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Buy sandwich panels in Iran

Buy sandwich panels in Iran

Another big city that is very active in the construction industry is Shiraz, which offers polyurethane sandwich panels. When we talk about Shiraz sandwich panels, we mean the same prefabricated material that we have discussed in detail and comprehensively in previous articles. Sandwich panel is a new product that has received much attention from structural engineers and architects and is very useful and productive due to its special feature.

Sandwich panel in Shiraz is a structure that is used in the construction of various industries and today it is clearly seen that it has taken the place of traditional materials to a significant extent.

The important difference between this material and the old materials is that less side materials are used in prefabricated panels. The structure of this new product is three coherent layers, the upper and lower layers are usually made of galvanized sheet or aluzinc, and the middle layer is very It is strong and consists of polyurethane foam.

This insulation has caused a unique feature to be added to the structure, the most important of which is proper insulation for cold and heat. This new structure is very light and therefore has a special place for itself. It is easy to install and prevents the entry of insects. It is resistant to pests, mice, mold and fungus.


Sandwich wall panel in Iran

One of the polyurethane sandwich panel products is the wall sandwich panel. This prefabricated structure can be used to build the wall of the structure. The sheet material of this panel can be galvanized or aluzinc. The middle foam of the panel is selected from polyurethane or polystyrene.

ساندویچ پانل در بوشهر

Roof sandwich panel in Iran

Ceiling sandwich panel is another production of polyurethane sandwich panel products. This product is used for the roof of the structure. It can also be used in other industries.

Kimia Panel Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Factory in Shiraz provides all kinds of wall and ceiling sandwich panels with several years of brilliant and productive experience with experienced staff and expert consultants and is at your service by producing the best quality products.

ساندویچ پانل سقفی

The price of sandwich panels in Iran

Considering the exchange rate and market fluctuations and the use of sandwich panels in different industries and the use of different materials in the manufacture of this product, it should be noted that these factors have a great impact on the price of sandwich panels, and for this reason, you can determine the price. Contact our consultants at the number listed at the bottom of the article.

Dear customer, you can contact our consultants for more information about Kimia Panel Shiraz products.

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    My name is Artur Mesropyan,

    I am representing a furniture cmanufacturing company Nor Projects LLC based in Yerevan, Armenia.
    We are interested in buying sandwich panels.
    In the first phase we need about 100 square meters for ceiling with 8 cm thickness, for the second phase we will need about 570 square meters with 6 cm thickness out of which 330 square meters for ceiling
    and 240 meters for walls. The isolation material polyretan.
    Can you give us price and terms for transportation.

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