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What is flushing?

The things that cause the loss of the facade of the building and damage to it are caused by moisture, rain and snow, and a material should be used that prevents these losses to a large extent. In this article, we intend to show you Familiarize yourself with flushing and its types.

What is flushing?

The material that is bent and used in different parts of the structure for covering is called flashing. Flashings are produced in different types and are made of galvanized sheet, oiled black sheet or steel. It is available in different colors and thickness.

After assembling the parts in wall and ceiling sandwich panels or connecting walls and at their intersections, flashing is used to beautify and sustain metal structures in the interior and exterior.

Types of flushing

Flushing roof: This model is similar to a cornice in the shape of a crescent, which is used for sealing, sealing, and dust sealing of the structure and adds to the beauty of the building.


 1) Façade flashing: this flashing must be measured carefully because it is used in the facade of the building and to hide the gable of the roof, and usually galvanized sheets or colored oil sheets are used, which must be carefully bent and Refinement boils.

 2) Window flushing: This flushing model is used to connect the window frame, and its thickness is about 1 or 2 mils, and it is usually connected with aquarium glue.

Flushing U model: In this model, the part is bent in a U shape, it has 90 degree angles, and there is a groove on its inner edge in the bending part, and it is installed horizontally, this makes the part It does not suffer from waves and makes the structure stronger. It is available in different colors and sizes.

لوازم جانبی فلاشینگ یو

Flushing corner model: This corner model is L-shaped and is created with a 90 degree angle and is usually produced in the interior and exterior of the structure with multiple colors and is implemented in the desired corners according to the needs. to be It is mainly used to connect floor to wall, wall to wall, wall to ceiling, in different designs and sizes.

فلاشینگ مدل نبشی

Three-step flushing: This flushing is mainly bent in two parts with a 90-degree angle and looks like the English letter Z. This flushing is installed next to the waterway flushing and directs the water path. It protects the roof panel from natural factors such as sunlight, the entry of insects, rodents and birds and has a significant effect on the beauty of the building.

فلاشینگ سه پله

Crown Flushing: This flushing model is mainly trapezoidal and is executed in the form of a crown on the upper part of the roof of the shed or shed. First, the sealing foam is placed at the junction of the two slopes, then a flashing is placed on the insulation foam by bending, and finally, crown flushing is performed on it.

It connects two-sloped roofs together, it is also used in the sealing part of the roof edges to cover the middle insulation, and it makes the roof look impressive. It is also used in the inner and outer parts of the roof.



فلاشینگ تاج

waterway Flushing: Another type of flushing is waterway. This sheet is waterproof and conducts water in the best possible way and is mostly used in places that are exposed to rain. It is strong, it is executed as a galvanized sheet or colored oil sheet with many designs.

فلاشینگ آبرو

Advantages of using flushing

 1) Camouflaging the gable truss

 2) Creating reputation and preventing rainwater from entering

 3) Preventing wind from entering the structure and preventing the destruction of the facade of the building

 4) Creating a beautiful view for shed or condo

 5) Insulation of points that are susceptible to the entry of moisture and insects.

 6) Proper lighting


Finally, it is also used to cover the roof of sheds, production, industrial, commercial sheds, sports halls, chicken hall, field hospital, relief centers, police sheds, prefabricated houses and clean rooms.

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