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Implementation of sandwich panel in Iran

Implementation of sandwich panel in Iran

نصب ساندویچ پانل در اصفهان

In the topic of sandwich panel, the value of the structure and prefabricated buildings is evaluated with the strength and strength. In all kinds of structures, they use quality materials to create more endurance and quality of the structure, as well as guarantee the durability of the structure. In this article, we intend to provide you with useful information about the implementation of sandwich panels.

Sandwich panel is one of the new materials, which is very durable and resistant, which has gained great popularity among structural engineers today. This material is used in most small and large structures, construction and implementation of sheds, warehouses and even construction of rooms.

Sandwich panel is offered in two types of sandwich panel, ceiling and wall, and the production of the structure depends on the customer’s needs. To get more information about the size, price, and estimate of the material, you can contact the consultants of Kimia Panel.

The execution and installation of the structure, the type of bending and sheet used, as well as the type of use are done with different methods, which are dependent on the dimensions of the project.

Basic points before running the panel

Before the sandwich panel is installed, it needs a proper infrastructure, which is done by can or corner steel profiles, which must be measured with the type of material and the amount of load and wind pressure. It definitely chooses the type and number of the profile, which is called the substructure step.

The first step for installation is welding at the profile location so that a suitable foundation is made for the implementation of the panel. After carrying out the infrastructure measures, the desired place is ready to install the sandwich panel. In order to implement the sandwich panel, the desired part must be cut for the placement of the window so that it can be prepared for installation.

The screws that can be used in the panels are selected depending on the thickness of the panel and the diameter of the sandwich panel.

Sandwich panel beautification

It should be acknowledged that only 4 screws can be applied per square meter of the panel. After finishing screwing the structure, factors such as cleaning the panel are done for the beauty of the structure. Certainly, the beauty of the structure is one of the most important issues that can be seen by many people, and at the same time, sandwich panels have various designs and colors that are chosen depending on the taste and needs of the applicant.

ساندویچ پانل بوشهر

Implementation of ceiling sandwich panel

In the previous material, a brief presentation was given about the roof sandwich panel. This structure is used to cover the roof of industrial and non-industrial structures. We are going to provide you with important tips about the installation of ceiling sandwich panels.

The sandwich panel used for roofing is sloped. The amount of roof slope depends on the performance and weather conditions of the area as well as the dimensions of the project. These structures are used to cover the roof. Therefore, they must have a bend and also be sealed. The roof sandwich panel has steps that are used to increase load bearing and create strength and sealing of the structure, and the overlap part is placed on top of each other.

The screws intended for the installation of the sandwich panel have gaskets, which connect this screw of the structure to the main frame, and the gasket prevents water from penetrating into the screw hole.


Implementation of wall sandwich panels

Wall sandwich panel is used to cover the wall of the structure. These panels are two sheets and their installation is done in two main ways.

  • In this method, the most important components are the corners and studs, which creates a 90 degree angle for installing the wall panel to the frame and acts like a frame, and the sandwich panels are placed on the frames from the inside and installed next to each other. be.

The inner edge of the panels are designed as male and female, which are placed in this way because of their appearance. This way of placement causes a narrow seam that can be covered with sealant or polyurethane.

ساندویچ پانل اصفهان
  • In the second method, the implementation of the sandwich panel is done with the help of hidden screws, which increases the durability of the structure. In this way, the overlap part of the structure is placed on top of each other in the desired location and a metal column connects the panels. In fact, this column caused the panels to twist.

To hide the screws, the bending of the sheet is done in such a way that the next panel is installed on the screw, and this action beautifies the structure, and in addition to the strength of the structure, the screw is completely hidden.

پیچ مخفی

Professional and skilled people should be used for sandwich panel installation. The implementation and installation of these panels is specialized and should be done by experienced and efficient people. The installation of the structure must be done correctly, which requires the design and construction of the skeleton and the specialized implementation of the structure in order to accelerate the project process.

You can contact the consultants of Kimia Panel Company to implement and install wall and ceiling panels and evaluate the daily price.

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