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What you need to know about 3D panels.

What you need to know about the 3D panel

تری دی پانل

What is a 3D panel?

In general, the 3D panel consists of two layers of pre-welded steel mesh or the so-called mesh, and in the middle core part, there is fireproof insulation of polystyrene or Unolite, and then a layer of concrete is placed on both sides of the mesh, after When the panel is placed in a specific place, shotcrete (concrete spraying) is done for its greater strength.

One of the advantages of this method is that the structure is strengthened and its weight is reduced by 25%. The good thing about these panels is that they can be cut to different dimensions according to the customer’s needs and it is easily used in door and window components.

اجزای پانل سه بعدی (پانل تری دی )

Different types of 3D panels

3D panel carrier:

This panel can be used as a system of side elements of the load-bearing walls of the structure, the thickness of these panels is high due to the load carrying pressure and it has a higher density. Metal or concrete is usually used to connect these panels to the load-bearing walls. It is possible. This structure must be installed carefully to withstand the side forces.

Non-load-bearing 3D panel:

These panels are used in cases where the important weight of the building is not supposed to be placed on it. For example, it is used as partition walls, while the thickness of these panels is less compared to the load-bearing type.


3D load-bearing ceiling panel:

In ceiling panels, due to the high load pressure of the polystyrene insulation and unolitic core, it is thicker, and at the same time, rebar is installed to withstand this pressure, and it is usually horizontal or inclined or with a low slope as a bending load-bearing element and a horizontal diaphragm. it works.

Advantages of using 3D panels

1) 3D panel is used for the roof of residential buildings or structures, which actually reduces their weight.

2) Considering that this type of panel is relatively light in weight, it is very strong and resistant to earthquakes.

3) It can be installed easily and speeds up the work process.

4) It is stable against noise, thermal and moisture pollution.

5) Mortar is injected on these metal grids using a shotcrete machine.

6) This method is a suitable insulation against the penetration of vermin and rodents.

7) Since fireproof or slow-burning insulation is embedded in the middle core of these panels, they are resistant to fire.

8) Because it is offered in different dimensions and sizes, architects and installers have more freedom of action.

کاربرد پانل تری دی

Disadvantages of 3D panels

These structures should be implemented and installed by experts and experienced people, considering that these panels are economical, but they are expensive from an economic point of view, and a lot of money is spent on transporting them from the factory in case of a major fire. It causes the release of toxic gases.

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