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Getting to know how to make sandwich panels and checking the applications of sandwich panels

Getting to know how to make a sandwich panel and checking the uses of sandwich panels

Sandwich panel is one of the most widely used building materials, which consists of very light and multi-layered compounds, and since its middle layer is extremely soft and flexible, it has an insulating state. The middle part of the sandwich panel is usually made of glass wool, polyurethane, polystyrene and stone wool.

If you also need sandwich panels for the construction of buildings and do not have much information in this field, we recommend that you stay with us until the end of this article and pay close attention to the important points that we provide in this field.

ساندویچ پانل دیواری

Introduction of sandwich panel and its types

Sandwich panel is one of the construction materials that is made of two layers of sheets and an intermediate insulation, and the majority of sandwich panels are polyurethane panels and they are very suitable insulators that are used for sound and heat. The structure of such panels is designed to be extremely light and even though they may consist of two layers of metal, they are still light in weight.

The sandwich panel sheets with foam insulation are made of aluminum, aluzinc, galvanized, aluminum foil, kraft paper and other items, they do not weigh much and are very useful in the construction of environments and commercial centers. Sandwich panels themselves also have different types, which include the following:

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the types of sandwich panels, we feel it necessary to provide you with useful information about how to make sandwich panels. Stay with us to get detailed and basic information about the types of sandwich panels and how to make them.

انواع ساندویچ پانل

How to make all kinds of sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are one of the prefabricated materials that are heavily used and paid attention to by builders. One of the most important reasons that lead to the widespread use of sandwich panels is related to their light weight, very high resistance, and on the other hand, the cost-effectiveness of such sandwich panels. One of the other factors that have a significant impact on the quality of sandwich panels is their manufacturing method.

There are usually two methods for making sandwich panels. How to make a sandwich panel includes the following methods;

  • Continuous method
  • Discontinous or discontinuous method

It is interesting to know that each of the ways of making a sandwich panel has advantages and disadvantages that we will examine in detail in this article, stay with us.

Investigating the continuous method and how to make sandwich panels continuously

In this way, making a sandwich panel is also called a continuous and continuous method of making a sandwich panel, and they usually use special materials and raw materials for making. This material includes galvanized sheet, polyurethane foam, polystyrene, foam glue and other items if needed.

Note that in the continuous method of making sandwich panels, all the raw materials enter the special machine at the same time, and the size and dimensions of the order and production of sandwich panels must be carefully and carefully considered at this stage.

 Continuous polyurethane and continuous polystyrene machines are used to make sandwich panels continuously. These steps are:

1. Stage of continuous polyurethane device

It is interesting to know that such devices used for making sandwich panels were imported to Iran a long time ago and have a long history, and its structure is made of two or more rollers. It is even possible for this machine to receive more rolls than four. The rolls are usually received in pairs, one for the upper part of the material and the other for the lower part of the structure.

After entering the machine, the galvanized rolls are opened and then the desired sheet is placed on the bottom of them by the roll forming machine and they are entered independently into special rollers.

Note that these rollers have different designs and their selection depends on the type of your order. Then, in the next step, the sheets are separated from each other according to the amount of the customer’s order, and insulating foil is injected into them.

Polyurethane foams are made of materials such as polyal and isocyanate, which are combined and injected into the middle of the sandwich panels, and then the foam begins to expand, and at this stage, it is necessary to make a sandwich panel under the influence of pressure, press and Heat up.

This step prevents the foams from puffing too much and then in the last step it is cut into the sizes ordered for the customers with the help of a moving cutting blade.

2. Step of continuous polystyrene device

The mechanism, structure, and operation of this machine are similar to the continuous polyurethane machine, and the only difference is that they use this machine to make polystyrene sandwich panels, and this machine, just like the previous machine, has two rollers that cause shaping. They are made into panels.

For foam injection, two or three meter sheets are usually used, which puts polystyrene between two layers and makes them stick, and then at the final stage, the panel is cut according to the needs and orders of the customer in appropriate dimensions and sizes.

