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Application of sandwich panel in Iran

Application of sandwich panel in Iran

Today, the advancement of technology has made different tools and devices to be created and used. One of these devices is the sandwich panel, which is widely used today.


We can consider sandwich panels as a light combination that has a three-layer structure. Also, sandwich panels have an insulating core that forms the middle layer of the sandwich panel.


Also, there are some external layers in the sandwich panel, whose material is selected based on their application and also different conditions, including weather conditions. But usually aluminum is used the most in sandwich panels.


But again, depending on the type of application and the needs of the customers, materials such as aluzinc sheets, steels, kraft paper, various foils and nylons may also be used. As we said, all these items depend on the customer’s needs and their application.

کاربرد ساندویچ پانل در نمای ساختمان

Application of sandwich panel

Sandwich panels are a type of construction tool that has a lot of use in this industry and is widely used in construction today. These panels are prefabricated tools that were created for the first time in 1390 and were used a lot.


The application of these sandwich panels is clearly defined. The expansion of requests for building and housing caused people to think of creating better and stronger and at the same time simpler tools, and for this reason, they started making sandwich panels.


Also, one of the other reasons that caused the creation of sandwich panels is their very high resistance and life. In fact, this industry needs tools that are simple and resistant to all kinds of events, such as strong storms, floods, or earthquakes. and therefore the production of sandwich panels was started.

Why is sandwich panel used?

  • Strong insulation against energy: One of the reasons why these sandwich panels are used is their insulation against storing all kinds of energy. Sandwich panels prevent the entry of different types of temperatures and save energy in the building.


  • Strong resistance to building loads: In addition to the points mentioned, sandwich panels are resistant to all kinds of loads that are mounted on buildings and do not suffer from them in any way.
  • Their lightness: maybe you can find different tools and materials that can do the work of sandwich panels, but we definitely cannot find lighter materials than sandwich panels. This feature has caused them to be used more than other similar materials. Because in construction, the lightness of the tool is very important because the heavy building may be vulnerable.



  • Wide variety of colors: Among the reasons that have increased the use of sandwich panels is their wide variety of colors. In fact, according to the taste of the customer and their manufacturer, a variety of attractive colors can be used.
  • High flexibility: Another feature of sandwich panels is their flexibility in construction, which can be made into different shapes and sizes.


  • Ability to customize: We can also custom make sandwich panels based on customer needs and different applications and create them in different designs.
انواع ساندویچ پانل

Different dimensions of sandwich panels

As we said, sandwich panels have a very high flexibility so that they can be made into any type and shape and used. Of course, it also depends on their application and what kind of customer or employer needs. Therefore, they can be made and used in different dimensions. Sometimes, according to the need, they are produced in very large dimensions, and sometimes they are made in smaller dimensions for easier use.


1 meter dimensions: sometimes these dimensions are used in wall sandwich panels. Also, as we said, according to the needs of the customers or the needs of the building, its dimensions can be changed and used in different sizes. This feature has caused sandwich panels to be used more than other similar materials today.

Types of sandwich panels

Up to this part, we got acquainted with the features of sandwich panels and reviewed them, in the following we will introduce the types of sandwich panels, so stay with us until the end.

Sandwich wall panels:

Wall sandwich panels are one of the types of sandwich panels that are used in some industries. These panels are usually used for covering or internal and external separators for use in some cold stores, sheds, all kinds of large industrial halls, all kinds of prefabricated houses and sports halls.

The important thing about wall sandwich panels is that these sandwich panels are not always wall like their name, sometimes contrary to their name, they are also used for some floor coverings and constructions.


Wall sandwich panels that have a high thickness can be very good insulators for controlling the temperature inside and outside cold storages and are very useful in this field. Its thickness is also determined according to the needs of cold stores.

One of the positive features of these sandwich panels is that their use can greatly reduce some operational costs, because due to their high quality, they can reduce the duration of the equipment’s operation, and as a result of this It also reduces some costs.


