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Sandwich panel agency in Hormozgan

Sandwich panel agency in Hormozgan

Sandwich panel in Hormozgan | Number of sandwich panels in Hormozgan | Price of sandwich panels in Hormozgan

Hormozgan province, located in the south of Iran, with the center of Bandar Abbas city, is considered one of the prosperous ports of this region. Due to its export and import, it definitely has many industrial towns. The prefabricated sandwich panel structure is widely used in the field of construction in industrial towns.


Sandwich panel is considered as an advanced material in Bandar Abbas. Sandwich panel is a combination of 3 layers, which is limited to metal sheets (aluminum, galvanized, aluzinc) on the sides, and the middle core is covered with polyurethane materials. The material of the core is insulating foam. The middle layer can be made of polystyrene, XPS and rock wool.

Sandwich panel in Hormozgan

Bandar Abbas sandwich panel with the lowest price and quality is produced by Kimia Panel. The metal sheets embedded in the sandwich panel are of the highest quality and have good strength. Among other sandwich panels of Kimia Panel in other provinces and centers, we can mention the best type of these products. As an example, Shiraz sandwich panel is one of the most practical products in this industry.


Sandwich panels can be used to build all kinds of sheds and prefabricated villas or all kinds of condos. In the previous articles, we talked briefly about polyurethane foam. The insulating foam in the middle part of the sandwich panel is polyurethane. The improved type of this foam is polyisocyanate.


Polyurethane is a very light and strong insulator, but compared to polyisocyanate, it has great resistance to fire. You may be wondering what exactly is a sandwich panel? What is its use? For a more detailed study, you can read the content on the site.

Hormozgan Sandwich Panel produced by Kimia Panel

Hormozgan sandwich panel produced by Kimia Panel is one of the best sandwich panel products. Kimia Panel, a producer of polyurethane sandwich panels, is a pioneer in the production of ceiling and wall sandwich panels of various types of conex, cold rooms, clean rooms, and clean rooms in Fars province and neighboring provinces.


Nowadays, the use of sandwich panel material is increasing day by day due to its features in the construction of structures. Due to the light weight of the material, a lightweight structure is produced. It is mainly used in the construction of various types of condos. Also, sandwich panels are used to produce all kinds of fixed and mobile cold stores, sports halls, all kinds of industrial structures, conex and central warehouses.


Hormozgan sandwich panel is mainly divided into wall and ceiling categories considering the application. Because the sandwich panel is a light structure, it has less weight than concrete and cement walls and provides portability. The final project with sandwich panel material has a relatively lower price. The reason for this is that the prefabricated structure does not need other materials.

Installation of sandwich panels in Hormozgan

The installation of Hormozgan sandwich panel is done using bolts and nuts and they are connected. This method of connection is very simple and makes the installation and implementation of the structure take very little time. The presence of insulation in the sandwich panel creates sound and thermal insulation and prevents the wastage and scattering of cold and heat energy. In addition to the above, one of the benefits of this material is the variety of colors and designs that increase the power of customer choice. To know the price of sandwich panel, you can refer to the previous articles.

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