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Sandwich panel in Shiraz Industrial Town

Industrial town sandwich panel

Sandwich panel is one of the prefabricated and light materials that has been replacing other heavy and old materials for several years. Use ceiling sandwich panels and wall sandwich panels with excellent quality and in the shortest possible time.


The factors that make the sandwich panel superior to the old materials include insulation, high resistance, anti-earthquake and its beautiful appearance.

The thickness of the ceiling and wall sandwich panel is 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12.5, and 15 cm, and it is offered in various lengths and colors.


The structure of the sandwich panel is 3 coherent layers, which is the central core with low density, which is placed between two layers of thin but strong shell. The production of sandwich panel allows to achieve excellent mechanical performance in the lowest weight but with very high stiffness and hardness.


Due to the high strength of the sandwich panel and the interaction between the components, if it is used under a bending load, the core will bear the pressure of the shear loads and the distance between the surfaces, which is under the internal pressure of a shell, is in tension and on the other hand,  Slow compression.


The insulation between two layers or the central core has a certain softness and flexibility. This core can be offered in several models. Polyurethane, polystyrene, stone wool and glass wool materials. Sandwich panel is also known as aluminum composite panel.

Intermediate foam is a good insulator against sound, moisture and cooling and heating energy. The thermal insulation used in these panels optimizes energy consumption and even provides the required temperature and heat efficiently.

ساندویچ پانل شیراز

Application of wall and ceiling sandwich panels

Wall and ceiling sandwich panels are widely seen in the industry and construction, such as cold storages, heating and cooling environments where the exchange of hot and cold temperatures is important, rescue and rescue units, police and military, and sheds and Clean rooms.

Fars industrial town sandwich panel

Kimia Panel factory, relying on its experienced technical and engineering team, has always tried to provide necessary and useful information to customers by providing consulting services in the field of project cost estimation, design calculations, construction and execution, etc. .


By providing turnkey projects, Kimia Panel company performs all the activities of a project, including design, supply of materials, installation, implementation and commissioning within a certain period of time, or in different timings.

Shiraz Kimia Panel Factory

In order to satisfy customers and provide distinctive and complementary services, it installs sandwich panels with the help of experienced staff. The technical and engineering unit of Kimia Panel is at your service, dear customers, with accurate calculation and analysis of the required area and with the help of the colleagues of the technical group, which includes trained installers.

After-sales service

We have come to believe that in this competitive business environment, the customer deserves special respect and importance given to him after purchase. The after-sales service unit was formed in order to satisfy the customers and make them feel at ease and get the best benefit from the products and services purchased in this area.

Technical support and training

Kimia Panel experts begin their activities in the field of providing after-sales services after completing certain training courses and with special sensitivity they try to solve the technical doubts and problems of buyers in a limited period of time. Elevate in the best way.

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