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Types of cold storage in Iran

Types of cold storage

What is a morgue?

Cold storages are one of the most essential parts of the agricultural, food and pharmaceutical industries. A cold container that helps food, medicine, and perishables can be stored for a long time and will maintain its original quality. This causes the waste of agricultural, food and pharmaceutical industries to be minimized and has given great help to these industries, cold storages are produced in many types. In this article, we are going to provide information about the above-zero and below-zero cold stores.


A brief introduction to the mortuary

As we mentioned in the previous posts about the production method and the general structure of the cold storage, there are many food items such as fruits, vegetables, poultry meat, red meat and all products that spoil quickly and change their texture and structure. . They can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time. The compartment or room in which food or medicine remains under the necessary and optimal temperature and prevents it from spoiling is called a cold room.


With the help of special equipment built inside, the cold room reduces the temperature to the optimal level and keeps it constant. Usually, this temperature varies according to domestic products, in this way, the products are placed in the cold room and keep their texture and do not spoil.


Most of the cold stores use a system cooling process called condensation refrigeration to create the right temperature. The operation of these cold stores is mostly a compression system, but usually the volume and capacity of these refrigeration equipments are different. As an example, an article was previously reviewed in relation to this issue, which proves that freezers and industrial refrigerators benefit from the condensation refrigeration system.


Cold stores are divided into several categories based on the way they work or the type of product, and here we are going to examine them based on the type of temperature, that is, cold stores above zero and cold stores below zero.

انواع سردخانه

• Cold houses above zero

• Cold houses below zero

Temperature means the effective temperature for storing materials. Each of these above-zero and below-zero cold houses has a special use.


Cold houses above zero: Cold houses often use the condensation refrigeration cycle for cooling. The performance of these systems is such that it has reduced the ambient temperature and kept it a few degrees above zero at the optimal level and will not exceed this limit, which is usually used to store fruits, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, and even dairy products and refrigerated packaging products. which do not need to be stored.

For example, the storage conditions for grapes are between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius. For more information, you can use the vegetable and fruit storage table.

The system used in above-zero cold stores is the compression refrigeration system. These systems are made up of 4 basic parts, which change the state of the fluid called refrigerant, and in this way, the high temperature of the cold room is transferred to the outside. The condensation refrigeration cycle is as follows.


  • Condensation: In this step, the refrigerant fluid is compressed by the compressor and a lot of pressure is imposed on it, and distillation takes place at a high temperature.
  • Condensation: in the second stage, the refrigerant fluid in the condenser, the temperature is reduced and condensation takes place, the condensers of the above-zero cold stores are often air-cooled.
  • Expansion: in the third stage, the refrigerant drops through the expansion valve and the pressure decreases, then it evaporates at the low temperature of the cold room.

Evaporation: The last step of this cycle is the evaporator, which is usually installed in the cold room. In this part, the hot air of the cold room is absorbed by the refrigerant and evaporates, thus the air is released.


This model of cold storage is used for storing food, protein, storage, as well as storing agricultural products and fruits. It is mostly used in stores, hypermarkets, and restaurants. Another one of the most used cold rooms above zero in pharmaceutical sources is called cold room. The temperature of the cold room is between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. The temperature range of cold stores above zero is between 1 and 6 degrees Celsius.


Types of cold storage above zero in terms of structure

Small room refrigerators: These refrigerators are usually used to store food and protein in hypermarkets and grocery stores, and even distribute refrigerated and protein products that can be placed in the kitchen or even catering. gave The time range of using food in these refrigerators is short and it is often used for short-term storage.

Container refrigerators: Container refrigerators are usually set at sub-zero temperatures and can be used for long-term storage of food on ships or even oil platforms. The normal dimensions of container cold storages are 20 feet or 40 feet. If the cold storage room is of the connexion type, there is no limit to the dimensions and size. Both container cold storage models and connexion cold storages have the possibility of creating above-zero and sub-zero cold storages.

Subzero freezers

سردخانه زیر صفر

A huge amount of food items do not have the conditions to be stored at a temperature above zero and must be stored at a temperature below zero because they may lose their texture and structure and become rotten. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it in sub-zero temperature conditions. Most of these cold rooms are used in stores or hypermarkets for keeping and storing meat and protein materials. In ice cream shops, small cold rooms are used to store ice creams.

If the same freezers are used on an industrial scale in ice cream or frozen meat factories, they are called subzero cold stores. Types of subzero industrial cold storages are generally divided into three categories in terms of dimensions and efficiency mechanism.


1) Portable refrigerator: this model of refrigerators has a temperature below zero, and because of its portability, it can be moved and most of them are limited in size.


2) Canopy or compartment cold storages: this model has no limitations in size and dimensions and is often used in very large stores and has a wide production in the industry.


3) Room or shed cold storages: they are usually made of prefabricated walls and are equipped with cooling equipment and the inner walls are insulated.


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