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Sandwich panel in Kish Island

Sandwich panel in Kish Island

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Kish island sandwich panel

Sandwich panels of Kish Island are composite panels, a building product with a light and composite structure similar to a sandwich. It is limited from the sides to layers of sheet material. The middle layer is covered by insulating foam. The middle insulation is very light and flexible and is made of polyurethane, polystyrene, stone wool, glass wool.

Due to its wide application in construction and civil industry, it has become very impressive. Sandwich panels for Kish Island are called composite panels.

ساندویچ پانل سقفی

Technical specifications of Kish island sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are different depending on their type and uses. Sandwich panels have the characteristics of panel thickness, sheet type, sheet thickness. Aluminum, aluzinc and galvanized sheets are used in the construction of sandwich panels with a coating of polyester colors.

The thickness of the sheets is between 0.5 and 0.7 mm. The dimensions of the panels are available in the market with standard lengths and widths that the customer can buy according to their needs. The weight of the panels depends on the thickness and the type of materials used in making sandwich panels.


Sandwich panels are mainly divided into ceiling and wall categories.


Sandwich wall panel for Kish Island

Sandwich wall panels are a type of building material used to cover the walls of buildings and structures and consist of two layers of sheets between which polyurethane foam is embedded. This product is used to cover the walls of structures. The best type of material that can be used in the central core of the panel is polyurethane.


Sandwich wall panels are easy to install due to their important features such as heat, cold, sound insulation and light weight. It has become a cost-effective solution for building residential, commercial and industrial structures. Due to their high durability, they do not need to be replaced, and as a result, it reduces maintenance costs.


The range of thickness of wall panels is between 4 and 25 cm. Kish sandwich panels are compatible with all kinds of climates and make it possible to use them in all kinds of projects. The use of polyurethane foam in the middle core of the panel is the best option for covering cold storage and industrial refrigerators due to its high quality.

کانکس مدیریتی

Application of Kish island wall sandwich panel

Sandwich wall panel is a convenient and cost-effective solution for the construction industry as an easy and fast way to build building walls and structural projects. It is also the best option for covering the walls of cold stores, sheds, prefabricated buildings, industrial refrigerators, sheds, and mobile blood transfusion centers. Wall sandwich panels are efficient in the construction of residential, commercial, and industrial structures due to features such as heat and cold insulation and sound.

کیمیا پانل در شیراز

Roof sandwich panel in Kish Island

One of the most important parts of a structure is the roof. The strength of this structure is very important and enough care should be taken into account for choosing this part. Sandwich panel is a suitable covering for the roofing of buildings, sheds and sloping roofs, all kinds of sheds and cold storage. Due to factors such as thermal and cold insulation, light weight and ease of installation, sandwich panels are a suitable and affordable solution for covering the roofs of commercial, residential and industrial buildings, and as a result, they can reduce maintenance costs.

Using a roof sandwich panel is considered the best option to create a strong and resistant roof. It is an efficient method to reduce costs and conserve energy in buildings. Sandwich panel ceiling is very affordable. And it is used in the construction of various structures.


Kish sandwich panels have many advantages

Resistance to earthquake shears is a safety solution for the construction of residential, commercial and industrial structures and construction projects due to its high resistance to earthquakes. Because the roof of the building is more exposed to rain and snow, it should be stronger. For this purpose, steps have been installed on the roof of the structure, which is defined from 3 to 5 steps. The steps are similar to a trapezoid that is placed on top of each other in the form of overlaps, thus preventing the penetration of water into the structure, and due to its length of more than 13 meters, it has the ability to overlap each other.



Roof sandwich panel is offered in various types; They include double-sheet sandwich panel, single-sheet, single-foil, single-sheet, single-paper, single-sheet, single-nylon or double-nylon, double-foil. Roof sandwich panels are produced in polyurethane, polystyrene, and stone wool due to the presence of a middle line.

The roof sandwich panel with polyurethane middle layer has very good thermal, acoustic and cooling characteristics and is considered as an efficient and suitable solution for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Its very light weight and fire resistance make it very useful. The ceiling sandwich panel with a polystyrene core has sound characteristics suitable for covering the roof. This product is not fireproof, but it is considered a suitable sound insulation.

فوم پلی اورتان

What is polyurethane foam?

Polyurethane foam with a closed cell structure is composed of two substances, isocyanate and polyol. Polyurethane has unique physical and chemical properties, and due to its closed pores, it has a good efficiency as a thermal insulator, and the density defined for production to achieve the desired thermal resistance and load-bearing capacity is about 40 to 42 kg/m3. Is.



The maximum suitable temperature for polyurethane performance is around 70-80 degrees Celsius. Of course, polyurethane materials maintain their strength at a temperature of 100 degrees to 110 degrees, but they decompose at a temperature higher than this value. This product has a unique feature. Insulation is suitable for heat, cold, sound, fire, antibacterial and antifungal. Due to its high resistance to pressure, it can be used in a wide range of daily uses. The optimal density for polyurethane foam is about +2-40 kg/m3.

فوم پلی اورتان

What are the advantages of polyurethane sandwich panel?

  1. Insulation of heat, cold, sound
  2. Light weight and ease of transportation and installation
  3. Fire resistant
  4. Resistant to earthquake cuts and atmospheric factors
  5. Eco-friendly
  6. Durability and long life
  7. Resistant to pressure and possible shocks
  8. Sandwich panel does not have a specific smell or chemical and is not harmful to human and poultry health.
  9. Sandwich panels can be purchased in a wide variety of designs and colors.
  10. Resistant to rot and corrosion and insect infestation

What are the applications of Kish ceiling and wall sandwich panels?

  1. Construction of mobile schools
  2. sheds
  3. Defense Industry
  4. hospitals
  5. Halls and warehouses
  6. Mobile clinics
  7. Containers and sheds
  8. Industrial and semi-industrial cold stores
  9. Prefab villas and residential areas
  10. False ceiling and covered places
ساندویچ پانل پلی اورتان دیواری

Kimia Panel, a company that manufactures all kinds of polyurethane sandwich panels with several years of brilliant history, is proud to use high-quality raw materials and experienced sales staff to produce all kinds of sandwich panels for roofs, walls, cold rooms, clean rooms, and canopies. This company is at your service. It is useful and efficient in producing all kinds of sandwich panels in Shiraz and the surrounding provinces and cities around Shiraz.

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