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Guide to citrus cold storage in Iran

Guide to citrus cold storage in Iran

Citrus cold storage: One of the cold storages that is widely used is the fruit or citrus cold storage. It is interesting to know that Iran is one of the fifth largest producers of citrus fruits in the world. Extensive history in the production of citrus fruits such as oranges, It has grapefruit and tangerine. Fruits are cultivated in most provinces of the country and even in many cities. All kinds of oranges are grown in the northern region of Mazandaran and Gilan and in the southern region of Bushehr and Darab.

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but it is offered in different types. After harvesting the fruit, farmers need a place to store the product for a long time that can prevent it from spoiling and being destroyed by all kinds of bacteria. Many fruits need to be stored before being put on the market Because it may not be done in a certain time, so the need for the help of the cold store is removed. The period of time between cultivation and supply to the market is possible because it prevents problems and pests.

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Getting to know the citrus cold store

The citrus cold room is a completely cold chamber with refrigeration equipment. This chamber prevents the entry of all kinds of bacteria and fungi by producing the necessary cold. You can adjust the temperature and humidity level through the relevant panel, and all kinds of citrus fruits can be stored according to the temperature conditions. kept at a certain temperature. If we want energy to be completely stored and not to leak anywhere, the best insulation and wall covering should be made from sandwich panels.

The principles of citrus storage in the refrigerator

1. The compound must be completely healthy and of sufficient quality.

2. The oranges should not have dents.

3. The fruits have not fallen from the tree.

4. It should be free of any hardness, crushing and fungus.

How to arrange citrus fruits

1. The picking process should be done in cool hours and on cool days, and the fruit should be moved to the shade immediately.

2. Use the Chinese fruit machine.

3. Harvesting should not be done on rainy days because it causes pollution.

4. If they use gloves, less damage will be done to the tissue.

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Types of citrus cold storage

The conditions and storage of citrus fruits in the cold room must be at a certain temperature. Covering them with paper prevents the spread of contamination and is effective in maintaining their weight. To determine the temperature in the fruit cold room, you can refer to the fruit storage table. .

Storage in cold storage above zero

If the fruits are to be kept in the refrigerator for a short period of time, then the refrigerator above zero is the best option. Because the fruits are not frozen and its taste is preserved. Storage in these refrigerators includes the following.


1. Picking: At this time, picking the fruits should be done in a way that does not damage the internal and external tissue. The pressure of the hand should not cause indentation in the fruit tissue, and it is better that if a fruit falls on the ground, it should be kept in a separate container because it will be completely infected with fungus and mold if it falls on the ground.


2. Transporting citrus fruits: To transport the picked fruits to the cold storage, a transport vehicle equipped with a refrigerator should be used so that the fruits are not damaged during the journey.


3. Entering the cold storage: at this stage, all citrus fruits are separated by human forces. Each of them are placed in separate boxes according to their size and amount of crushing and texture and are separated based on their special quality.


4. Washing: At this stage, after separation, it is necessary to wash and disinfect the fruits. The fruits are completely washed with water and in order to get rid of fungi and pests, they are treated with a fungicide and disinfectant solution to eliminate contamination. is used


5. Packaging: Finally, the fruits are produced in packages with a basic and regular arrangement and are easily prepared for supply and transfer to the market. The temperature range in cold storages above zero is between -5 and +5 degrees Celsius. be

Storage in cold storage below zero

If we want to store citrus fruits and fruits in cold storage for a long time, cold storage below zero is the best option. Continuous temperature and humidity levels are one of the most basic things in product storage. All steps are above zero according to cold storage, but this It was noted that the product needs to be pre-cooled for transfer in this cold store.

At this stage, before the product enters the sub-zero cold storage, the temperature of the product must be reduced to -10 degrees and gradually reduced. This process takes about 3 to 4 days and is done slowly so that the product does not suffer from temperature shock. It does not cause wrinkles and damage and change color and taste.

The required humidity should be above 90%, to prevent the unauthorized amount of carbon dioxide (above 1%), the air should be changed 1 to 2 times every hour.

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The price of citrus cold storage

The construction of the fruit cold storage depends on different factors, the weather conditions of the region, the size of the land, the material of the cold storage, and one of the most important equipment of the cold storage is the following.

Refrigerator compressor: One of the most basic parts of the refrigerator is the compressor, which has a great impact on the product quality and the price of the refrigerator.

Condenser and Evaporator: two main and important parts in the cold store, the type of brand has a direct impact on the citrus cold store.

Electrical panel: This monitor is used to adjust the temperature of the cold room, which gives us more freedom of action if it is better equipped.

Cold storage structures are produced from prefabricated sandwich panel material, which is very light and compact. These materials are light and portable and are very good insulation for cold storage. The materials are embedded in the walls and ceilings and due to their structural which prevents the entry of any heat and vermin.

Kimia Panel, a producer of sandwich panels, has several years of experience in the production of sandwich panels for ceilings, walls, and cold rooms, at the service of you, dear customers.

Insulation: two types of functional insulation are used for insulation of the cold room environment, two types of polyurethane and polystyrene insulation can be used in making sandwich panels, and rock wool is also very useful for sealing seams.


In this article, we have provided you with information about citrus cold storage. You can get help from Kimia Panel to build a citrus cold storage.

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