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Selling sandwich panels in Isfahan province

Selling sandwich panels in Isfahan province

Kimia Panel, manufacturer and implementation of all kinds of sandwich panels, production of ceiling sandwich panels, wall panels, prefabricated walls, Kimia Panel, manufacturer of all kinds of ceiling and wall sandwich panels, installed all over Iran with immediate delivery

Kimia Panel, with a history of producing more than fifty million square meters of ceiling sandwich panels and wall sandwich panels with polyurethane foam, and with the benefit of the most advanced panel production line and with the use of experienced and tested personnel, is proud to improve the technical specifications of its products in the direction of Summons managers, executives and respected public and private consultants.


By producing quality and modern products with the latest technology at the level of global competition, Kimia Panel Company has always tried to improve the quality level of Iranian products in the direction of a prosperous and advanced Iran.


Sandwich panel in Isfahan

Isfahan sandwich panel is a prefabricated and new product that has become very impressive today by entering the market. This product is very suitable for building all kinds of structures. The sandwich panel structure is designed in such a way that due to having two upper and lower layers and a middle core, it has created a composition similar to a sandwich panel.

What is Isfahan sandwich panel?

Isfahan sandwich panel is designed in such a way that it can be a suitable replacement for old materials and brick blades. It is very affordable due to its unique features. The sandwich panel consists of three coherent layers, the upper and lower layers are limited to a sheet that is thin but strong. The core part is thick but very light and flexible. In this way, it has created a composite texture. The upper and lower layers are made of galvanized sheet, aluminum and aluzinc, each of which has specific qualities and characteristics and has a different type of use.


The central core is covered with polyurethane material, which can be covered with polystyrene foam, xps and rock wool, and it will have a different design depending on the type of use. Isfahan sandwich panel is designed in such a way that the outer layer is mainly made of sheet and it is produced in various types. This type makes the product very resistant and has a high resistance to corrosion and moisture.

لرسالی مشتری

The top sheet can be chosen from Alozinc, which is a combination of zinc and aluminum and a small percentage of silicon. It is very strong and light and resistant to rotting and corrosion. The top layer can be considered galvanized. This metal protects the product from corrosion due to having zinc with a cathodic protective layer. This makes the panel durable. Aluminum sheet can be used alone to cover the outer layer of the panel. It is very light and flexible, which can be considered an important feature of aluminum. The central core is selected, designed and produced depending on the type of user.


Sandwich panel has different color variations, but most of the applicants choose white color. A large variety of colors increases the power of choice in sandwich panels.


Sandwich panel is generally divided into wall and ceiling.

The thickness defined in Isfahan sandwich panel is from 4 to 20 cm. Despite the existence of prefabricated walls for the construction of sheds and other types of roofing, less people use bricks and cement or traditional products.

The sandwich panel includes the following in terms of appearance.


Sandwich panel, double sheet, single sheet, single foil, double foil, single sheet, single paper, single sheet, single nylon or double nylon.

Isfahan roof sandwich panel

Isfahan ceiling sandwich panel is a material for roofing structures and sheds. The most important part of a building in terms of construction and strength is the roof, which should be taken into account in its architecture in every aspect. In addition to the beauty it gives to the structure, the sandwich roof panel can be compatible with any type of climate and environmental conditions and has good physical characteristics. The waterproofness, fireproofing, and sound insulation of the roof panel are among these important things. .

The foam used in the central core of the Isfahan sandwich panel is made of polyurethane. This valuable material does not absorb any liquid, it is very light and flexible, and it is very durable. Because the roof is very exposed to rain and The snow is located, the strength and durability of the construction materials must be chosen very well.

Depending on the type of use, this structure is produced with thicknesses between 4 and 20 cm.

Application of Isfahan ceiling sandwich panel

  1. Roofing of schools, laboratories and most hospitals
  2. Mobile clinics and blood transfusion centers
  3. Construction of mobile and fixed cold storages
  4. Construction of clean room
  5. All kinds of sheds and advanced buildings

Isfahan wall sandwich panel

One of the best-selling products of this new structure, sandwich wall panel is designed and produced in different types. The range of application of this product is very wide and it is cost-effective to use in heavy projects. The use of this product in construction increases the speed of the operation and because of its important features, it has encouraged the builders to use this material. The central core of the wall sandwich panel is made of polyurethane foam.

Due to its improvements, they can be used in a wide range. In some modern countries, insurance has considered very good discounts for prefabricated buildings with this type of panel.

We previously explained the wall sandwich panel separately in detail, which you can read. The wall sandwich panel is designed and produced in various types and in terms of fireproof insulation, they are divided into three general categories; Fireproof, slow-burning and flammable wall sandwich panel. Depending on the type of use, this structure is produced with thicknesses between 4 and 20 cm.

Wall sandwich panel is used to cover the walls of structures, which we discuss below.

  1. Construction of field military centers
  2. Construction of prefabricated walls
  3. All kinds of sheds and sheds
  4. Sports halls and all kinds of warehouses
  5. Containers and clean room and all kinds of refrigerators for citrus fruit, meat, vegetables

Advantages of Isfahan sandwich panel

  1. Light weight of the structure and ease of transportation and easy installation
  2. Thermal, cold, sound, moisture insulation
  3. Ability to reinstall and recycle
  4. Ability to wash and disinfect
  5. High color variety
  6. Resistance to corrosion, decay and insect infestation
  7. Increasing the quality and longevity of the structure
  8. Resistant to earthquake cuts and fire

Isfahan sandwich panel installation

Sandwich panel is one of the most popular prefabricated tools for construction. The measures that are necessary for installation require checking the type, dimensions, design and type of structure and dimensions of the project, and the installation methods may replace each other.

Definitely, complex and special tools are not needed to install ceiling and wall sandwich panels. But it is preferable to use experienced and experienced people to avoid product damage and throwing away. One of the most basic tools for installing wall sandwich panels is the use of gutter or flushing and iron studs. In such a way that the skeleton in the part of the walls with a corner should be created at a 90 degree angle with a large thickness. In such a way that it evokes a frame, then the panels are embedded inside the frames and installed next to each other. In this case, the edges of the panel are placed inside each other as male and female and may create a narrow seam. Therefore, the holes can be filled with polyurethane spray coating or silicone glue.

Another method for assembling a wall sandwich panel is to use hidden screw panels, which increases the strength of the structure, which is due to the overlap of the panels along the metal column, and these panels are screwed to the column, and now because the screws It cannot be seen in the view of the work, the sheet is bent and done at the joint, and the next panel covers the screw of the previous panel, and finally no screw will be seen.

Isfahan sandwich panel price

The price of a sandwich panel depends on factors that can definitely affect the final price. The panels are defined with a middle thickness between 4 and 25 cm, which is produced according to the desired size. This allows the customer to significantly reduce costs. The density of the middle core is about +2-40 kg/m3, which can be changed according to the request of the applicant and the type of use. This affects the final price. The price of a double-sided sandwich panel is completely different compared to a single-sided one. You can choose the outer layer as a sheet and the inner layer, which is of lower importance, is considered to be foil or nylon. To get the price, you can contact us with the numbers listed at the bottom of the page or the contact page. To view the products, you can refer to the image gallery.

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