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Sandwich panel price in Bushehr province

Sandwich panel price in Bushehr province

Bushehr sandwich panel is a prefabricated and composite material consisting of three interconnected layers, the sides of which are limited to galvanized sheet, aluminum, aluzinc, and the middle layer is covered with polyurethane, polystyrene and stone wool materials.

ساندویچ پانل بوشهر

Bushehr province, located in the south of Iran on the edge of the Persian Gulf, has a prosperous coast. This province is bordered by Khuzestan, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad provinces from the north, Fars province from the east, Persian Gulf from the south and west, and Fars Hormozgan province from the southeast.

Due to its various industries, this province definitely has many industrial towns. The most material used in the construction of industrial town sheds is sandwich panel. Sandwich panel is widely used because of its advantages.

ساندویچ پانل بوشهر

Bushehr sandwich panel

Bushehr sandwich panel price is one of the issues that occupy the minds of most business owners. Explanations were provided in this regard before. It should be noted that there are factors that affect the price of sandwich panels in Bushehr.

Factors such as the dimensions of the sandwich panel, the type of material used in the sandwich panel, the way the sandwich panel is set up, and the type of sandwich panel depend on the climatic conditions of the environment and are factors that affect the price of the sandwich panel.

Bushehr sandwich panel price

In order to set up industrial structures, the most important factor affecting the price from the point of view of project managers is the price of sandwich panels. They buy sandwich pans in large quantities and this factor determines the type of cooperation with structure manufacturers.

Sandwich panels are sold to customers by square meters. The desired price is calculated by taking into account the square footage, type of sheet, type of insulation. Due to its features such as sound insulation, cold, heat, humidity, this product definitely has a higher price than other similar samples.

One of the factors influencing the price of sandwich panel, in addition to the type of middle core, is the type of material on the sides of the panel, depending on another factor such as the dollar rate in the market. If this price fluctuates, the sandwich panel price will definitely change.

Since our country is facing a critical embargo, to know the price of sandwich panels, you can contact Kimia Panel Company, a reliable company in the process of selling sandwich panels.


Sandwich panel is divided into two general categories; Wall sandwich panel and ceiling sandwich panel

The price of sandwich panel depends on other factors in addition to the mentioned items; Such as how to install, perform sandwich panels and the appearance of sandwich panels.

Bushehr wall panel sandwich price

Wall sandwich panel has different prices due to variety; The wall panel part is determined in square meters, which are

Simple wall sandwich panel

Hidden screw wall sandwich panel

Male and female wall sandwich panel

Cold room wall sandwich panel

Clean room sandwich panel

Bushehr roof sandwich panel price

The price of a sandwich panel for a ceiling like a wall is determined per square meter. This price is influenced by the amount of square footage, the type of sandwich panel, and the way the sandwich panel is executed. You can contact Kimia Panel consultants to inquire about panel prices.


Kimia Panel, a producer of all kinds of polyurethane sandwich panels, relying on modern knowledge and benefiting from experienced consultants and expert and professional forces, using the best raw materials, providing all kinds of wall and ceiling sandwich panels and all kinds of sheds and cold storage in Shiraz and the surrounding cities. At your service, dear customers.

The middle core of the sandwich panel is produced in different types of polyurethane, polystyrene, stone wool, each of which has a different price.

This product is suitable for the construction of restrooms, airplane hangars, indoor swimming pools, clubs, sports complexes and educational environments, guardhouses, villas, and offices.

The price of sandwich panel depends on the type of sheet and middle core and the amount of square meter is completely different and this price is determined by the dollar rate.

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