Nowadays, wall sandwich panels are used instead of some obsolete materials such as glass wool, stone wool or brick. The reason for this is that sandwich panels weigh less than other products and are much easier to use compared to other materials.

It has always been said that the use of old materials such as bricks and… can have many losses for the building, for example, these materials are very heavy and also do not have a good appearance. But using sandwich panels can eliminate these things and give a very beautiful appearance to the building along with high efficiency.

Also, compared to other construction materials, these sandwich panels are much more economical in addition to being light, and this can greatly help constructions.

ساندویچ پانل دیواری

Sandwich ceiling panels

Roof sandwich panels are usually used for external coverings in some roofs of sheds or halls, large warehouses and industrial halls or most residential buildings and finally some parking lots and they are very useful. . Roof sandwich panels usually have a shape like a trapezoid, which can be a very suitable insulation against all kinds of heat or some humidity due to having a core called polyurethane. Also, these sandwich panels are usually very good insulators for all kinds of sounds.


Due to their many uses, sandwich roof panels have become one of the most important materials in the construction industry today, so that it is not easy to find a suitable replacement for them, because no tool can match their efficiency.


One of the features of these sandwich panels is that they exist both in two sheets and in one sheet, this feature has made these sandwich panels meet the needs of all customers and can answer all kinds of construction works.

Usually, it is not possible to use old and obsolete materials to build the roofs of large sheds. Because these materials are very heavy and have very high prices, therefore the best option for these roofs is to use roof sandwich panels. Because they are very useful and have a more reasonable price. In addition, the light weight of these sandwich panels has made them very popular.


Usually, it is not possible to use old and obsolete materials to build the roofs of large sheds. Because these materials are very heavy and have very high prices, therefore the best option for these roofs is to use roof sandwich panels. Because they are very useful and have a more reasonable price. In addition, the light weight of these sandwich panels has made them very popular.

In addition, by using sandwich wall panels, the life span of these structures can be greatly increased, of course, the useful life span. That is, with the use of sandwich roof panels, our building structures are in perfect health for a long time and do not suffer any problems and breakdowns, which can be a proof of the superiority of sandwich roof panels and the necessity of using them. In the construction industry.


Another positive feature of these sandwich panels is their lightness. Usually, similar products have a very high weight, like natural bricks, it will be difficult to work with a high weight and it is not possible to carry out the work easily and quickly. For this reason, the existence of sandwich panels is considered a blessing in this industry.

Because with their very light and suitable weight, you can easily work with them and expand your construction. In addition, sandwich ceiling panels are light and very strong. This is not to say that because they have little weight, they have no resistance, on the contrary, despite their light weight, they also have extraordinary resistance, which can be a unique feature for ceiling sandwich panels.


The size and dimensions of these sandwich panels are selected based on the type of sheet used in it and also based on the conditions in that place. But today, sandwich ceiling panels that have a thickness of 2 cm have been able to gain a very good place for themselves.

These panels have two colored and white sheets covered with aluminum foil. These panels are used a lot to cover the roof of sheds and have many uses.

Sandwich panel price

A single and specific price cannot be given for sandwich panels. In general, the price of each square meter of sandwich panels is determined depending on the raw materials they are made of and its type. If very high-quality and first-class raw materials are used, it is natural that its price will increase, and on the contrary, if weaker raw materials are used, its price will decrease a little.

Another important factor that can affect the price of sandwich panels is the type of sheet used in them. The stronger and stronger these sheets are, their price will definitely increase. The type of coating used for sandwich panels also has a great impact on determining their price.

Also, the thickness can be an important influencing factor, when the thickness of these sandwich panels increases, it is natural that the price also increases. Because thickness can also determine its weight and this factor is effective for pricing.

Another important factor influencing the price is the color of these sandwich panels. The more beautiful and professional the colors, the higher the price. For example, sometimes customers like to use a custom color, this causes the price to go up because the custom color is a lot of work.I hope that the information is useful, you can see the Instagram page.

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