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Anti-acid sandwich panel in Iran

Anti-acid sandwich panel in Iran

Special changes have occurred in building materials since ancient times. One of these equipments is modern prefabricated materials, which has become very popular due to the increase in population and the need to speed up construction. The structure it has has received much attention from structural engineers.

Sandwich panel has greatly facilitated the implementation and installation of structures. The sandwich panel has a layered structure that is surrounded by 2 lower and upper layers of galvanized or aluzinc or aluminum sheet and the middle layer is covered with polyurethane insulation materials. These panels It is produced in many types based on its type and application. We have explained the different types of sandwich panels in detail. It should be acknowledged that sandwich panels are widely used in many industries, including the chemical industry, construction of sheds, condos, due to its advanced material.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to one of the types of industrial sandwich panels called acid-proof sandwich panels.

ساندویچ پانل ضد اسید

What materials are acid-proof sandwich panels made of?

Many factories and industrial and pharmaceutical workshops are related to chemicals. To build such structures, property safety must be fully observed so that if problems such as fire, earthquake, and strong storms occur, they will not cause problems for the structure. .


If you are looking to build a structure that is compatible with chemical and acid materials, you should use acid-proof sandwich panels.

The construction material of this panel is the same as other sandwich panels, they consist of 3 layers, and the middle layer is polyurethane insulation foam, and instead of galvanized sheet, it is surrounded by fiberglass or Irant fiberglass on both sides. For this reason, fiberglass is used. to be

Because it is made from chemical materials, it shows high resistance against chemicals and acids. The middle layer of polyurethane shows great stability against heat and cold. Of course, this material is good insulation against fire. May this material be controlled with slow-burning materials. Halogen compounds are used to create more fire resistance in polyurethane materials. Sometimes glass wool insulation can be used for more applications.

Application of anti-acid sandwich panel

Anti-acid sandwich panel is available in two types, wall and ceiling, which are used to cover the roof and wall of structures. But in general, this sandwich panel model is used in factories and those industrial workshops due to its different structure. which have chemical activities, it is very widely used and the most important safety point of this product is to protect the personnel.


The most important use of these panels is covering clean rooms. In laboratories and places that deal with chemical and acidic substances, the possibility of explosion and fire is very high. Immunization should be done completely. Apart from special safety devices, the use of acid-proof sandwich panels is essential for the safety of personnel.


It should be mentioned that acid-resistant sandwich panels are very useful in oil and petrochemical industry structures, industrial and mining sheds, all kinds of sheds and workshop rooms, operating rooms, laboratories, and office spaces. and residential, clean room, car carrying fuel and chemicals can be mentioned.

Advantages of anti-acid sandwich panels

This sandwich panel is used in all weathers and climates. It shows high resistance to heat and cold. It is resistant to corrosion and fungus in dry and wet environments. It is easy to move and There is a lot of ease in installing these panels. You can use acid-proof sandwich panels in aluminum wall sandwich panels. Washing these panels with water leaves stains on them.

Anti-acid sandwich panel features

Due to its structure, anti-acid sandwich panel is highly resistant to rust, corrosion, accumulation of microbes and insects, landslides and terrible storms. These features are common in most cases, but the anti-acid panel has different features, which are listed below. We will pay it.


1) It is resistant to fire.

2) Middle foam maintains its resistance in all situations.

3) In case of fire, the insulating layer does not emit toxic gas and smoke.

4) It is used in all weather conditions.

5) It is resistant to heat and cold.

6) It has light weight and is easily installed.

7) It has a long lifespan and lasts about 30 years and is available in different colors and designs.

Anti-acid sandwich panel price

The way to order a sandwich panel is to estimate the required size and dimensions because the pricing scale is definitely based on square meters.

The design and color will not have any effect on the price. Polyurethane insulating material is the second criterion for determining the price of the panels. The thickness of the sandwich panel is determined according to the customer’s needs, which can affect the price.

Anti-acid sandwich panel is widely used in roof and wall covering due to its application. It can usually be ordered in large quantities. In order to save money, the best option is to use Overlab roof covering and Do not reduce its thickness.

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