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Buy wall sandwich panels in Bushehr

Buy wall sandwich panels in Bushehr

In the previous article, the sandwich panel in Bushehr was evaluated in a specialized way. Here, we are going to provide you with useful information about sandwich wall panels in Bushehr.

Bushehr province is one of the largest energy plants in the whole country, with Bushehr as its center, which is called the energy capital. Due to its strategic coast, this province has a good position in the fields of export, import, fishing industry. Because of its connection with the surrounding countries. It has increased economic prosperity. Many power plants are operating in this city. They include Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, Bushehr Gas Power Plant, South Pars Concentrated Power Plant, Asalouye Gas Power Plant, Kangan Power Plant and Khark Power Plant.

This southern province has many ports, including Bushehr Port, Ganaveh Port, Rig Port, Deir Port, Kangan Port, Nakhel Taghi Port, Asalouye Port, and Ameri Port….. Like other provinces of the country, Bushehr province is made of sandwich panel material. And sheets, prefabricated walls are used.

ساندویچ پانل دیواری بوشهر

Sandwich wall panel in Bushehr

For many years, iron, cement, and brick blades have a big and bold position and are widely used in the construction industry and building materials. Despite the progress in the industry, they have not been removed and even managed to create a bigger place for themselves.

Given that traditional products have characteristics. But new prefabricated materials were used that covered the defects of the previous materials. This product is Bushehr wall sandwich panel.

Specifications of Bushehr wall sandwich panel

Among all the products added to the construction industry. Prefabricated products are more popular. Due to their unique features, these products are used in the construction of prefabricated walls. Bushehr wall sandwich panels, as the name suggests, are used for wall covering.

The sandwich wall panel is made up of several different layers that create a sandwich structure. The upper and lower layers are made of steel sheets and the middle layer of the panel is covered with insulation.

These three layers are completely coherent and create a unified structure. The material of the upper and lower layers can be different. In different applications, the material of the upper and lower layers is different. In order to increase the strength of the layers, insulating adhesives are used to connect them completely in addition to the greater cohesion of the panel.

ساندویچ پانل دیواری بندر زبوشهر

Material of wall sandwich panel layers in Bushehr

Bushehr wall sandwich panels are produced in different ways in different uses. The upper and lower layers can be produced with different alloys. The middle core can be made of different materials depending on the type of use it has. In some cases, the middle core is produced from polyurethane, polystyrene, stone wool and xps materials.

The choice of these materials depends on the climatic conditions, and also the structural and weather conditions can influence the selection of the type of sandwich panel.

Sandwich wall panel in Bushehr

Weather, atmospheric conditions, the amount of space used, the amount of cold and heat and humidity affect the type of wall sandwich panel, the type of sheets and the type of middle core, the thickness of the panel.

Here we briefly explain the types of panels.

Aluminum wall sandwich panel embedded in the upper and lower layer is completely flexible and anti-corrosion. It has a very light weight and is efficient in large spaces.

Sandwich panels with galvanized sheets are very light weight and resistant to decay. These panels are very useful in high-risk environments. Due to the presence of galvanized alloy, it has more strength and resistance.

Sandwich panel with Alozinc top and bottom sheet is another type of this product. Alozinc is a combination of (aluminum + zinc + silicon). They have a long lifespan. This product is completely resistant to corrosion, rotting and rusting and therefore it is widely used in wet environments.

The middle core of the panel can be supplied in various types. One of the prominent features of this prefabricated product is fire resistance. Bushehr sandwich panel’s fire resistance is one of the factors that has made this product popular. All Bushehr sandwich panels are fireproof. But polyurethane materials are slow-burning and respond to fire slowly.

Polystyrene is one of the materials used in Bushehr sandwich panels. It is suitable for sound and heat insulation. In terms of cost, it is more economical than polyurethane and can be produced in large and large sizes.

Stone wool is another product in the middle core of Bushehr sandwich panel, which is embedded as middle insulation. Rock wool is a suitable insulator for fire. In addition to safety against fire and heat, this product creates sound reflection and is safe and comfortable between sandwich panels.

Different models of wall sandwich panels in Bushehr

Sandwich panels are divided into different models based on their appearance.

1) Simple wall sandwich panel

2) male and female wall sandwich panel

3) Hidden screw sandwich panel

4) sandwich panel wall lock

Thickness of wall sandwich panel in Bushehr

The thickness of the wall sandwich panel is variable and is determined according to the type of use it has. Panel thicknesses create special features. This product is available in the market with thicknesses between 4 and 25 cm, which causes their variety.

Sandwich panel with high thickness is special for places where insulation is the main priority of the structure, which is mostly used in the construction of cold storage. The sandwich panel with a thickness of 20 cm is used to produce a freezing tunnel. Production of sandwich panels with low thickness are used in situations that require less weight. Especially for large spaces and spaces that require a lot of coverage, sandwich panels with low thickness are used.

The advantages of wall sandwich panels in Bushehr

Sandwich wall panels have special features that make them have different uses. By having information about the benefits of this material, you can use this product in the right place.

1) Low weight and light compared to traditional structures

2) Ease of installation

3) Reasonable and affordable price

4) Optimum energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency

5) Long life and high strength

6) Structure quality and resistance compared to other structures

7) Flexibility compared to traditional structures

8) Strength against tensile and compression forces

9) Proper sound insulation

10) resistant to heat, cold, energy

11) Long life with more than 50 years

12) The ability to connect to the building after the construction of the structure

13) Fire resistant and fireproof

14) preventing the passage of dust and rain

15) No corrosion by rodents and vermin

16) Ability to wash and sterilize if necessary

Application of Bushehr wall sandwich panel

This product is very popular with all its positive features and can be used for different applications. As an example, it can be used in large spaces such as industrial centers, factories, exhibitions, stores, sports sheds, workshop sheds, large commercial stores of many factories.

Sandwich panel order in Bushehr

Ordering sandwich panel in Bushehr is like ordering in other cities. After viewing the location or map by Kimia Panel consultants, our experienced consultants will suggest you the best option according to your taste and budget, climatic and practical conditions, and if you agree, you can order it.

It should be acknowledged that if for any reason you do not agree with the opinion and suggestion of Kimia Panel company consultants for making sandwich panel, or if you do not have an opinion about sandwich panel, you can choose and place an order. But the company will not have any responsibility for the type of your choice and the responsibility will be entirely yours.

Kimia Panel, a producer of polyurethane sandwich panels, provides wall, ceiling, cold room, and clean room sandwich panels to serve the citizens located in the neighboring provinces of Fars. In order to provide advice and get a price, you can contact the experienced specialists in the factory through the numbers listed at the bottom of the page or the contact page.

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