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The price of sandwich panels in Iran

The price of sandwich panels in Iran

The most frequently asked question is the price of the sandwich panel; the sandwich panel is one of the prefabricated and lightweight materials that has now become a good substitute for the old materials; Sandwich panels are light materials that are surrounded by two layers of resistant thin sheets, and the center is covered by a thick but very light layer. The middle thick layer can be made of polyurethane foam, polystyrene, or xps. It is used due to its fireproof properties and high safety, and it is also completely resistant to natural factors such as earthquakes.


This prefabricated product is offered in wall and ceiling models. Its applications include the construction of prefabricated houses, cinema conference halls, subway halls and airplane hangars, as well as the construction of roofs and walls of sheds and food refrigerators, single-circuit, double-circuit.


The price of sandwich panels depends on market fluctuations and the dimensions and size of the panels and the amount of density required by the customer, as well as the type and quality of the material used, factors such as the design and facilities built into the sandwich panel are different.

Therefore, after applying these invoices, the cost estimation is done by the sales expert and the final price is announced to the buyer. Sandwich panels are often composed of 2 layers of sheets, but the material used can be galvanized sheet, aluzinc, or double-sided foil or single-sided foil. The durability and life of the sandwich panel will last.

Roof sandwich panel:

ساندویچ پانل سقفی

This panel is for roof covering. Before buying this product and ordering, you should get the necessary information about the strength and variety. It is very important that the panel is simple or patterned or has steps, the number of steps and the type of steps, because It is very important in the strength of the panel.


If the pitch is less, it has more tolerance in terms of weight and definitely affects the price. These panels have a different appearance in terms of symbol and beauty, and they usually have flushing, shadowline or polycarbonate and galvanized sheets or grooved aluzinc for The construction of these panels is used.

Sandwich wall panel

ساندویچ پانل دیواری

As the name suggests, these panels are used in the construction of walls. One of the most widely used materials is the wall sandwich panel, which can be used in the insulation of industrial buildings in clean rooms or sheds.


Before buying this product, you should pay a lot of attention to the type of sheet and insulation used in it because it affects the price. There are factors that should be taken into account when choosing sandwich wall panels:


Features of sandwich panel in terms of size and area, type of sheet and type of insulating foam


1.Resistant to sunlight


2.Earthquake Resistant


3.Fire resistant


4.Resistant to rust and corrosion


5.Resistant to fungus and mold


6.Very strong heat resistance




8.Resistant to decay


9.Disinfected and

suitable for sanitary places


10.Insulation of electricity


The best sheet that can be suggested for making a sandwich panel is aluzinc sheet because of its practical material; But unfortunately, it is not produced in our country. Meanwhile, the production with galvanized sheet is of high quality. It should be noted that if the panels are not of the required quality, they will rust and corrode after a while and should be be replaced


The foam used in the sandwich panel:

one of the things that is very important in making the sandwich panel. The type of foam used in the central core of the sandwich panel has a great impact on the final quality. Among all the foams used in the sandwich panel, polyurethane is of the highest quality, and the polyurethane sandwich panel is definitely more durable than other foams. The thickness of the foam is different in tropical and cold regions, in tropical regions 4. cm and in cold regions it is up to 15 cm and the greater the thickness, the less energy loss.

Factors affecting the price of sandwich panels


The sheets used in making sandwich panels are aluminum, galvanized, aluzinc. Depending on the type of quality and material used, this sheet plays an important role in the external components of the panels and protects the panels and foams against natural factors such as wind, rain, impact, and fire. Sheets and thickness, domestic or foreign production definitely affect the price.


After choosing the type of sheet, the most important thing is the foam or intermediate insulation of the sandwich panel. What made foams play an important role. The distinctive features of foam are heat, moisture and sound insulation, which are used in different types, such as polyurethane, polystyrene, stone wool, glass wool, depending on the type of use and location. The type of foam and the amount of thickness, the type of domestic or foreign production affect the main price of the panel.

Dollar price and currency:

these days, due to the market fluctuations and rising dollar price, this increasing trend has a great impact on construction materials. It is definitely not without effect on transportation and the price of fuel and gasoline, and because of this, the wages of workers will also increase.You can refer to the YouTube channel to watch the videos.

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