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Sandwich panel substructure in Iran

Sandwich panel infrastructure in Iran

Sandwich panel substructure is one of the basic principles that we are going to investigate this important issue here. Sandwich panel is one of the prefabricated materials that is very popular with structural engineers and architects today. This new and efficient product has many uses. This is a short period of time for implementation and installation. This important issue has made it achieve a good performance.

The proper performance of the sandwich panel requires the basic implementation of the structure. In order for the sandwich panel to be implemented correctly, the substructure must be done carefully. In this article, we are going to provide you with information about how sandwich panels work and tips related to the infrastructure. Kimia Panel Shiraz, a producer of polyurethane sandwich panels, offers ceiling and wall sandwich panels, cold storage, clean room and Office and villa conex and sanitary facilities are leaders in providing services to you, dear customers, with several years of brilliant history.


What is a sandwich panel?

Sandwich panel is one of the materials used in the construction of structures, which has shone brightly in the eyes of structural designers and industry today. In the current era, when structural materials and components have increased significantly in terms of price, choosing sandwich panels for the construction industry is smart and affordable. .

Therefore, the use of these practical materials can reduce the costs to a great extent, and despite this, it has relatively high performance, strength and resistance compared to traditional materials such as brick and cement.

As stated in detail earlier, this product has unique features, the most important of which is the amount of energy consumption, which is minimized in this regard. The amount of construction energy is completely optimal. In the past, to build a building, materials, labor, and energy were required. And a lot of money was spent on the construction and production of a structure.

But with these interpretations, there is no need for manpower and energy consumption anymore, and they can be minimized. With the proper infrastructure, a cheap, resistant and practical structure is produced.

Installation of infrastructure and implementation of sandwich panels

After choosing the panel, the most important action to implement is the substructure of the panel. This substructure is used for wall sandwich panel and ceiling sandwich panel. The substructure includes different iron profiles with different sizes. Finally, the panels are placed horizontally and connected with screws and rivets.

Sandwich wall panels are in the form of consecutive grooves. This groove is curled and screwed together as a crotch or male and female tongue during installation.

These grooves are placed in a special place and connected with galvanized screws.


Hidden screw sandwich panel substructure

The way this sandwich panel model works is that first the sandwich panel is connected to the main structure with the help of a screw, and then another panel is placed on the second panel and hides the screw, this sandwich panel substructure is called a hidden screw.

Covering the screw in this substructure causes beautification and better quality of work and evokes a stylish and beautiful appearance.

Roof sandwich panel infrastructure

Another panel that needs substructure is the roof sandwich panel, which is often made possible by the structure implemented on the roof and the distance between the supports. Then it is placed on the profiles in the sandwich panel roof. It should be noted that the head screw is used for each square meter of the ceiling sandwich panel.


Important points in the implementation of sandwich panels

In order to substructure Shiraz sandwich panel in the best possible way, it is necessary to observe a number of factors. These factors are

Using screws with washers to install the ceiling sandwich panel
Investigating the wind of the climatic region and the place of installation of panels for the implementation of wall sandwich panels
Implementation of infrastructure by experienced installers
Creating specific distances between two panels for implementation and installation
Necessary safety check for sandwich panel substructure

In order to know the conditions and how to buy and implement sandwich panel and information about the price of sandwich panel, you can contact our experienced experts with the numbers listed on the contact page.

The proper functioning of the sandwich panel requires the implementation and implementation of basic infrastructure that must be done in the best way.

The use of sandwich panel is very optimal due to its special feature, energy reduction in the construction of the structure, high strength and resistance, long life that takes place in a short period of time, and it is very impressive compared to traditional materials such as brick and cement.

Sandwich panel substructure is made by iron profiles of different sizes, which are placed horizontally on the substructure and are restrained by screws or rivets.

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