The amount of reduction in energy consumption as a result of the thermal insulation of sandwich wall panels is not comparable to other materials.
  4. The use of aluzinc and galvanized sheets in the construction of Kimiya sandwich panels has made the structure strong and resistant, which can protect the building against impact, atmospheric factors such as wind and rain, corrosion, water and insect penetration, and fire.
  5. In terms of safety and strength of the structure, the lower the weight of Kimiya sandwich panel, the better its resistance to cuts caused by earthquakes, and in this way, you can feel comfortable about the weight of the wall sandwich panel.

Sandwich wall panel of Kimia Panel Pishtaz company in quality. You can get help from our experienced experts to design and implement the walls of your structure.

سوله صنعتی

Kish island ceiling sandwich panel

The Roof sandwich panel, like the Kimia sandwich panel, consists of three coherent and interconnected layers, the two outer parts of which are made of metal sheets, and the middle layer is made of polyurethane foam. The outer layer has steps that resemble a trapezoid. and causes the two layers of the upper and lower panels to overlap, and this overlapping causes the water to enter the building through the roof to zero.

The steps of installing a roof sandwich panel are such that gutters or gutters are installed first, and Kimia sandwich panels are installed after the roof covering. After finishing the ceiling panel, the installation process of the project is completed with a product called flushing. Roof sandwich panel with different thickness and sizes such as 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 are produced and implemented. The roof panel is used to cover the roof of metal structures such as sheds, factories, halls and roofed parking lots.

ساندویچ پانل سقفی

The difference between wall and ceiling sandwich panels of Kish island

The wall sandwich panel has less protrusions and depressions than the ceiling. The reason for this is the type of use of sandwich panels. The presence of a step in the Kimia roof sandwich panel provides greater strength against the loads on the panel, and directs the water path caused by rain and snow downwards to prevent water from accumulating on the roof and damaging the sandwich panel.

Kish island cold storage sandwich panel

Cold room sandwich panel is used to store and cool frozen products, food, medicine. The structure of this panel is designed as a Kimiya sandwich panel, which has a crotch and tongue to connect to each other. After locking and sealing, it creates a whole wall and locks together. The locking of the walls of the cold room as male and female is completely engaged during installation. Increasing the speed of panel installation, the ability to separate panels to increase space and redesigning are unique features for cold storage implementation.

سردخانه زیر صفر

Sole sandwich panel in Kish Island

Sandwich panel is one of the best alternatives to traditional materials. In the traditional method, the architect had to use bricks and cement to build the roof. But today, instead of using brick blades, they use sandwich panels. The sandwich panels of the shed are resistant to water penetration, moisture, cold, heat and are non-flammable and resistant to earthquakes and atmospheric factors.


Implementation and installation of Kish sandwich panels

One of the important advantages of sandwich panel is ease of implementation and easy installation.

The experienced specialists of Kimia Panel Company are the best help for you. By creating the type of bend and sheet used, the type of use and project dimensions, there are various methods for implementing Kimia Panel Sandwich.


Necessary points before implementing Kish sandwich panel

The correct installation and strength of the sandwich panel requires the design and implementation of the appropriate infrastructure.

Kimia Panel Sandwich Panel in Kish Island

Panel substructure or profile drawing through steel profiles, cans or corners that are connected by welding. Substructure is done according to the load of the structure and the materials used, and after the substructure is finished, the Kimia sandwich panel is ready for implementation and installation. Usually, a part of the wall sandwich panel has a door or window, which is cut according to the dimensions of the panel window. During the installation of the panel, its location should be determined, and also the thickness and diameter of the sandwich panel are screwed by self-tapping screws or profiles.

Iron studs or corners are used for installation. The angle of the wall skeleton and corners is about 90 degrees and acts like a frame. The panels are placed inside these frames in an integrated and regular manner. Installation of screws, beautification and cleaning of the panel are part of the next stages of implementation and installation of Kimia sandwich panel.

ساختار ساندویچ پانل

Implementation of roof sandwich panel in Kish Island

The roof sandwich panel has bends and grooved protrusions and waterproofing, which is made according to the type of application and installation location. These grooves installed on the roof sandwich panel increase the load bearing of the panel, increase the pressure strength and the waterproofness of the roof when it is overlapped. To implement the roof sandwich panel, galvanized screws with washers are used. The presence of screws with washers in the implementation of the ceiling panel prevents water from penetrating into the structure and screws.

Price per square meter of sandwich panel in Kish Island

The price of Kimia sandwich panel is determined per square meter. The price depends on several factors, which include the thickness of the sheet, the type of sheet, the density and thickness of the insulation, the type of insulation is determined, and due to the fluctuations of the market as well as the variety of products, it is not possible to provide the final and finished price accurately. You can contact the sales experts for the final price.

Kimia Panel factory produces all kinds of polyurethane sandwich panels

Kimia Panel company has been able to compete with other companies in the production of its products by taking advantage of modern knowledge and internal experience and technology of reputable companies. In Kimia Panel company, planning has been carried out and equipping its factories with modern machinery and technology style is one of the best and most prominent industries in the quality of the products produced. In order to contact the experienced consultants of Kimia Panel Company, you can call Contact us at the bottom of the page or through the contact page.

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