Investigating non-continuous or discontinuous method and how to make a sandwich panel

The method of making non-continuous and non-continuous sandwich panels is another common method of making different types of sandwich panels, which have separate production lines. In fact, it means that the components of these sandwich panels are not produced simultaneously and continuously, and each one has a separate production line, and then the final product is obtained from the last stage and the last machine.

 The labor force involved in the production of such sandwich panels is more than the previous method; Because the number of devices and manufacturing steps is also more. In the following, we will introduce and describe the steps and devices that play a role in making a sandwich panel. These devices and the mechanism of working with them are:

1. Polyurethane discontinuous device

Based on this method of making sandwich panel, first the sheets are cut by the roll forming machine and then the sheets that are going to be used for the outer layers of the panel are guided into special machines and pressed by the machine.

Then polyurethane foam is injected between these two sheets, and in the next step, the form is dried by heating and cooling, and at the end of the step, the final product is removed from the special molds and the next sandwich panel is produced.

2. Polystyrene discontinuous device

It is interesting to know that the production stages of the materials in this machine are pre-made and separate, and then in the last part, the products are generally placed next to each other and assembled. At this stage, the galvanized sheets are formed by the roll forming machine and cut according to the dimensions ordered by the customer.

It should be noted that polystyrene foams are cut in certain thicknesses and in the last step, the foams are attached to the sheets with the help of special adhesives and are pressed. This step is done so that the foams are dry and the product is produced.

Now that you are familiar with how to make a sandwich panel, we feel it necessary to provide you with brief and useful information about the use of sandwich panels. If you need sandwich panels for construction materials or other uses, stay with us in the rest of this article and pay close attention to the important applications we provide about different panels.

ساندویچ پانل سقفی

Investigating the use of sandwich panels in a general and major way

The use and advantages of sandwich panels are different according to their unique structure, and it can be said that each sandwich panel has its own use.

According to the types of sandwich panels, their use can be examined. In order to check the use of sandwich panels, special attention should be paid to the material and type of its layers. With the existence of sandwich panels in today’s construction societies, it has become extremely affordable and economically beneficial for builders.


Therefore, we can say that the most important use of sandwich panel is its cost-effectiveness. It should also be noted that you will not need additional costs for the installation of sandwich panels, and these structures can be installed quite easily, and for this reason, they do not incur additional costs for people.


Among the most important general applications of sandwich panels, they can be used in agricultural industries, poultry industries, military industries, chemical industries, police centers, rescue and rescue centers, construction of all kinds of condominiums, apartment construction and construction of swimming pools, construction of sports halls, construction of hospitals and recreational facilities. And he pointed out a tour of commercial buildings and pharmacies.


It should be noted that the following items are considered among the most important applications of sandwich panels, these items include:

  • To be used for the construction of workshops and commercial offices
  • Construction and production of all kinds of shelters for emergencies and increasing safety
  • Use to build all kinds of recreational and tourist camps
  • Production of prefabricated control room structures or command rooms
  • In order to build guard post canopies and refrigerated and transport rooms
  • In order to build prefabricated sheds for use in fruit and vegetable fields
  • Used to make all kinds of trailers and trailers with cabins
کانکس ساندویچ پانل

What are the reasons for using sandwich panels in architecture and construction?

As we mentioned earlier, the use of sandwich panels in architecture and construction is very common and they are used in these fields. The following are among the most important reasons for using such sandwich panels, as well as the advantages of using sandwich panels in construction and architecture. These important items are:

  • Increasing the construction speed of required buildings and places
  • Increasing the useful life of structures
  • Cost-effectiveness of using sandwich panels in architecture and construction
  • Relatively favorable durability and stability of sandwich panels
  • The possibility of replacement for sandwich panels
  • Optimal resistance to earthquakes, storms and other weather conditions
  • High diversity and beauty
  • Ability to choose special colors
  • Being light and increasing the strength of structures


The mentioned items are among the most important reasons that make people use sandwich panels in architecture and construction, and if you are planning to build and establish various buildings, we recommend that you pay attention to the mentioned items and buy sandwich panels with full knowledge. take action


Summary and closing remarks

We hope that reading this material has been useful for you, in this part of the Kimia Panel site, we have told you about how to make sandwich panels, and we have also provided you with useful information about the use of sandwich panels.You can see the videos on the Aparat channel.

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