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Comparison of sandwich panel and 3D panel

Comparison of sandwich panel and 3D panel

Today, one of the most widely used and important structures that is seen among engineers and has a distinctive feature is the sandwich panel and 3d panel. The biggest advantage of these structures is their light weight and very high resistance.

Its light weight and easy transportation have made it used in different places. According to the previous information, sandwich panel is one of the modern materials that has received a lot of attention from construction workers and is widely used in the construction industry.


The sandwich panel structure is composed of three layers, two layers on the sides and the middle core which is polyurethane foam, the purpose of implementing these sandwiches is to achieve easy transportation and easy installation of these structures Today, it is used in most of the components of buildings, and because of its high resistance and strength, it has a significant impact on the building’s resistance to earthquakes.


Since Iran is on the earthquake belt, this equipment can definitely be impressive in this regard.

In this article, we are going to examine the structure of sandwich panel and 3D panel.

پانل سه بعدی

Comparison of sandwich panel and 3d panel

According to the previous topics, the core of the sandwich panel is injected polyurethane foam or polystyrene foam, which is a good insulator against heat, cold, and sound.

The dimensions of the panels are usually according to the customer’s needs and applications, but they often have standard sizes.

In this way, the width is 1 meter and its thickness is 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 cm, and it is made depending on the type and use of them and the customer’s needs.

These panels are used in the construction of places such as: sheds, cold storage, clean houses, hospitals, hotels and conex.

But 3D panels, as the name suggests, have a three-dimensional structure consisting of two layers of steel mesh on both sides and a layer of Unolite or expanded polystyrene placed in the central core for greater strength. Concrete is poured on it.

Three-dimensional panel structure

These panels are very popular, so they are used to insulate structures and buildings.

3d panels are prefab unolitic walls, the structure of the 3d panel is designed in such a way that its two sides are meshed with wire mesh and sandwich panel foam is placed between them.

In fact, a middle core layer is made of fireproof polystyrene and both sides are made of steel grids or so-called mesh.

These three layers are connected by wire, and in order to put less weight on the walls and ceiling, polystyrene foam is used in the core. In fact, the weight of these structures is significantly reduced.

3D panels are used in building structures and insulating wall and ceiling sandwich panels. But it is mostly used in the field of retrofitting buildings under construction.

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